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Pizza memes come true

The first pizza meme is from September 2018, we are in full yellow and green government, prevalence is rising due to fear of Europe, ongoing election campaign ads and incompetence of various junior members of the new parliament. Immediately, the first post is a very wise combination, which is: pizza and treasury bills. The Instagram profile has a name that makes you laugh at how stupid, violent, and seemingly self-sacrificing it is: Pizzeria U ‘Memeriell’. Then the Maymer must have realized that there could be a lot of political themes in this debut, a little bit of surrealism, and that the experiences that became the trademark begin: the pistons and the kebabs; Youtube and bottles. Sometimes a neutral background, sometimes a seascape, sometimes a pattern with the smell of steam. In the middle, there is never the same pizza, but every time there is a different base. Trimmed details, carefully cut components. In March 2019, anticipate the future, to also give space to the wave of conspiracy: pork and vaccines. A year has passed. During the first shutdown, from March 2020 to June, there was no post: The pizzeria remains closed like all real restaurants. The first clash between reality and metaverse. Actually, memeverso.

It opens in the summer. Tomato Microchip and Cell Phone. Only pizza, no explanation. The complexity increases, and you strive to find meaning, perhaps with more overlapping layers, everything will turn out, you think, the threads will stretch. Emoji hands and hats. The Internet itself is getting into the dough more and more. Rosemary and vowels. Pork and Regret – with the sad face of Kiki the Frog. Sausage and blue tick. Fungi and psychosis. Diphthongs and buffaloes. You realize that the pizzeria is not in Naples because all your friends in Naples have explained to you that buffalo in Naples is not put on pizza. more and more complex: mushrooms and dialectical phrases; Trick and stuff incredibly similar to Damiano Manskin; Other layers arrive: mushroom pizza and amazing emojis served on xyz hubs; Salami and skip ad. The followers increase, and the number of shares increases as well. Share Memeriell Pizza to Instagram Stories. Ask yourself: Why? Because it’s funny, because nothing makes sense. Then another twist: a trick and phrases to end a conversation actually served. what does that mean? It is real pizza. Physics. tangible. Memarill left the internet and headed to Earth. From memory, through the gate. On April 13, one week after the opening of the Venice Biennale, the flyer was not pizza but a poster: Sagra del Memariello, in Venice, April 21 and 22. From memes to biennials, the Instagram profile of silly (or fantastic) pizza becomes a fixture. It can be found in Campo Santa Margherita, in the building of Pizza al Volo. However, we still don’t understand anything. Thanks to the curators of the meme event – Salotto Studio – on a spring afternoon I can talk to the pizza mamer. Instagram call, anonymous, anonymous, no source. Just plain proof: Mimirel is not from Campania.

How was a pizzeria like this born?
The idea first came when I went to buy pizza with some friends. I love pizza that is rich in many ingredients. One evening with some friends we had some pizza and I particularly exaggerated one with spicy salami, gorgonzola and anchovies. And aroused great astonishment and disgust among the patrons of the restaurant. Very rich and heavy pizza. At this point the joke followed: Well, if we get to that level we can even eat one buffalo and napkins. From there, he began creating this assembly line of pizzas that could contain silly ingredients. After several attempts we decided to open this pizzeria as an Instagram page.

You say we decided: but is it managed alone or jointly?
Suggestions sometimes come in, but I like to talk about them in the plural as if it were a pizzeria. Pizza is a choral work.

Does it make you laugh more or think more?
Yes, there is a lot of humor. Some are made just for laughs, but many are a personal meditation practice. Choosing a pizza is like choosing a place where you pick your favorite things, a kind of safe haven. By components that express yourself, you also express your mood. There is always a lot of stress when choosing pizza. It’s a bit like writing a diary.

But then, are you also concretely preparing that pizza? And how is that done?
With polyurethane rubber.

and painted.
Yes, then painted it.

With pictures like those of characters Dungeons & Dragons?
Also acrylic. It’s something I’ve started doing recently.

Doesn’t this bit of being in the Biennale seem silly to you?
Pizzerias can also be present at the Biennale. I don’t think there is an end to the silly things in the Biennale now. On this note we live there could also be a pizzeria.

right. Was searching for the science of memories something you’ve been passionate about for some time?
Yes, a lot in my search for selfies. For example pizza: I photograph it. I photograph them when I go to the pizzeria early, before they get cold. Then I make a photo collage… a lot of them are photos I take personally, and they haven’t been downloaded. Like my friend’s dog. Mom.

Suppose a TV specialist arrives in Venice, discovers Pizzeria U ‘Memeriell’. He asks: What are these things? What do you answer?
It’s a digital space for a pizzeria that makes very good pizza, eg stucco and mushroom pizza, raw and argumentative phrases, stuffed egg whites and Scandinavian metal albums. It is necessary to try it and prove yourself what everyone is looking for. It is the ultimate in inclusive space where any group is welcome.

The layers have increased over time, as they start with the trick and the bed bugs, and then start to get more complicated, like: “Goku offers it while exercising the body”, a video in which Goku calls Majin Bu Fat.
Initially the components of an object were attributed to the physical world. Let’s say that then on the page I go to intervals. Sometimes we don’t publish for long, but then these surreal ingredients, sensations, emotions, and atmospheres that transcend the physicality of everyday life begin to present themselves.

Memes contain some sort of summary of context and moment, about the world and the internet. However, it does need to be “packable” and customizable. Your pizza isn’t, it’s the work of Pizzeria U ‘Memeriell’. So aren’t they memes?
It is difficult for me to answer this question because it starts with an unconvincing definition. The definition of meme as a recurring format for the inclusion of the Paleolithic “theme of the day” token has disappeared into our kitchens. When we bake pizza, we don’t focus on definitions and categories. Perhaps, flying a little, we can say that pizza is content and bowl, they are semantic components at the open end and they function when associated with colors.

Have you also received insults about your business at Pizzeria U “Memeriell”?
in the base. Maybe on Facebook, where strangers are spreading.

In your opinion, can there be spin-offs of food with other national folk dishes that can contain other ingredients?
Do you mean pasta?

or eater. authority.
I don’t think so, not now. The pizzeria is limited to pizza. I think it’s a good idea to keep the pizza base. Then in the future who knows, maybe it will become a separate page. At the moment there are many classes.

Are there already plans for other toppings, or for more technical developments based on pizza?
No, let’s do it as it comes. It keeps it more realistic. A more separate approach, too.

Something like a war won’t end with pizza. A thing like war wouldn’t end in a pizza.
It’s complicated.

I don’t even ask you where to call me.
I prefer staying in the memverse.

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What to do from April 22-25

At the Mostra D’oltremare, the appointment with the Comicon returns, in the Casa della Musica there is Francesco De Gregori in concert, in the Pan exhibition dedicated to Andy Warhol is the protagonist, in Piazza del Plebiscito free shows and games for children with the day of the lions, in Pietrarsa three days With hours stretched between the beauty of historical trains, music and appetizers overlooking the sea and in Noble you travel in hippie culture with a colorful flower party. There are also many open museums and current exhibitions that citizens and tourists can visit

Action packed for young and old on a long weekend in town.

Here are our tips for what to do and see in Naples (and surroundings) from April 22-25:

Comicon 2022

Expected date with comicon With a complete program for guests and events. The spaces of the Mostra d’Oltremare will once again host the International Festival of Folk Culture, from April 22-25 [Clicca qui per tutte le informazioni]. Moreover, the live music program is so rich with the “Live Music” section that it has almost become a festival within the festival, with four days of non-stop live music and artists such as Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Cor Veleno together, Giancane, the latest and many others and the novelty of “Music Talk” “. [Clicca qui per tutte le informazioni]

Francesco de Gregory in concert

Saturday appointment at Casa della Musica. De Gregori will present his greatest hits to the audience accompanied by his band consisting of Guido Guglielminetti (bass and double bass), Carlo Gaudiello (keyboards), Primiano Di Biase (Hamond), Paolo Giovenchi (guitars), Alessandro Valle (steel guitar pedal and mandolin) and Simone Talon (percussion). ). A special occasion for all her fans who will be able to listen live to some of the songs that have marked the history of Italian music. Click here for all the information

Andy is back, the gallery dedicated to Warhol at Ban

Until July 31, at the Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, the protagonist Andy is back. An unprecedented exhibition – curated by Edoardo Falcioni – with more than 130 works from private collections, telling the eclecticism of the father of pop art who remains among the most famous artists of the 20th century. Click here for all the information

April 25th with a noble flower

Returns Monday, April 25th at the Nabilah Beach Club Flower, a journey into the hippie culture and charm of Ibiza for the most colorful party of the year. The explosion of positive energies, love, happiness, flowers and bright colors, will take us back to the atmosphere of the legendary sixties, with the melodies of the greatest songs becoming a hymn of peace and freedom. Click here for all the information

Weekend “with taste” in Pietrarsa

Also in this long week, the Railway Museum in Pietrarsa will celebrate for hours. In particular, on Saturday the 23rd he will present “AperiArt”, an evening based on music and appetizers taking place at Caffè Bayard, starting at 19:00 with the last entry at 22.30. A unique opportunity to enjoy a good drink with a view of the sea and wander the flower-filled paths with the opportunity to admire the wonderful historic locomotives and carriages displayed in the large covered suites. All accompanied by exceptional musical moments. Click here for all the information

Black day in Piazza del Plebiscito

Saturday, in Piazza del Plebiscito from 10 to 16, an appointment with the event promoted by the members of the Lions. There will be free demos dedicated to hearing, vision, diabetes, heart and nutrition, and there will be games for the little ones in the field. Click here for all the information

Sal da Vinci in Augusteo with We are sea drops… The journey back

Until Sunday, the artist will be on stage at the Augusteo Theater in Naples with a performance inspired by his latest album and a sequel to the successful show “Symphony in Sal Maggiore”. Led by a Neapolitan singer on a sea of ​​notes, the cruise ship’s voyage resumes, as the most famous melodies of all time intertwine with the songwriter’s songs with entertaining interludes. Click here for all the information

In Capodimonte, between art and nature

Also open this weekend is the magnificent Capodimonte Museum. An opportunity to enjoy – in addition to the wonderful collections on site – the new layout of the royal apartment, the just opened gallery Beyond Caravaggio [clicca qui per tutte le informazioni] And Death Triumph 2019huge painting (535.94 cm x 535.94 cm) by Cecily Brown [clicca qui per tutte le informazioni]. A relaxing and rejuvenating walk through the wonderful roads of Real Bosco is also not to be missed.

Musical experience, a candlelit concert in San Lorenzo Maggiore

Saturday, 20:30, appointment with a private candlelit concert in San Lorenzo Maggiore, an exciting experience, surrounded by an intimate and suggestive atmosphere. Five musicians (violin, viola, cello and piano) from the Naples Music Association will present some of the most beautiful live soundtracks, from Ennio Morricone to Nino Rota. Click here for all the information

Dali meets Hitchcock: global preview of the exhibition in Naples Amazing

Easter in Naples with Dali and Hitchcock. Indeed, the world of Dalì chose Naples and the beginning of the tourist season for the world premiere of SPellbound: The Scenography of a Dreamthe exhibition by Benjamin Levi dedicated to Salvador Dali and Alfred Hitchcock, is on display at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Pietrasanta from April 14 to September 30, 2022. Click here for all the information

Biagio Izu on stage with Tax harassment

The final show of this theatrical season on the Acacia Theater, from April 21-24, will be the new comedy written and directed by Eduardo Tartaglia, “Tartassati dalle Tasse”, starring Biagio Izzo. The funny story of Innocenzo Tarallo, an entrepreneur in the catering sector, who finds himself the proud owner of a world-class sushi restaurant at the mercy of thousands of difficulties and problems. Click here for all the information

To Edenlandia between entertainment, games and shows

A program full of free events, April’s event in Edenlandia, the great park of Naples, including performances, entertainment, workshops, jugglers and many traveling artists. The park will also remain open to the public on April 25. Click here for all the information


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“So it ended with Ida and why did you disappear”, he says on the show

where have you been Elie Manishi? The 47-year-old, who is a manager of an American company, decided to take part in it men and women To attract Ida Platano, One of the historical ladies on the throne. And so the man landed in the studies of the Maria De Filippi program (he is in Rome able to work in it smart work) to try to identify a Brescian woman. The task was accomplished halfway, as Elie managed to deepen his acquaintance with the ex-lover of Riccardo Guarnieri, but without leaving his mark. Moreover, at one of the stages of the televised courtship, he disappeared from the radar of Channel Five. a reason? This was stated by the person concerned by interviewing Issa and Shea on the portal.

Ida and Ellie, while dating, saw each other on different occasions. Platano made it clear, after several meetings, that she was more attracted to the 47-year-old mentally than physically. Suddenly Eli disappeared from Radio Mediaset and from the life of the Lady of the Throne. What happened? “You know, my last appearance was in that wonderful “theater” where I, Ida, Ricardo and Alessandro We found ourselves at the center of the study,” The manager started talking to Issa and Xia. “On that occasion – he added – I didn’t even have time to say anything about what happened with Ida, etc. “

Now he tells Eli what he would like to tell on the broadcast, explaining that the night before “the theater” he was having dinner with Ida, and he had a lot of fun. “After dinner, we were in Ida’s room listening to music, relaxing, and I waited for her to fall asleep. We were really fine!”confirmed. But after the aforementioned “theater” something broke out and the path of knowledge was cut off:

“Immediately after the aforementioned theater, if you notice, Ida and I are no longer sitting. I left the studio because I wanted to escort Ida to the airport where she had to return to Brescia before the end of the recording. We were in the car, toward Fiumicino and suddenly our tension stopped, reminiscing about what we had done together that night. previous”.

Thus the “couple” reached Fiumicino, but was delayed compared to the flight that should have carried Platano, who lost the plane. Stay with her until boarding the next plane – Always mentions Ellie. We were outside, they were smoking, we hugged each other until that moment arrived when you are 4cm apart… Sunset, we were so close, everything was perfect for something but even in this case we preferred not to touch each other. It was more beautiful than the kiss itself, not touching each other was more intimate.”.

Then the salutation, according to Ellie, should be a goodbye, not a goodbye: “She greeted me with ‘Run, walk away’ indicating a situation that could certainly have developed into something physical. This brings us to a few days later, when I learned that for business reasons only I would not be able to participate in the program. From that moment on, that Wednesday, Everything changed!”

Eli indicated that he overheard Ida over the phone, in a conversation in which the lady shed tears as he made her understand that he would never return to the studios of the dating show Canal Five: “I understood that I would not be able to return to the broadcast to continue my acquaintance with her”. In addition to work issues, the director had to face another difficult situation at the family level.

The director said that his mother, on the day of the casting, was the victim of a “dark nature” traffic accident but without reporting any serious physical consequences.. However, the situation later worsened: “You will understand very well that we (my brothers and I) had to understand the dynamics of the accident caused by the disease. I can tell you today that my mother’s health has already deteriorated.”.

Finally, broadcasts on Canale Cinque broadcasts:

“My reservation about broadcasting (I wanted to escape from the first day), dissatisfied with certain facts that I would not have (while trying) to disfigure my being, put an intimate field on the market I consider my greatest treasure, the enforced layover, and what To that, he made me finish my way to casting.”

At the moment, Ellie and Ida are no longer dating.