Photo with the ponies the king of records

With ponies Bybeck Nightingale and Bybeck Katie for their birthday today in Sandringham. Best wishes from William and Kate. And in Jubilee, she will “become” Elizabeth Barbie too

for him Date of Birth – Her 96th Birthday – Queen Elizabeth chose to pose for pictures with the two of her Beloved ponies: Bybeck Nightingale and Bybeck Katie. A passion like dogs accompanied her since her childhood. It is no coincidence that among the celebrations scheduled in June for the historic event of the Platinum Jubilee, participation in the Epsom Derby, the famous race, is on Her Majesty’s agenda.

And if a Christmas photographer shot, Henry Dellal“All smiles are with her sweethearts, the ponies,” said the Queen.No one could doubt that the passion for horse riding on the Windsor Estate was a moment of escape for the King for life. A passion that prompted her, for example, to form a special friendship with Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Even the former actor and then President of the United States, loved to ride and with Elizabeth visiting Windsor spent many hours riding.

A snapshot of his true feelings. And a trip – yesterday by helicopter to Sandringham where he spends his actual birthday today (official celebrations in June) It is a confirmation that plans towards the jubilee at the beginning of June (June 2-5 is the height of the festivities) are proceeding quickly in the royal house.

To honor the Ruler of Records – “a figure who has inspired so many people not only in the UK, in the Commonwealth but around the world,” William and Kate recalled today in their sentimental wish via Twitter The Queen is going to be Barbie too.

For sale at Harrods, Selfridges and Hamleys in London will be Platinum Jubilee Barbie, with the features of a queen, ivory dress and sash for lace. It is clearly a tiara inspired by Filippo’s wedding in 1947.

Elizabeth had a rough time in February When she contracted Covid, it went through two difficult years – between the death of her husband Filippo and the first Megxit with Harry and Meghan’s farewell at Windsor Company – but Elizabeth is now ready with the “military” dedication to her duty in the face of the 70-year celebrations she has depicted in history.

A queen without hesitation and nervous (and stuttering) her father, George VI, who faced the relay race with his brother, trapped by the fear of unevenness, and his fragile personality. On the contrary, it was quiet in those hours of 1952 when it became sovereign. As safe as she always will be throughout her reign. All her life I’ve focused on Objective, tracing in two volumes of “The Queen, Elizabeth A Life in History” (on newsstands, free, with courier 26 and 28 April). A life in history because the Queen passed through the twentieth century like no other, reaching the first decade of the twenty-first century royal weddingTragedies and pains in the family and the succession complex. “It is the end of an era, the reign of Elizabeth II. The world looks to London and Buckingham Palace for the jubilee that is a glamorous party and a historical moment that must be experienced live,” explains royal marketing expert David Haye, in the second volume of ‘The Queen’.

The future crown? It will surely be a common future. Between the Queen, Charles and even William. “Practically, that’s how it really works, especially now that Harry has stepped aside, there’s been a change of roles with her focusing on a few Windsor members,” long-time diplomat Lawrence Bristow-Smith explains. The slender structure Carlo wants when on the throne. “And Kate will play a major role; as for Camilla, it will be significant, but perhaps with a more reclusive role. We can’t forget that Prince William’s wife is very popular. And he did a great job repairing the image of the monarchy after the royal divorce and Diana’s death. Here, The approaching June jubilee will provide a secular blessing for the future British monarchy.Now the celebration can really begin.

With the assurance of Elizabeth’s visit to her nephew Harry. A visit reopens that door for her… it was never closed. Even in the most difficult times of family crisis, the Queen made it clear that the door was still open for her. It’s enough that it gave Harry a year to think better about his future. Harry says in an interview today on NBC that he doesn’t know if he will be going to the jubilee celebrations in June. Surely for grandmother – Although Megaxit A family reunited is worth more than anything else. Harry presents Security Cases (his lawsuit over security costs on his trips to the UK). But the step was taken. The door was reopened. And if Elizabeth asks Harry to meet her father Carlo on the quick trip to London as well as with her, it is clear that the role of glue for the family that once belonged to Filippo has now taken over. For Harry,Home for me now is – right now – in the United StatesHome to me now – right now – in the States – leaves more than one door open for the future. The Queen’s party, birthday and then the jubilee can really start.

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