Milano Comics and Games, the pop spring event is doubling down!

And for the first time, two suites are entirely dedicated to comics, video games, and geeks. Large guests scheduled, concerts, shows and honors Diabolic, the king of horror.

passion for Video games, comics, fandom and board games It’s real mass phenomenon include the whole generations Senior to Animation and video games Starting in the eighties.

Milan comics and gamesdecision Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May 2022 at Malpensa Fiere Busto Arsizioresponds fully to Increasing demand for popular culture And from this edition, double spacesCreate a huge free zone where exiting your daily turn is not only accepted but highly recommended! The stated goal of the event is actually to make anyone want to live Active and exciting experiences between tournaments, gatherings, exhibitions, shows and meetings with communities to share interests and fun. The audience will find Two suites entirely dedicated to shows, concerts, influencers, banners, artists and authors, thousands of square meters of stands and thematic areas for nerds, geeks, collectors, players and spectators.

Great market view It will offer comics, manga, anime, models, action figures, games, board games, miniatures, card games, accessories, collectibles, and innovative products as well as play areas With Championships From collectible cards and role-playing games. Most important post national cartoons It will ensure a complete overview in comedy history, between rarity and new trends Internationally, while inartist alley There will be space for designers, illustrators, editors and freelance writers.

to me university from comics, in collaboration with Astorina Srl and Poste Italiane, was designed on the occasion of The sixtieth year of the publication of Diabolik (1962-2022) Special Festive folderdedicated to the black hero of the sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani which can be purchased from the Poste Italiane Suite and signed Ricardo Nonzatti, is the author of the statement for this edition of Milano Comics and Games. The company release is scheduled on Saturday and Sunday at 11-13 and from 15-17 at the Dada Editore booth. It will also be implemented 99 poster lithographsDistributed free of charge to the public, even private copies Postcardsigned again by Riccardo Nunzati, also available in 99 numbered copies.

Poste Italiane will also implement two special postage stampone dedicated to Eva Kant on April 30, and the other to Altea de Wallenberg on May 1.

Many Authors Guests at the Dada Editore & Cut-UP platform, in addition to the aforementioned Riccardo Nunziati as well Anna Lazzarini, Tommaso Bianchi, Ivan Calcatera and Oscarthe designers for Sergio Bonelli Editore, Cut-Up and other Italian and foreign publishers, and the young mangaka Marea’s artwork.

Thematic areas

  • the games. For fans of NEXT GEN, there are many PC and console stations where you can play for free with the latest news and headlines of the moment and compete in esports!
  • Retrogames. For the nostalgia of the arcade era, a new large space has been created as a game room with cabinets from the 80s and 90s, where you can play great classics for free!
  • play cards. The space where you can find role playing, card and square games. Free Dragon Ball Card and Digimon Card Game, the new game card series from the Japanese anime of the same name.
  • KST – Kpop Show Timing. A dance floor to dance and sing to K-POP music, the global phenomenon of the moment, with a dance cover crew, guests, a K-POP themed flea market and a double dance competition.


two amazing live concerts Sunday 1 May for fans cartoon acronyms.

appointment with manga boysthe official singers of Italian abbreviations Digimon and with Stefano Persolaalso known by the pseudonym steve b, Composer and translator, among the many successes, of themes Lum the girl from space, City Hunter And Super wings.


Since the first editions, cosplay has played a leading role in the events of Thousands of cosplayers are expected to participate in Milano Comics and Games including several Prestigious names From the Italian cosplay community: Danny de Fuca, Julia Luckey, Alberta Avanzi, Laurie Croft, Sarah Severo, Frey Lullaby, Judita Sartori and Rhona Riquem Who will be sitting on the waiting jury? cosplay contest Scheduled for Sunday, May 1.

Expectations are also great for gathering Dedicated to characters Doctrine killer, the story of a video game from Ubisoft born in 2007, also made famous thanks to the different historical contexts in which the episodes take place. A fictional world consisting of main video games, spin-offs, short films, books, and other transmedia projects.

Guests | influencer | stream

  • Victor Laszlo 88. Direct from Youtube and Twitch, Victorlaszlo88 is a true history column in YouTube Italy. Thanks to his videos in cinema and TV series, his language and sympathy, he has gained more than 250,000 followers. Victorlaszlo88 will keep you on stage (and not alone!) and in the guest area where it will be possible to meet him throughout the weekend of the event.
  • The Svet. Luciana Perrucci aka Svet Krasna, is a translator and YouTuber. Graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, on YouTube and Twitch, the topics of her videos range from cinema to the video game sector. In the podcast “It Rains for Dogs and Cats” he deals with adaptation and translation applied to Pop Culture.
  • shuttle rob. Raised on Dragon Ball, DuckTales, and Ninja Turtles, he’s lived in Pop Culture for as long as possible. Collaboration with AnimeClick and Tom’s Hardware. He studies acting, dubbing, and podcasting while voicing on several television shows for Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, MTV, and video games such as Star Wars: Battlefront II. In the Talk Nerdy to Me format, the audience decides which topics to talk about, ranging from cinema to movie dramas, from animation to manga, and ending with action characters. On Twitch, he curates News McQuack, revealing and commenting on major Nerd news to the general public because, as he likes to repeat when he sets his glasses with the index, “the culture is engaged.”

Milano Comics and Games will dedicate a wide space to the most famous and most famous voice actors on the Italian scene, including Pietro Ubaldi, a legend in dubbing movies, cartoons, anime and video games. Throughout his long career, he has voiced Doraemon, Patrick Stella of Spongebob, Geoffrey Rush / Hector Barbossa of Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jeremy Clarkson of the popular BBC’s Top Gear.

More guests and special events will be announced in the coming days.

Milano comics and games An opportunity to immerse yourself for a few hours in the fantasy and carefree world of young people and families. Inside, the public will also find points for refreshment with sushi and other delicacies from oriental cuisine and beyond. Entry ticket €8 + comm.serv via online purchase with DIY ticket or through Mooney Sisal Pay points. Free parking and free shuttle bus from North Station and Busto Arsizio Railway Station to the Gallery. Children up to 6 years free of charge.

In short:

Milan comics and games
Malpensa Galleries, Busto Arsizio (Virginia)
Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May 2022 | 10-19 hours
Online ticket 8.00 € + commission.
Ticket at the cash desk 12.00 EUR
Blu Nautilus srl

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