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from Aldo Cazullo

Journalist: “Why am I often called Bersani? He has a Calvino key: he explains difficult things lightly to you.” And on Fornero: “A woman who participated and, unlike the other ministers from Monti, did not disappear”

c.iovanni Floris, is it right to give a voice to No Vax on TV yesterday, today to Putin?

“In principle, yes. Every voice should be heard. The talk exists precisely about this: to compare different ideas ».

Have you noticed that sometimes they are the same people?

“Certainly, and this is not surprising. For Putin, the refusal of vaccines and unrecognized typhus is the result of the same cultural and political phenomenon: opposition to the regime. How do you close your eyes in the face of this phenomenon? How can you not tell it?”

Do you not find modern narcissism unbearable?

“Don’t confuse effect with cause. What you call Narcissus is the product of the country’s transformation. Not the original.”

Some have risen to the rank of cult figures.

“There are two types of threads. Anti-regime opponents who oppose the idea of ​​a conspiracy over rationality and its vulgar simplicity. Then there is the conspiracy of science that wants to impose a vaccine on us. And there is the conspiracy of the West that wants to fuel war.”

What about the other thread?

“It seems more interesting to me, because so little has been said about it so far. It’s hyperrealistic tendency, or relevance.”

Give me an example of the spirit of propriety applied to a vaccine
“For me, as a young man, vaccination is not appropriate, because Covid does nothing to me. The idea that it serves society, for others, is not being ignored; it is not really taken into account.”

Does it apply to war?

Should Ukrainians defend their country or not? It does not suit him. Better let Putin in. Will they lose their freedom? patience; They will survive: it’s cheaper. I am not talking about peace strategies, nor do I want to say whether it is right or wrong to arm the Ukrainians … ».

Tell me instead: Is that true?

“Of course it is right to arm the Ukrainian resistance. It is also right to bring Putin to the negotiating table, at the cost of calling him twenty times a day, as Macron explained in the interview with courier; Otherwise, if the Democratic leaders don’t call it, the Asians will call it. The dynamics of escalation must be confronted. It is Europe’s fault that it did not defuse Putin before he went unchallenged. Now it would be right for him to be called by some of his friends whose show I’ve seen in recent years … But what concerns me, as a journalist, is to think of a way of thinking ».

what does it mean?

“The logic of whether or not it is appropriate is increasingly replacing right or wrong. If there is a balance between the two areas that would be a good thing; If only the first passes, the individual is saved, but his world changes. It becomes an acceptable world in which the old man dies, where freedom can be forsaken, and in which rest decides who and what remains. collective responsibility, freedom itself becomes a limit; And his ways open the door to a world that is not necessarily something we like.”

What world would it be?

“Specifically: I no longer have any sympathy for a partisan who died for freedom, to what does that lead? Taking Covid lightly, not caring if some elderly people die in the meantime, what does it lead to? Probably for the salvation of several individuals. But perhaps to the death of many. Certainly, to the disintegration of collective subjects: unions, parties, and peoples in their perspective. Everything can become convenient, even making others decide one’s life. Perhaps an invading dictator. It depends on what you offer in return. For example, life in exchange for freedom.

Wasn’t this always the case?

“No. We used to queue at school, or in the army, for vaccinations when we were kids. Will our children, whom we lead by example today, join the same class? Some of us got a yellow card for the team, to avoid a goal from the opponent’s striker. Will our children do it? Will they leave the last piece of the cake for the mother? And what will be the taste of the dessert if you eat it yourself and leave nothing to your family?”

Did the politicians you invited to your talk years ago not have their personal comfort as a compass?

“Sure; but in a general setting. Now we are really losing the image.”

But she has her favorite guests. For example, Barsani.

Bersani has a Calvino key: he explains difficult things lightly to you.

You also have a passion for Fornero.

“A woman who participated and, unlike other Monti ministers, did not disappear.”

Then Ilaria Capua.

“She, like Barbara Galafoti, was able to explain science to humanity.”

But don’t you find that masks function primarily in conversations, preferably provided by circus music? Guarantor and executioner and tomorrow why not tamed nor bearded?

“The opposite is true. An episode made of masks only is sure to go wrong: like those movies where you immediately understand who the killer is. The ideal host is one you never know what he will be able to say; and you may eventually find out that the killer is the detective.” “I don’t care about the mask; I honestly do. You can be clumsy, clumsy. But if you’re sincere the audience will listen.”

Is your audience leftist?

« Long ago I will danceYou always follow us here and there. Now it is better because there is no longer a division into two camps. The studio became oval or polygonal, and we could read reality in its various sides. Because speech, beyond malice, is a place of cultural study.

Is the right Mediaset watch?

“Not just right. I think Nicolas Porro has an audience of moderates and liberals. But both Mario Giordano and Paolo Del Dipio have many spectators left, or who once voted left. Popular chapters. Keep in mind that some pollsters give The League as the first workers’ party in Italy, also very supported by volunteers.”

Will the right win the next elections?

“It is possible; but I don’t know if he will be able to rule. You will depend on Berlusconi. And every time Berlusconi had to choose – from Monty to Draghi, from vaccines to war – he chose to stay with the regime, against the populists ».

How’s a personal duel going with Bianca Berlinger?

“Sardinians do not compete. Do you remember the Sassari Brigade’s war cry? Forza Paris! ».

what does that mean?

“Come together.”

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