Poem for “Who Watched It?” , the only realistic arcs on TV torn by fairytales

You may not have noticed but the day after the weekly episode of who saw?the famous Rai program dedicated to the search for missing persons and the deepening of inaccessible and unsolved Italian mysteries, for fans of cheap rubbish, Twitter becomes a real goldmine.

However, once this demise of irony begins to fade, we deal with the harsh reality of facts: research who saw? With the right lenses, we can perceive that fracture that separates reality from appearance, in a way that discovers the basis of suffering in the funny side and vice versa, the ironic side in the tragic. The program’s mission can be summed up as follows: “Reductions in welfare, increasing social inequalities, and divisions created by an increasingly polarized society breed monsters. And remember, those monsters can be you.”

at who saw? The lens abandons the rhetoric of pomp to take us living in a worn-out country, reduced to a pulp by the dynamics of austerity, moved more and more by a new, bread-thirsty underclass, which, day after day, is forced to devise a gimmick that can be useful to make ends meet; And at any moment, this misery could turn into a primeval soup of tragic and unexpected effects. This is the unspoken truth that the hashtag #chilhavisto slams us under our noses from week to week when this trend enters and tears open the veil of Maya that we thought was indestructible, drawing our attention to an Italy that exists but most of which we pretend we don’t see or feel the parallel dimension ; A kind of “underworld” that we rarely notice, in which the interviewees do not seem to be our unsuspecting neighbors to whom we ask sugar for cake batter, but remember closely the typical features of the inhabitants of an unknown city from the southern United States where absolutely nothing happened, but He could, in the short run, reveal his worst, bloodthirsty face, just as in Stephen King’s novel.

Perhaps, Federica Sciarelli’s program has shouldered the burden of reminding us that, under the pillar of social norms in which we accepted peaceful coexistence to avoid turning into bloodthirsty monsters, there is a disturbing microcosm of crooked teeth, stories of territorial, bloody and psychological harassment, horrible magnets that paint a disturbing mosaic on Fridges, easy family photos, home contexts that limit absurdity and fashion, that is, a bit eccentric.

Scroll through the feed on Thursday after who saw , The feeling you get is similar to what you might realize while reading a Cormac McCarthy novel, or watching the movie Queens or one of those series that has reworked that material and this kind of fantasy in recent years: with a difference, in the case of who saw?All of this is absolutely true.

Evil is one step away from us and as Alan Moore taught us in one of his masterpieces, killer joke “A bad day is enough to reduce the most sane man on the planet to a madman.” One day you drive your child to school, and the next day you may find yourself making methamphetamine in the garage to pay for his care, like Walter White; One day you are Batman, and the next you may turn into the Joker. This is perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from an episode who saw?TV’s only realistic arcs torn apart by fairy tales.

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