Music, books and art: what to do in Tuscany, Umbria and La Spezia until April 30

Florence, April 25, 2022 – by boat along the Arno as well as in the Casentino to discover artistic treasures, not forgetting the good music. week from 25 to May 30 Full of events, located throughout the territory Tuscany AndUmbria Based on spices. There are events for all tastes, even for lovers of art and crafts.

Florence April 25
Mauro Mariani will take the podiumFlorence Chamber Orchestra, Monday 25 April (9 pm) at the Auditorium di Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence, for a concert by Mozart and Barber, soloist Marco Lorenzini on violin. At the center of the program are two notes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s compositions, “Concerto for Violin and Orchestra n. 4 K 218”, progressing, now energetic, now melodic, for solo instrument – entrusted to Marco Lorenzini – and “Symphony 28 in C major” KV 200 “where we can glimpse this usual Mozart-era joy. “Serenade for strings op. 1” by Samuel Barber.

Florence April 26-30
to me Goldoni Theatre In Florence, from Tuesday 26 to Sunday 30 April, a “innkeeperSet in the 1950s. Director Luca di Fusco found an analogy between the freshness and optimism of the nascent Italian bourgeoisie of the eighteenth century described by Carlo Goldoni and the optimism of the Italian bourgeoisie in the early economic recovery of the last century. The text is Goldonian and shows eternity. timetables: Tuesday to Saturday at 8.45 pm, Thursday at 6.45 pm and Sunday at 3.45 pm.

Luca, April 27
Until April 27 (9-20 hours) in old town In Lucca there is a traditional appointment with the flower and sweets market fair in Santa Zetacity ​​sponsor. floral displays Stalls will find space in Piazza Anfiteatro, Piazza Scalpellini, Piazza San Frediano and via Fillungo, while gardens in San Frediano and Scalpellini will be created in collaboration with the Opera delle Mura, in Piazza Anfiteatro the champions will be 11 horticultural exhibitors who will sell plants, flowers, seeds, bulbs, peppers and much more.

Florence, April 28
Thursday, April 28 at 6 pm, atFlorence Academy of Fine Arts premiere of “Laura Antonelli. Love, magic and oblivion‘, a fictional biography of the melancholy singer, from the sensational success of ‘Malizia’ to love with Jean-Paul Belmondo, until his retirement from the scene. The book will be released on the same day by Morelini Edtour, in the Feminine Singular series, dedicated to the author’s women Sarah GhazziniRadio 2’s well-known writer and voice, will speak with actress Gaya Nani in the context of Readers’ City Meetups.

to me Civic Ethnographic Museum The exhibition “Giovanni Bodenzana” can be visited”FusiliaOn the centenary of the death of the great La Spezia scholar Giovanni Cappellini, the Municipality of La Spezia and the Academy of Sciences Longianes “Giovanni Cappellini” honor his memory with an exhibition illustrating his life, tireless research, and contribution to the formation of the Civic Museum and its archaeological, ethnographic and natural history collections. timetables: Thursday 10-12.30, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-12.30 and 16-19. Information: 0187.727781.

Anghiari (Arrizo)
Anghiari Art Handicraft“It is the famous market fair ofcleverness della Valtiberina Toscana, now in its 47th edition, scheduled until May 1. They are located in the boxes distributed in village Medieval In Anghiari, the event attracts many visitors every year, underlining its importance in the sector of high-quality handicrafts. The fair is an opportunity to enjoy the best “handcrafted” products, a wide range of handcrafted and carefully selected products in the sectors of wood, leather, wrought iron, ceramics and precious metals. timetables: before holidays and holidays from 10-19.30, weekdays 10-12.30 and 15-19. Information: 0575.749279.

Tierney April 28
As part of the reviewVisioninmusica“,” on April 28 (9 pm) inGasoly Hall De Tierni, Gianni Iorio (Bandoneion) and Pasquale Stafano (piano) will be interpreters for “mediterranean tales“: a concert based on people’s stories, encounters, emotions, ideas and love, translated into original compositions as a journey through time and space of the musical universe: from jazz to world music, from classical to pop, in a Mediterranean atmosphere as a common element

Assisi (Perugia) April 29
On April 29 (9 pm) in Lyric Theater Assisi Ensemble Symphony Orchestra Directed by Maestro Giacomo Loprinothe legend. Greetings to Morricone”, a journey through melodies that have remained in the collective memory of generations: the exciting power of “The Mission”, “The Legend of the Ocean Pianist”, “Once Upon a Time in the West”, “Novo Cinemas Paradiso”, “The Hateful Eight”, “Once Upon a Time in America” “,” For a few more dollars “,” Malena. On stage there will be soloists, the first parts of important Italian theaters and symphonic institutions, such as the cello of Maestro Ferdinando Fetti and the trumpet of maestro Stefano Benedetti. Guests Especially the soprano Anna Delfino, darling of the European opera audience, who will revive the theme of Deborah from “Once Upon a Time in America” ​​and Circle du Soleil violinist Attila Simon who will perform the solo performance of “Love Affair”.

Casentino, April 30
A trip to Casentino is scheduled for Saturday 30th April to get acquainted with safe haven and the Farm from Santa Maria delle Grazie in Stia. Andrea Biondi is tasked with guiding those interested in this trip, which will end with a single trip tasting of typical products. The story of the sanctuary is full of magic and spirituality: it was erected in fact at the request of the priest of the Diocese of Stia, together with the Count of Porciano, after the appearance of the Madonna on May 20, 1428 to the monna Giovanna, the common people living nearby. To participate, it is recommended to donate 25 euros with prepayment by bank transfer or in the library of the Santa Maria Nova Hospital.

Pisa, April 30
One scheduled for April 30 Tour guide by boat along the arno From the Roncioni Pass to the mouth of the Arno River and back. On the traces of the third volume of “A giro per Pisa. Stories from the boat, Arno from source to mouth” (edited by City Grand Tour, Marchetti Editore), you will ride the boat that leads to the mouth, in Arno’s mouth. And the river tells many stories: it talks about the ships that sailed in its waters, about forgotten heroes, about love stories, about guns that jumped out of fishermen’s nets. Departure at 16.15 o’clock scalo roncione (Lungarno Mediceo) and its duration is about two and a half hours. Reservation is required by writing to [email protected]

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