“Mission accomplished in Sanremo. The difference in Italy? It has always been there but has been forgotten »- Corriere.it

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Milano has released their new band, «VI», on digital platforms and is preparing to take the stage of the May Day Concert in Rome before leaving for the new tour.

“How did it go in Sanremo? Mission accomplished. A song like this wouldn’t reach who knows where in Sanremo’s ranking but it was the pioneer of our new work.” A few weeks after their participation in the 2022 festival with “Tantissimo” The Vibrations has released a new EP on digital platforms, “VI”They are preparing to take the stage for a May Day party in Rome before leaving on their new tour (the October 1 stopover at Fabrique in Milan has already been announced). “Sanremo was again a good experience except being always locked in the room, it was a bit claustrophobic – Francesco Sarsina, captain of the Milan squad, says: -. They put us in the mountains, maybe because they were afraid we’d run away at night to do who knows what. In the end we broke into the hotel, maybe it would have been better to get us out! We even set up a club in the drummer’s room. On the other hand, let’s be realistic, we have a rock ‘n’ roll background…not just in a way of speaking.”

Speaking of rock last year, Måneskin won Sanremo, and since then there has been a lot of talk of a “comeback” for the genre.

“I think they’re great, they live the dream of every one of us, every musician (and those who criticize them basically do it because they’re too envious). But they don’t go to the radio in Italy. We talk a lot about bands, but we forget they’ve always been there. If there was Anything, let’s ask ourselves where the gangs ended up and why they weren’t given space.Forget groups like Verdina (who broke everything but also had to leave Italy), Subsonica, Afterwards, Negrita, Plovertigo, but also Camalonte, Le Orme, Banco del Moto Socorso , stretch the band. Forget, as if part of the music, the style, but also the audience part have evaporated. Everything has changed radically even in the field of music, and it continues to change. “

You’ve decided to release an EP, so why this choice?

“In the past two years I have written about fifty songs. But I did not want to record them, I would not give an album away in this new fluid world, which is constantly changing. I take out four or five at a time, and it is a little old-fashioned, as it was in the sixties ».

The songs were written during the pandemic, so…

“Yes, thanks to the music, I was able not to feel the weight of the case. It almost worked for me, and I never thought I could devote so much time to writing.”

“I will tell you about my outrageous life, and about how many marks and dreams I have on my back,” he wrote in “La vita obscene,” a trail that takes the themes of his book, “In the Middle,” where he speaks of himself without filters.

“It’s my book in practically 3 and a half minutes, a real paragraph. It makes you understand well the concept of the enormous responsibility that one has when one has dreams. Having dreams leads you to take a path, and this path is not always easy because walking means exploration, and when you explore you can stumble and fall into some abyss, but you can also discover great things. I liked the idea of ​​telling how when you’re sitting at a table in front of a bottle of wine, you pull things out. It is an image that also returns in another track, “Tell me about yourself”: no one has ever asked “Tell me about yourself.” This is an album from the last couple of years and when you come out of something like this, the first thing you should say to the person you meet after a long time, after such a difficult period, is “Tell me how you are”. While that…”.

“We live in an age where everyone, especially on social media, is trying to show an incorrect image. It is a very superficial thing, which makes me very sad. Someone comes and tells you how it is, you try to interact but they don’t listen. I am a person who loves to listen. I still Here I somehow believe it.”

Referring to the clip, and also to the book he published a year ago: Was it hard to get naked like that?

“I need to say to myself, as well as to tell the things that happen to me: From this point of view I have always been somehow lost, something absurd and incredible always happens to me. So far, but before that the situation was worse. I want to write, that’s fine for me, fixing things. Obviously when I see them again I realize the scars. Then I’d like to look at them, so I know I don’t have to do that anymore…or at least…now I know, before I even do some stupid things again. Now you have learned.”

What experiences have left the deepest “scars”?

Many. What broke me inside was my father’s death and illness: When “Dedicated to you” came out in January 2003, my father had just gone into a coma from a stroke. I had success when my father came out of a coma. Many don’t know I passed With this success: I could have enjoyed it and shared it with my father (who is also a musician) … but I lived years feeling guilty.”

Instead it is a love song. To whom is it dedicated?

“It’s a song that I love so much, a true love song, so violent. I like this extreme mix, as a bit when in “A Clockwork Orange” you hear classical music in violent scenes, here on the contrary. The song talks about my new love that gave me fatherhood for the third time. I feel very at peace, I am by nature chronically restless but thanks to love I can manage anxiety when it arrives. I learned to recognize this black hole, and somehow feed and caress it, so it stays calm.”

What relationship do you have with your children, followed by the newcomer but also Tobia and Nina born from your previous relationships?

“Considering that I’m not someone who posts kids on social media, I think it’s awful because they have to be preserved. To keep showing off about them is disrespectful, and I don’t need to show on social media that I’m an attentive parent and that I’m with my kids because I have a great relationship with them. We have an ongoing relationship, very caring and communicative. Then of course I’m a rock ‘n’ roll dad, as you can imagine. Very messy, I like messing with them. Severe enough for those few things that I think are important. We need to talk to each other and confront Problems. Then for me the schedule is also important.”

“I grew up with my grandparents in Southern Puglia. We meet around the table, it’s a moment I really love and I cook at home. So my kids should be the ones to say I’m a dad, but I’m an attentive dad, I do everything in my power to be a good dad too. Not living My children are with me, but they often come on specific days, and they all meet together. So my house is full of children every time, and they have to live the concept of family and brotherhood. Then, of course, sometimes they get scared, you can imagine what a cinema, but it is all so beautiful » .

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