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Once upon a time there was Peter Pan. Rock Show “: When Neapolitan music blends with rock and it’s a series of emotions in the music and lyrics.

Singer Gianni Fiorellino returned to the stage on April 25 at the Palapartenope in Naples, where the sale was fully recorded last December (just a month after the pre-sale), with his unreleased program: “Once upon a time Peter Pan. Rock Show “Musical Journey Real starts from the first song that Gianni sang at the age of seven until his songs and songs of the moment merge, and this is the peculiarity of the show, with the rock sounds that the musician shares. Fioravante Fiorellino, nicknamed Peter Pan, who died tragically in 2020, grew up thanks to his father, who will dedicate the show to him. A highly prospective life, in which Gianni of the English hard rock culture from which Deep Purple came, John Lord (founder of Deep Purple) and Led Zeppelin who were among the great innovators of rock and among the major pioneers of hard rock and from whom he belonged to his father musically, He thus extracted the best sounds, created a harmony that would marry his Neapolitan music and rearrange his best songs on the occasion of the concert that will see four musicians on stage: on the drums Mariano Barba,

To Pas Pascual de Angelis,

To guitars by Vincenzo Battaglia

and Eduardo Tade.

Among the collaborators is the personal voice assistant Francesco Moccia e

Voice assistant Carmine Giordano.

Therefore, the show will give space to his past successes and to excerpts from his last record, the songs in which Fiorellino traces his human and artistic existence, based on the bonds of friendship, love for his wife, children and for the sake of it. Father, all with a breathtaking scenery that conveys great emotions thanks to the technical support of Pasquale Lombardi and Ciro Zambello and the programming of lights and graphics by Mirko Ruggero while the sound part will be entrusted to Roberto Rosu.

The ceremony will be filmed and then edited by Luciano Filangieri who is directing.

The project was produced by Dublitel in collaboration with Gruppo Ros and with the advice of Leon Produzioni of Melania D’Agostino, the singer’s wife and right-hand man.

“We will walk – explains Gianni – a musical path made up of feelings ranging from friendship, to family, to children and the love of a wife. There will also be many moments

It moves like I’m talking about my mother’s disappearance in January until my father’s death, and from there I took the party called Peter Pan but not

There will be some surprises that I won’t reveal to you, and above all the real experience will be the marriage between my music and rock, and I make no secret that I already have the adrenaline and can’t wait. A play to show you this unprecedented rock show.”

Therefore, the appointment will be on April 25 at the Palapartenope in Naples to attend this new edition of Fiorellino, sure that it will be a success already announced.

Once upon a time, Peter Pan sponsored Fence Cafe, who strongly believed in the project

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Gianni Fiorino was born on 3 in 1982 in Naples.

Already at the age of seven he began to study the piano. He later graduated in piano and began to successfully perform in clubs and theaters in Naples. At the age of 14, he already became the protagonist of his first album, E io canto.

Since 1997 and in collaboration with Mario Semolli of Clacson Records, he has written music and that year gives life to a voice presence on tour. The following year he produced Dolce Pulcino (with Mariano Barba and Vittorio Riva on drums) and in 1999 he won the Naples Festival with the poet Antonio Casapori with the song “Girasol”. This year he was also awarded the “Renato Caruson Prize”. The following year, the song will be part of the new album, Futurosemplice. In 2001, his first anthology of previous studio work was called Racconti di … vita.

In 2002, he participated in the Sanremo Festival in the youth section with the song “Ricomincerei” in collaboration with Antonio Casapori, taking fourth place in the ranking. The song will be included on the Gli amori sono album in Noi of the same year. Later he participated in the Spoleto “Festival dei Due Mondi” as an acoustic jazz pianist. In 2003 he again participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song “Bastava un niente”, taking fifth place in the ranking. In 2004 he participated in the reality show Music Farm (Rai 2). On August 15, 2004 he recorded his first live album from Piazza Diaz in Naples entitled Live Tour (August 2004 Naples): to be released three months later with 18 songs, including an unreleased one. In 2005, the album Passion was released with ten new songs in collaboration with artists Kevin Hettenne, Dodi Battaglia and Mario Reyes.

Since 2006, he has acted in the musical Masaniello, playing the protagonist.

In 2008, he tried to qualify for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest for Bulgaria, but failed to get few votes. In the same year he gave life to his second collection XLMC – For My City, which was presented on December 27 in Piazza Dante in Naples.

In 2012, the new album 30 was released, marking his 30th birthday, and the following year he released his second live broadcast 30 cum laude (Live in Milan 17.09.2012) with Ciro Manna on guitar, Christian Capasso on bass and drums by Antonio Moto. In January 2014, collaborations with the composer of all time Antonio Casapori and with Vincenzo D’Agostino led to the distribution of a new album of unreleased songs titled Sangue Napoletano, almost all in Napolitan.

In December 2015, signed by Vincenzo D’Agostino, the Neapolitan album I Keep Promises was released on the label Zeus Records with Lele Melotti on drums.

In January 2017, he took part in the drama Zappatore, a project by Nino D’Angelo in memory of Mario Merola, and thus co-staged with Francesco Merola, directed by Bruno Garofalo. On October 3 of the same year, he published his new record almost entirely in the Neapolitan language, titled Overo se po ‘ffa’, distributed by Zeus Records which sees Lele Melotti on drums again.

On September 18, 2018, he released the unrecorded single L’unica femmena, via Zeus Records, with script by Vincenzo D’Agostino, music and arrangements by the same singer-songwriter and with Mariano Barba returning to drums.

On April 4, 2019, he released Blu-ray/double live Overo se po ‘ffa’ Live Palapartenope, also distributed by Zeus Records, taken from his show at Fuorigrotta Tent Theater on November 10, 2018, which records sales sold. A few months after the announcement. Live performances on the stage are musicians such as Mariano Barba (drums), musicians Peppino di Capri Pascual de Angelis (bass) and Antonio Balsamo (keyboards), young Guido della Gata and Rafael Salabet (guitars). On November 5 of the same year, he announced the new album Sono sempre io, which will be distributed by Mea Sound as of December 9. The disc contains the widely anticipated songs “Malatia” (with Franco Ricciardi) and “Tre rose rossa”, as stated in the announcement of a new concert at the Palapartenope Theater in Naples, titled Sono semper io – From a life journey, which was held On January 11, 2020. From this concert, the song “Nun riattacca” is extracted, which precedes the live record that was worked on during the downtime caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Pending the resumption of live activity halted by the restrictive provisions in force in Italy, Gianni publishes the homemade single “Nisciuna nuttata nun po’ maie ferni” which sees the singer-songwriter on drums.

On March 31, 2021 he announced his thirteenth studio album Once Upon a Time Peter Pan, which premiered on April 12 on his Facebook page. On April 13, via Zeus Record, the accompanying DVD of the live show was released at Palapartenope in January 2020, Always Me – From A Lifelong Journey and the single “Carme”. The album also contains the song released about a year ago “Nisciuna nottata nun po ‘male ferni'”. In this discography, in addition to Mariano Barba’s presence in 5 songs, there is also Steve Veroney in “Chillo è sempe ‘o yourself”, opentrack and in “Un bravo act”.

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