Notes on books: Tips to improve memory

It was on everyone to remember Something: at school or university, during a business meeting, reading a novel or for a casual occasion when we don’t want any details to elude us. Often, reading a book or text of any kind, Memorizing what you read is not so obvious.

To save those who are looking for Memory improvement tips There are many tricks that appear Incredibly useful toolsWhich helps us not to forget what we read.

According to research reported by BookriotAnd AnnotationWhether it is written, drawn or marked, it helps with memory and general understanding of what is being read. The concept behind this conclusion is that Write down It requires effortphysical interaction: In practice, instead of just taking information, We create new tracks in the brain by encoding text.

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Reflections are often expressed in annotations, or even references to questions, or read references to other addresses. here this up The book becomes a tool More valuable because it is done A meeting between the reader and the writer.

For this we suggest below one List of tips and tricks to remember what you’ve read. You can switch between using one or all of them together, and there is no wrong way to do that.

Graphics and icons

Notes, words and annotations are next to the text, but not only. Doodles, hearts, emojis, strange and seemingly illogical geometric shapes: even drawings and symbols (sometimes they can only be deciphered by ourselves) are excellent tools for not forgetting what you read, because Activate visual memory. The term for this technique is fee.


Writing Books Taking Notes Books Live Written 5 Ways

There are readers who turn their noses up at the idea of ​​using highlighters and colors on the pages of their book. For others, especially in academia, theuse of colors It is a technique that helps a lot in memorizing what you have read. It is important not to overdo it: Highlighting a full page is less useful than highlighting a sentence.


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between Guaranteed Techniques To remember what you read, it is often found in lists of tips for improving memory, there is certainly no shortage of summaries. Keywordbut also More or less long combinations It can help us off with more relevant concepts: one of the most frequently used solutions, especially by students preparing for an exam, is the use of an abstract.

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writing notebook writing pen clipboard

It may also be helpful to write some considerations and express our reflections in writing. This is because Paraphrasing the text through personal impressions It can help you make it your own and better remember it.


Clipboard Schemes

Definitely represent systematically It is very effective when dealing with university texts or study materials. But not only that: even when we read a novel we can enjoy its installation through the gods Practical schemes. especially When we are faced with very complex stories and plotsFor example, those family epics or the so-called “impossible books”.


Why is this concept important? What is its relationship to this other? You should not discourage the most difficult and difficult steps to understand, but rather increase it food for thought: Asking and writing down questions about what you’re reading is how Speak to the text itself. This is because re-reading opinions and doubts can be a trigger to ask questions and be able to resolve them at a later time.

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Sticky notes and page tags

Do you refuse to write or scribble on your precious books? Or do you simply need more space for your notes? The poster is for you. It’s also very trendy, especially among young readers who fill out their favorite volumes using TikTok, the social media where challenges and ballets are popular. multicolor page tags.

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