Nikoko’s Luck: Room List & Discount Coupons

The May 16, 17 and 18 It will be shown in the cinema Nikoko’s luck. Below you will find the press release followed by the room list, while in the gallery you will find the discount voucher on the ticket price.

From 4°C animation studio, producer of masterpieces such as “Tekkonkinkreet” and “I figli del mare”
Nikoko’s luck
Access to the cinema Only on 16, 17 and 18 May
From the award-winning novel by Nishi Kanako. The event work of Ayumu Watanabe, one of the most interesting artists in the entire Japanese scene

It will arrive in cinemas on May 16, 17, 18 The new appointment of Anime season in cinemasthe exclusive project of Nexo Digital distributed in cooperation with Dennett.
This is de Kikoku’s luckbased on a novel by Nishi Kanako It was shown in Japanese cinemas last year. The movie is directed by Ayumu Watanabe (Sons of the Sea, Brothers of Space), for a script Satomi Oshima (Hataraki man), while dealing with character design and animation direction Kenichi Konishi (Children of the sea).

The story tells of little Kikoko, 11, who lives with her mother Nikoko, a 38-year-old woman, cheerful, enthusiastic and always ready for something delicious. But Nikoko has a problem: he always falls in love with the wrong person. His favorite motto is: “Being ordinary is the best.” Kikuko’s strong and daring spirit often embarrasses Nikoko, torn between wanting to grow up fast and wanting to remain a child forever. She loves her life, but at the same time she dreams of being able to leave the place where she lives soon, where everyone knows everything about everyone. They have nothing in common but living together on a boat in the port, Kikuko and Nikuko will face daily challenges, until an unexpected secret is revealed…

Latest de . animation Nikoko’s luckAwarded at the Scotland Loves Anime Awards, Bucheon International Animation Festival and Fantasia International Film Festival, sponsored by Study 4 degrees CelsiusOne of the most famous animation studios in Japan. Director, Ayumu Watanabe He is establishing himself as one of the most interesting artists on the Japanese scene.

The Season of Souls at the Cinema is an exclusive Nexo Digital project distributed in collaboration with Dynit and supported by media partners, Lucca Comics & Games and VVVVID.

Director: Ayumu Watanabe
Screenplay: Satomi Oshima
Music: Takatsugo Muramatsu
Original Creator: Kanako Nishi
Character design: Kenichi Konishi
Technical Director: Shinji Kimura
Chief Animation Director: Kenichi Konishi
Color design: Miyuki Ito

Abruzzo Avisano Astra
Abruzzo Montesilvano space
Abruzzo Rocca San Giovanni Siac
Abruzzo Spelltor Arca
Abruzzo Tiramo Smeraldo
Basilicata Matera Aussie red carpet
Calabria space catanzaro
Calabria Lamezia Terme Space
Calabria Reggio Calabria Lumiere
Campania Afragola Happy Maxicinema
Campania Benevento Gavilli Maxisinma
Campania Caserta Doyle Village
Campania Marcianise Big Maxicinema
Campania Marcianise UCI Cinepolis
Campania Mercogliano Movieplex
Campania Naples is very modern
Campania Naples space
Campania NOLA Space
Campania Space Salerno
Campania Torrecuso TorreVillage
Emilia Romagna space bologna
Emilia Romagna Carpi space city
Emilia Romagna Casalecchio Di Reno UCI Cinemas Meridiana Bologna
Emilia Romagna Hundred Cinnibark
Emilia Romagna Cesena Aladdin
Emilia Romagna Cesena Eliseo Cesena
Emilia Romagna Komacchio Cinepark
Emilia Romagna Faenza Syndream
Emilia Romagna UCI Ferrara Cinema Ferrara
Emilia Romagna Forlimbopoli sinflash
Emilia Romagna Forli Astoria
Emilia Romagna Modena Victoria Cinema
Emilia Romagna space parma
Emilia Romagna Parma Space Cinema
Emilia Romagna Piacenza Corso
Emilia Romagna Piacenza UciCInemas
Emilia Romagna Ravena Cinemacity Ravenna
Emilia Romagna Reggio Emilia UciCinemas Reggio Emilia
Emilia Romagna Rimini the Biffany
Emilia Romagna Rimini Savignano UCI Cinemas Romania Rimini
Friuli Venezia Giulia Veneto River UCI Cinemas Veneto River Pordenone
Friuli Venezia Giulia Monfalcon Kinemax
Friuli Venezia Giulia Pradamano Space Cinema
Friuli Venezia Giulia Toriano di Martinaco Cincinta exhibition
Friuli Venezia Giulia National Trieste
Friuli Venezia Giulia Trieste Space Cinema
Friuli Venezia Giulia Central Udine
Lazio Anzio Astoria
Lazio Viano Romano Sineferonia
Lazio Fiumicino UCI Cinemas Parco Leonardo Rome
Lazio space guidonia
Lazio Latina Auxerre
Lazio Modern Rieti
Lazio red rome
Lazio Rome Andromeda
Lazio Roma Julie
Lazio Rome Luxe
Lazio Roma Madison
Lazio Rome Odeon
Lazio Roma Stardust Village
Lazio Rome Starplex
Lazio Rome Space Moderno
Lazio Rome Space Parco de Medici
Lazio Rome UCI Cinemas Porta Di Roma Rome
Lazio Rome UCI Cinemas RomaEst Rome
Lazio terracina rio
Liguria space genoa
Liguria Genoa UCI Cinemas Fiumara Genoa
Liguria New La Spezia
Lombardy Arosio Cinelandia
Lombardy Asago Cinemas UCI Milan Flowers Milan
Lombardy Bellinzago Lombardo Arcadia Bellinzago
Lombardy Bergamo Capitol
Lombardy Brescia Multiplex Oz
Lombardy Bosnago – Kornat de Ada Movie Planet Bosnago
Lombardy Gemini roe deer
Lombardy Cerro Maggiore space
Lombardy Como Cinelandia
Lombardy Corte Franca Starplex
Lombardy Cortenova Starplex
Lombardy Cremona Spazioscinema
Lombardy Corno UCI Cinema Corno Bergamo
Lombardy Kirtaton Starplex
Lombardy Erbusco Arcadia Erbusco
Lombardy Cinelandia Gallarates
Lombardy Lissone UCI Cinema Lissoni Milan
Lombardy Cincy Mantua
Lombardy Melzo Arcadia Melzo
Lombardy Milan Arcobalino Multiplex
Lombardy Milan City Live Antio
Lombardy Milan Ducal Multiplex
Lombardy Milan space odeon
Lombardy Milan UCI Cinemas Bicoca Milan
Lombardy Milan UCI Certosa Milan Cinemas
Lombardy Como Montano Lucino UCI Cinemas
Lombardy Montebello della Battaglia The Space
Lombardy Oreo L Serio UC Cinema Oreo
Lombardy Paderno dognano giraffes
Lombardy Barona Lumelina, the movie Baruna Planet
Lombardy Beefy Viciraja Cinelandia
Lombardy space rosano
Lombardy Planet San Giuliano Milanese Planet San Giuliano
Lombardy San Martino Sicomario movie Planet San Martino
Lombardy Sesto San Giovanni Notorious Skyline
Lombardy Sondrio Starplex
Lombardy Stizano The Two Towers
Lombardy Trade Starplex
Lombardy Treviglio Spazioscinema
Lombardy Varese Empire
Lombardy Vimercate space
marquis Ancona Geomiti
marquis Ascoli Piceno from the stars
marquis Campiglioni di Fermo Super 8
marquis Macerata Multiplex 2000
marquis macerata italy
Piedmont Asti Cinelandia
Piedmont Peñasco Space
Piedmont Bellinzago Novarese Movie Planet Bellinzago
Piedmont Bella Mazzini
Piedmont Borgo San D’Almezo, Cinelandia
Piedmont brazil empire
Piedmont Casal Monferrato Cinelandia
Piedmont Film Castelletto Sopra Ticino Planet Metropolis
Piedmont Moncalieri UCI Cinemas Moncalieri Turin
Piedmont Turin Masawa City Plex
Piedmont Turin space
Piedmont Turin UCI Cinemas Turin Lingotto
Piedmont Verbania Cinelandia
Piedmont Vercelli Movie Planet Italy
Apulia Barry Gallery
Apulia Barry Ossie Scheufele
Apulia Barletta Paulillo
Apulia Brindisi Andromeda Maxiscinema
Apulia space kasamasima
Apulia Cinema Molvita UCI Molvita Bari
Apulia Polignano a Marie Vignola
Apulia Santeramo in Colle Pixel Multicinema
Apulia Sorbo space
Sardinia Cagliari Notorious Cinema
Sardinia Iglesias Madison Cineworld
Sardinia Quartucciu space
Sardinia modern sassari
Sardinia Sesto Space Cinema
Sicily Space Belbaso
Sicily Messina Iris
Sicily Messina multi-screen
Sicily Milazzo Multiplex Screen
Sicily Palermo Marconi
Sicily Palermo Metropolitan Palermo
Sicily Ragusa Madison
Sicily San Giovanni La Punta Censtar Gates
Sicily golden victory
Tuscany Arzzo UCI Cinemas Arezzo
Tuscany Cinema Campi Biscenzio UCI Cinema Campi Biscenzio Florence
Tuscany Space Florence
Tuscany Florence Cinemas UCI Florence
Tuscany Grosseto space
Tuscany space livorno
Tuscany Livorno Four Mors
Tuscany Luca Modern
Tuscany Montecatini Terme Excelsior
Tuscany Pisa Odeon
Tuscany Poggibonsi Politiama
Tuscany Prato Omnia Center
Tuscany Sinalunga UCI Cinemas Sinalonga Siena
Trentino Alto Adige Trento Modena
Umbria Corciano the Space
Umbria Perugia Cinemas UCI Perugia
Umbria space terney
Daosta Valley Aosta Cinelandia
Veneto Bassano del Grappa Metropolis
Veneto Legnago Synergia
Veneto Limina Space Cinema
Veneto Luganano di Sauna space
Veneto Marano Vicentino Starplex
Veneto Marcon Cinemas UCI Venice Marcon
Veneto Mystery IMG Kandiani
Veneto Mister Marghera Notorious Cinema
Veneto Padua Porto Astra
Veneto Rovigo Notorious Cinema
Veneto San Bonifacio Cristallo
Veneto San Giovanni Lupatoto UCI Cinemas Verona
Veneto Silea Space Cinema
Veneto Torre de Quartesolo space
Veneto Verona Rivoli
Veneto Vicenza Rome
Veneto Vittorio Veneto Verde

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