Patti Smith: The Life and Work of a Rock Poet

Italian universities give a patty smith Honorary degrees in literature, in collaboration with the popular combat group Arezzo Casa nel Vento, inaugurates the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin: in short, it seems that Italy has embraced with great honor and happiness Smith. Icon like little rocks of the worldat the seventiesHaving written large pages of modern history of music and lyrics, he retired from the stage to dedicate himself to his family, sporadically releasing some records: A Guide to Patti Smith’s Masterpieces and the Key Stages of His Life.

Patti Smith biography

We often see today that Patti Smith still participates in many concerts, many of them in Italy: tireless and full of soul that has been the soul from the beginning, one of which is at least the historic album of patty smith horses, brings activism and support for civil rights around the world, as well as great music. I want to talk about what Patti Smith is the autobiographyyou may be wondering: Where was Patti Smith born? The American artist, whose full name is Patricia Lee Smith, is from Chicago. And again, when I was born, How old is Patti Smith? She was born on December 30, 1946, thus turning 75 at the end of 2021. With her family, consisting of two sisters, Linda and Kimberly, a brother, Todd, and her parents Grant and Beverly (a mother who, among other things, is a jazz singer), she moved from Chicago to Some towns near Philadelphia and New Jersey, the last place he grew up Bruce Springsteen.

Patty Smith singer

Experiment Patti Smith as singer It begins when you turn 28, in a completely independent way: first through poetry to music and readings, then with some singles, until the turning point, represented by the meeting with John Cale, founder Velvet Underground With Lou Reed in the 1960s. Cal produces them horses, the most passionate and visionary album by Patti Smith, which released her definitively in the musical panorama of the period, also earning her significant acclaim with Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison. Smith’s earnest poetic style causes someone to call her Priestess of the rock.

Who is Patti Smith’s husband?

The singer’s love life is famous for those who give Patti Smith has been a companion from the startThis is the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe: The artist often photographed her and contributed some historical portraits of Patty, who remains an icon in the collective imagination today. They both live in a room like this Chelsea Hotel He became another symbol of punk rock history and the bohemian life of American creators, until Mapplethorpe fell in love with show owner Sam Wagstaff and contracted AIDS, a plague that crawls silently especially between the 1970s and 1990s.

Meanwhile, the singer finds her stability and gets married: Who is the husband of Patti Smith? This is guitarist Fred “Sonic” Smith (the classic line says: “I married him so she wouldn’t change her surname”). The two retire from the stage to devote themselves to family life, just when it’s at the peak of success. with the Patti Smith’s husband She gave birth to two children: Jackson and Jesse. to Children Patti Smith They began to represent the fulcrum of his life, to the point that in fact he has only returned to the scene since 1994, after the death of his beloved companion. Jackson’s son is now with The White Stripes drummer Meg White while Patti Smith and her daughter Jesse repeatedly demonstrated his closeness to Italy during the pandemic, and also dedicated a concert to our country, which has been hit hard by the health emergency.

Patti Smith biography

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Patti Smith songs

what is it Patti Smith songs Who made history? Let’s try to deepen the question by considering his most important recordings published between the second half of the seventies and the end of 90.

Patti Smith – Horses

The disk mentioned above patty smith horses It debuted with great fanfare in 1975: Produced by Arista Records in collaboration with John Cale, it is considered a milestone in music history as it pioneered the movement punk, not only from a musical point of view, but also from a cultural one. The album cover is an image by Robert Mapplethorpe and contains a reference to work by Frida Kahlo. The song appeared on patty smith GloryVan Morrison’s change, however, takes the text in Punk’s Key.

Patti Smith – Radio Ethiopia

distance horses Arrive the following year, in 1976, in order to patty smith album Radio Ethiopia: The abstract and visionary personality of the singer-songwriter is increasingly evident, as well as all the unruly and frantic qualities of singing that give Smith the title of priestess and rock shaman. The cover is a snapshot, this time not by Mapplethorpe, but by artist and Patty friend Jodi Lynn while referring to Ethiopia back to the last resort of the poet Rimbaud.

Patti Smith – Easter

Two years after the first two years, in 1978, Published by Patti Smith Easter HolidayThe ultimate dedication album. It is a less refined work than has been recorded so far, thanks to collaborations with some already well-known artists. For example, the attached logo song Easter Holiday It is one of the most popular songs patty smith like because the nightIt was written by Bruce Springsteen and then edited by his colleague who sold the piece.

Patti Smith – Wave

in 1979 Patti Smith with Wave It takes definitively the path of political and social participation, and also embraces mystical themes: inside the record there is a picture of Pope Luciani with the phrase “music is reconciliation with God”, while in songs by patty smith like barefoot dancing It refers to both the tragic love between Amedeo Modigliani and painter Jeanne Hebuterne, both towards the neighbour. at broken flag Its theme is patriotism and then return to feelings with the song he wrote patty smith Frederick, dedicated to her husband. 1979 is also the year of great concerts, including those held in September in Bologna and Florence.

Patti Smith singer

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Patti Smith – A Dream of Life

We made a leap in 1988 with work patty smith the life dream: Now that she’s married, the actress has changed her priorities and lives behind the scenes. This record was written entirely with her husband and guitarist Fred: the theme song for patty smith People have powerIt is a protest song that seeks to spread the peaceful, democratic and revolutionary spirit of the Arab Republic of Egypt 60 seconds For generations that did not live them.

Patti Smith – Gone Again

Another leap, this time until 1996: the albumen which after several years, and even after some mourning (the death of her husband, a trusted musician from her group, her brother and Mapplethorpe) marks a comeback. Patti Smith with gone again It is a dark audio recording, with a piece of Bob DylanAnd the evil messenger.

Patti Smith – Peace and Noise

.’s last 90’s album patty smith Peace and noisewhich felt the end of inspiration for the little American singer and poet.

Patti Smith – 2000s

with regard to Patti Smith in the 2000shis production adds four more discs to the list: Jung Ho (2000), dedicated to the character Ho Chi Minh, trampin (2004) where daughter Jesse appeared, twelve (2007), a record covers ranging from cut Jimi Hendrix Ai Nirvana and banja (2012).

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