Padua, Litvipa in graceful state between political rock, great classics, and the dynamism of Piero Bello

Bad boys are welcome to the last set of Litfiba, Are you ready to expel all the negative energies attacking the world now? Do you see the four Xs behind me? They are much stronger than all Putin Z! It starts like this, Tuesday at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padua (Wednesday will repeat with a different set), Litfiba’s last tour, if not the group, is definitely one of the most important rock bands that Italy ever had.

Genius and strength

political party In the most universal sense of the termBecause in their 42 years of music, Piero Bell and Gigo Renzulli have always done so, Always (and forever) side against violenceMafia, wars, nuclear power and the exploitation of the weakest. Battles fought to unforgettable riff sounds and millions of records sold, always waving high, next to the peace flag (Also on sale in Official MerchandiseA rock made of genius and strength that today is more modern and vibrant than ever. The four Xs of the phase, at least in this way can be interpreted, They represent decades of the Florence Holocaust gang’s history. An always balanced ensemble of yin and yang, between the notes of guitarist Renzulli and the words of confrontational chief (and this first man) Bill, between the quiet calm of the instrumentalist first and the angry and charming charisma of the artist. singer. A complementary harmony that gave the rocks the best that could possibly be desired, scattered (Bill abandoned from 1999 to 2009) Lost winning chemistry. Now farewell to the viewer, in this last round of the carousel, the energy is back to its fullest potential.

Dedicated to Gino Strada

The stage is compact as a fist, filled with blinders and Marshall shafts. In front of a completely sold out theater, which already an hour before the show started playing stadium choirsThe band comes in and we start with El Diablo and Propepito and he tells me the name (dedicated to fighting the mafia). The band is in bliss. On stage Bill, from the age of sixty takes at least 40, He wears skinny studded jeans and a red leopard-print T-shirt open at the navel: the sound, simply put, is perfect: crystallized and powerful. Today’s observation is not wrong. Blessed is this country that does not need heroes, blames Piero, then dedicates heroes over time to Gino Strada. On stage, in addition to the two leaders, there is percussion Luca Martelli beats on drums and Dado Neri on bass, as well as keyboards by Fabrizio Simoncioni. There are no historical members like Antonio Ayazi and Gianni Maroccolo (they returned to the band on the Power Triple Tour in 2012), and they have perhaps with a bit of controversy (considering the refrain respect my thoughts), Bell dedicates Apapaia, declaring that the two are not with us at the moment, due to a lack of agreement. Perhaps they will be satisfied with the summer tour.

Bella Chow

After The Impossible, the front man takes the floor again. With what is happening in Ukraine, everything can become dangerous and divisive, but I enjoy singing this song with you, and Bella ciao begins with one voice with the audience. Each piece was sung by Belle. Musical storytelling style that’s improved on classics like Sparami, Istanbul and Fatta MorganaA masterpiece of rock made in Italy. Are you ready to free your soul?! Bill Thunder launches Spirito’s song anticipating the extraordinary Queen of Hearts as the traditional election of the chosen Queen of Hearts doesn’t seem to have been a success, using Piero’s lyrics through scapezzitura. Times, at least in this respect, have changed. Missing in the lineup since 1999: My Changing My Body A Real Surprise and a Way to Make Peace with (pop) Infinito, a diamond record and 1 million copies sold.

Q Viva El Bandido

Then we open up to memories (but woe to falling into nostalgia), when in the ’80s we’d play more abroad than Italy, especially in Paris, and find the gem of Panam again. Once again Louisiana, dedicated to Glio Regeni and AI, where timeless and timeless ambiance allows Singer to perform solo in the “classic” whirlpool with wired microphone. The journey to the grand finale begins with the hit of a Black Sun reunion, and feel the excitement with Il volo, a tribute to the friends lost along the way. Like Ringo De Palma, Candelo Cabezas and Erriquez, it focuses on Tziganatareinforced with Dionysian Lacio drom (Bon voyage) and show and ends with Resta and Pel’s appeal against nuclear energy in favor of renewable energies. Lulu and Marilyn With the text changed and in honor of the city of Mariupol and the message so clear, Peace is the only victory. Then there’s room just for rock’s triumph with Tex and Cangaceiro and screaming, out loud, Que viva el bandido Litfiba!.

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