Paestum, at the beginning of «May of books»: events and meetings with authors

Saturday, April 23, in World Book Day The copyright opens in May for books. Fifteen appointments – including meetings with authors, reading courses for children and literary salons – in the Center for reading and discussion on the most diverse topics covered from time to time in the books to be presented. There are three events on the day the month of May opens from the books.

It starts at 16:30 withbook wherever you are» Training meeting on the use of the mlol platform, organized by Annamaria Vitale at Erica Library. At 6.30 pm, in the same location, the turn of «Search for words», an initiative dedicated to children that includes searching for treasure through books. At 19.00 it’s the turn of “Temples in the blues», an appointment in the archaeological area of ​​Paestum, near Largo Prearo, consisting of music, reading, games and much more. On this day it will be possible to order Ericard, with which users can access the lending service during the working hours of the entire services and the digital library, so that the large collection of paper library in the library can be added to the countless digital resources freely available through the mlol platform .

On the other hand, there are three sections where “have booksThe Erica Library will host the “Encounters with the Author” section. On April 29, at 6.00 pm, the book “The Life I Didn’t Choose” by Melina Chikatilo will be presented; May 2 will be the turn of “.Maria Gemella song» by Loretta Mastrolonardo; On May 7, the book will be shownI’m naked» by Mariangela Mayo. Finally, the book will be shown on May 16th.”Back to Paestum» by Vincenzo Marino. Section “Let’s read togetherInstead, it is envisioned as a series of reading meetings for children. The appointment is always at Erica Library at 5.00pm on April 30th and May 14th and 28th. The third section, entitled «Literary Hall», will be located in Largo Prearo di Paestum. The book begins on April 24, 6:30 p.m., with “In the Lands of Bacchus” by Bruno de Conselis and continues on May 1, at the same time, with the presentation of the book “Hello. Peace be upon you with everyone who works for peace every day. Diary of a Journalist an Integral Part of Afghanistan, Kosovo and Lebanon”, by Lorenzo Belloso.

On May 9, the book’s turn will come.Pin«Written by Chef Franco Marino and on May 13 it will be turn»pico. life in the novelWritten by Ayrton Senna, Leonardo Gozo. On May 15, again at 6.00 pm, it will be the turn of Alessandra de Vita and her book «acid wingsOn May 20 the book “La città del Sele” by Giovanni Pisano will be presented. May 22 it will be the turn of “When I was twenty years old. Interviews, reflections and memories of Falcone and Porsellino» by Ettore Di Lorenzo. Last appointment, on May 28, with Pascual Natella “Capaccio nella Valle del Sele”.


“Capaccio Paestum continues the path of culture, especially reading – says Vice Mayor and Culture Adviser Marie Antoinette de Filippo – We have invested in redesigning Erica’s Library, and above all, we continue to invest in activities that keep this place alive. We focus on adults and children because as children the foundations are laid for the formation of readers, and therefore conscientious citizens. And we focus mostly on authors and subjects in our land because it is our duty to promote the talent that the region is so proud of.” “When the Union of Municipalities Paestum Alto Cilento our Capaccio Paestum was among the finalists for the title of Italian Capital of Culture, I immediately announced that regardless of the outcome We will continue to believe in this sector and invest in it to implement the program expected in the candidacy file – declares Mayor Franco Alfieri – Maggio dei Libri, with the many and stimulating activities that it provides, is a continuation of the path we have decided to focus on. It’s just one of the initiatives we have in mind. Capaccio Paestum is a city of culture and therefore must increasingly impose itself on the local scene and beyond ”


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