Orticola, event fair and market in the center of Rome

Presented on Tuesday, April 26, in the Laudato Sì hall of Campidoglio, the first edition of Orticola di Roma is an event dedicated to gardening, nature, art and sustainable mobility that will envelop the center of the capital in flowers of a thousand colors, Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May.

A “green” event that reaches the historical heart of the city for the first time, allowing Romans and tourists to immerse themselves in the diverse world of flowers and plants. The heroes of Orticola will be, in particular, Villa Borghese and Via dei Condotti.

Orticola has 4 focus points Andrea Amoruso Manzari, event organizer, former creator of Vendemmia Roma, explains and “green”, “art” with floral paths that want to cross rooms, museum works, allowing visitors with a fondness for botany, to see the works from another point of view, “sustainable mobility” by equipping ourselves with a fleet of electricity and gas and creating information points then “Luxury”, which led via Condotti to create a creative ensemble with flower boxes placed from May 2-8 and flower gates in Piazza di Spagna.”

The vegetable garden of Via dei Condotti

Orticola di Roma is a cultural initiative that sees the participation of nursery workers, plant producers and companies interested in sustainability together with the Circuit de Villa Borghese and Fai museums and institutions in three unique days, between beauty, harmony and nature. Via dei Condotti sparkles in spring thanks to the art of flower designers who will decorate one of the most beautiful streets in Rome, against the background of the Trinità dei Monti, with original and colorful flower boxes. Two columns of flowers placed at the entrance to the street will build a natural continuation of the flowers that decorate the Spanish staircase with traditional azaleas. Luxury shopping for those who are in town for the weekend, during the three days of the event, they will breathe the fragrant blossoms of spring.

Gardening in Villa Borghese

But the heart of Orticola di Roma passes through one of the most famous and famous historical parks: Villa Borghese. Viale delle Magnolie will be moved by quality specialized exhibitors: from selected bulbs, to unusual blooms in bloom, from magnificent and succulent cacti to exotic carnivorous plants, from Japanese art of Kokidama to elegant multi-colored orchids. Florists will also be present with their fresh flowers and original compositions ideal for any kind of gift but also for decorating homes and gardens. There are also craftsmen and hobbyists with their creations inspired by the world of flowers and plants, such as fabrics decorated with the technique of botanical print in contact or scarves from bamboo fibers, then again Peugeots, lamps and much more, all in the name of exclusivity and originality.

In the exhibition programme, a space will be devoted to botanical propagation in the presence of Nicoletta Campanella of Nicla Edizioni with particular attention to promoting the Italian botanical heritage with the presence of the Giardino Segreto Garden Tour. Finally, Onlus of the Italian Forest Trust for the Protection of Forests will be present at the first edition of Orticola in Rome informing visitors of the importance of timber in the balance of the ecosystem.

Gardening and FAI: Cultural Visits to the Underground in Rome

Not only flowers and plants, but also cultural visits: Fai (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano) will provide an extraordinary opportunity for a private visit into Rome’s underground: under Villa Medici, a few steps away from the Orticola fair market, flows the Virgin aqueduct supplying Braccia The Trevi Fountain with water. On May 7 and 8, FAI will be available to escort Orticola’s guests down the canal via the famous 15th-century spiral staircase.

“Gardening – Giuseppe Morganti of FAI Rome co-hosted the event – It will effectively contribute to spreading this national awareness of the cultural value of our landscape which is a value and goal of FAI. The FAI Rome delegation, as well as an information site within the expanses of Orticola, will be present at the weekend with the experience of landing 25 meters in the subsoil from Rome, through the Trinità dei Monti snail to discover speco dell’ Acquedotto Vergine, the same person who fed Rome for more than 2000 years”.

Don’t miss the Floral Trails at the Borghese Gallery, in the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Villa Medici Museum, where you can ideally admire the works on display “by the botanical eye”, with private guided tours or simply follow the itinerary laid out by “Gardenia” magazine.

Orticola to revive green spaces in Rome

Through such events – The city’s environmental advisor Sabrina Alfonsi announced – We must explain to citizens that we must have the courage to make sustainable choices for the future. There are two jobs that we have put in place and that we have to do with technicians, citizens and with FAI: working on city trees and working on urban reforestation. Rome is a green city, but over the years it no longer bets on its green spaces, so we must make it rediscover this profession of greenery, making it an increasingly sustainable city.”

There will also be a dining area with natural food, created in 5 different locations, also in line with sustainability and created by Anna & Beatrice lo Presti. The event is held under the auspices of the Lazio Region, the Department of Environment of the Municipality of Rome, the Department of Tourism of the Municipality of Rome, Confcommercio, Fai and Associazione Via Condotti.


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