Pistoia and Rometti Vivi win Euroflora 2022 by installing ‘Girapoggio toscano’

Pistoia The 12th edition of Euroflora 2022, the international exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants that will run, at Nervi Gardens and Museums, opened on Friday, April 22, until Sunday, May 8. Among the many creations found in Euroflora, there is an installation entitled “Gerboggio Toscano”. Born out of a collaboration between the agricultural association Romiti Vivai ss di Pietro e Figli con Arbor Vitay By Ferretti, an idea that bears testimony to the tradition and innovation of Pistoia Nursery. Well understood testimony by the various juries that awarded the gold medal “For a more artistic display of deciduous or evergreen trees”. Gold also to choose Quercus rubra And Quescus ilex Beside Tilia tomentosa And Magnolia grandiflora. silver for plants Cercis siliquastrum.

Tuscan Grabogio

Gold also to collect Tenix Formium and for s mangav open. In particular, these two species were introduced to show the innovation in the range of plants produced by the Pistoia Nursery. Mangave® combines the best of manfred however Agavetwo genders belonging to the family asparagus. The rapid growth and color range of Mangave® leaves make it able to give shape and color to all gardens.

Satisfied with the results achieved, Gianluca Rometti, co-owner of the nursery with his two brothers Marco and Lorenzo, commented: “I am proud and happy for the awards I received above all because I was able to know my land and abide by this installation and the work of the whole company.”

“The rational use of species that characterize the landscape, whether natural or man-made, makes it possible to create beautiful, long-lasting and sustainable green areas. Using these principles, we have used some of the species cultivated by Romiti Vivai to represent the landscapes of Tuscany. These are the criteria by which Inspiring us every day in agricultural design for greenery “These are the words used by Renato Ferretti Arbor Vitae to make it clear installation value.

“Gerboggio Toscano” It can be visited at Euroflora 2022, until May 8, 2022 in Parchi di Nervi, Genoa.

Girapoggio Toscano – Project

The aim of the installation is to highlight the contribution that Tuscan landscapes have intended over time and can continue to make towards mitigating climate change. Romiti Vivai in collaboration with Arbor Vitay From Ferrettidi Pistoia, he wants to share the beauty and aesthetic harmony of the Tuscan landscape with visitors to the parks of Nervi.

Romiti Vivai introduces traditional Tuscan plants by introducing them into a garden that wants to represent the Tuscan landscape. Starting with a typical farming technique for the hills of Tuscany, called turntable, Including the installation address.

It is an agricultural cultivation technique that provides an agricultural arrangement of the land consisting of digging drains along the contour lines of hills. This technique involves the cultivation of mixed species that cross their cultivation. And so we have vines that use olive trees as supports, and roses that use environmental indicators to alert growers by anticipating fungal attacks. There are small forests and patches of vegetation, inhabited by Holm Oak, Corbezzoli and Field Maples which over time became the parks and gardens we still see in the central Italian hinterland.

An ecosystem is very important to an ecosystem due to the different roles it plays in the surrounding environment. Girapoggio contributes to the protection of soils from rainwater erosion and actively contributes to the protection of ecosystems through natural biological barriers consisting of complex floors, hedges, agricultural crops and saplings. The Mediterranean scrub is a continuous resource for the protection of the biodiversity that inhabits it, the soil and its elements. If a garden is created and fenced, the Tuscan landscape is supposed to become a garden to accommodate all the elements of the landscape. This is how the Girapoggio Toscano installation, which gives the title to this installation, is formed. An installation that is part of a historic park, and is intended to represent the Tuscan landscape as we all know it through the juxtaposition of rows and full and empty waves.

The primary factor in the Tuscan landscape is the man, the gardener, the nurseryman, i.e. the farmer, the architect, the hero with his work, his acumen and fortitude who is called to protect and facilitate the development of the landscape and the living creatures that compose it.

The Romiti family has always been involved in the cultivation of ornamental, fruit and ornamental plants. Passion led to the selection of species and varieties from the surrounding environment. Native plants that have grown so well in the Pistoia Plain that they have shaped and cultivated over time so that they can be planted in gardens all over the world.

Romiti Vivai in collaboration with Arbor Vitay Contribute to making this edition of Euroflora 2022 so rich and precious thanks to the quality and selection of plants on display, to the point of winning the Gold Medal for “Best Artistic Display of Deciduous or Evergreen Trees”.

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