“Plastica” is the unfiltered album of rock band Il Grido

On the digital platforms “Plastica”, the new album of the rock band Il Grido: a harmonious, real and instant recording project with polished and refined features


out on digital platforms “plastic”And The rock band’s new album yelp: a homogeneous, real and immediate recording project with refined and refined features; A record that represents a change of path for the band, as a long search finds a unique sound between rock, alternative rock and electronics.


On the other hand, any kind of behavior and cliched words disappear in this record, leaving room for complete research and freedom: “The plastic it takes its name from is what shaped many of the new and attractive experiences we found ourselves in, but it wasn’t quite as beautiful as the ads promised. We shredded the plastic and got our hands dirty by immersing them in the truth of the facts.– The band continues –And so the songs are the story of the path we have taken toward this awareness, through apparent beauty, invisible from a superficial look, hidden under layers of ephemeral plastic and accessible only after a journey made up of self-directed questions, in sharing a fortune, not things Like music, sleepless nights spent together, gaze while dancing, filling each other with a glass of wine.

The entire project was written, arranged, and operated by Il Grido (Giuseppe de Bianca, Andrea Janicola, Davide Costantini and Lorenzo Sporio Pompelli), under the artistic direction of Walter Papini and blended and mastered at PurpleMix in Gidonia; Choirs in “Poveri ma sexy”, “Plastica” and “Maledetto Me” by Alice Silvestrini.

The artwork and graphics have been handled by Matteo de Capua and all photos taken by Camila Trani.

The ten songs that make up the first album are:

bad but sexy: It is a testament to everyone who lives like us on music or art in general. A life without rules, and unfortunately often also without certainty, but perhaps the only life we ​​could ever live“.”plastic‘: “A self-deprecating song, in which the hero does not take his story or the fact that he was left out seriously. It’s a way to make fun of your obsessive state and try to kick them out and make it lighter“.”night’: “The lead single on the album release and wholly exemplifies our current syntactic research. He talks about the moment when you realize that the story cannot survive on emotion alone, and that there is an inevitable crossroads, that is, between being lost and encountering in greater depth.“.”the difference’: “Punk piece of the disc, the hero’s consciousness was decided. Cut turns into a scar. We used to ask ourselves what makes a person hurt us, now we don’t care anymore, the difference is all here“.”hymn’: “A funky song that sarcastically describes all the influences of social networks in our lives. It’s something we all go through without realizing for years now, and often underestimate the consequences.“.”Kentsuji: “The Japanese art of repairing broken things with gold, thus finding new life. Even a love story can deteriorate, but if you choose to take care of it and put gold in the cracks, that story can also have a new life.“.”Curse: “The most electronic track ever. As you can understand from the title, it’s not really a message of self-esteem and almost describes an identity crisis that occurs in the protagonist when he realizes who he really is and all his faults.“.”more glass: “The most romantic story on disc. Every love story is a little frenzy and unique, it’s a game whose rules are invented during play to make it more fun and unpredictable. And the hero knows that nothing will prevent him from enjoying this moment of pure poetry“.”Smarmelo‘: “It’s definitely the most ridiculous piece, and an article on how to downplay it. After all, musicians have great power: when they let them write songs about their exes and earn money on them. Do you want to message me? No problem. Turn disappointments into money“.”ghost party:A sweet/bitter song closes the disc. The memory of an important person can burn even if they are no longer a part of us, as if it were an illusory party“.

Personal Biography

The current lineup of Il Grido was born in 2014. The band includes an EP and the first album released in 2017. The band immediately sets itself up in an alternative place and begins to perform in concerts and participate in many important festivals. Of note is the participation of the critics Asante and Castaldo in the Retape at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, who identified them as one of the most important independent facts on the Roman scene. Many also live as a shoulder set that opens up to combinations of the caliber Lo Stato Sociale, Marta Sui Tubi, Dunk, Omar Pedrini, etc… A polished look with this new record titled Plastic.

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