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The yellow It is a very diverse narrative genre, and the writers who made its history have always been able to manipulate it with great originality, creating many dwellings Also through contamination with other literary symbols. But despite the heterogeneity, which is fundamental to most Novels It remains the setting, which often defines themes and ambiance.

and between the city that inspired the Italian thrillers we find Milan (along with Turin, Bologna, Naples, Palermo and many more…), and its many aspects, which you see represented sometimes as a chaotic and noir city, and at other times as a group of neighborhoods that still convey stories and traditions.

Consider, for example, a frustrated person Milan in the 60’s Narrated by novels Giorgio Serpanenkoespecially in the science of quadrature, which focuses on the investigator Duke Lamberti; or to yellow Dario CarbanzanoNarrated by his series, starring Chief Commissioner Mario Arrigoni Milan after the war.

We can cite many other writers who chose Milan as the background for their crimes, for example Augusto de AngelisAnd Renato Oliveri and many others: that Thriller films set in Milan It is in fact a rich literary tradition that still has a large following to this day.

To explore precisely this trend, we developed a reading path Police novels set in Milan It was recently published (which obviously doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive, since there are many Noirs in the Lombard capital), which tells the darker side of this city with very different approaches and with historical places ranging from 1500 to ‘today’.

sleepless nights

sleepless nights (Guanda) is the first book by Gian Andrea Cerone, among others the founder of the podcast platform Storielibere. It is a thrilling story that takes place in Milan in February 2020, at the dawn of the pandemic. The protagonists are Commissioner Mario Mandelli and Inspector Antonio Casalegno, both part of the Violent Crime Analysis Unit, who find themselves investigating a serial killer who leaves behind incomprehensible clues. The possibility of identifying the offender becomes more limited by the threat of the virus: in fact, the case must be resolved before its spread stops, the search for the feared killer …

A little matter of the heart

A little matter of the heart (Sellerio) is the ninth episode of the mystery series starring private investigator Carlo Monterossi (the first two of which have recently been ported to the TV series) written by Alessandro Rubici. In this case, a decent-looking 22-year-old turns to the investigative agency Sistemi Integrati (which also includes his friend Falcone and ex-police Cirrielli) to find his missing girlfriend, a forty-year-old of Romanian descent. Investigation will reveal that it is much more than that A small matter of the heart: a “suit and tie” boss and promising young financier shot dead.

Barrio dogs. Investigation by Inspector Ferraro

Barrio dogs (Guanda) is the new novel by Gianni Biondello, in which we find Inspector Ferraro immersed in two situations that cannot be different from each other: on the one hand, a businessman who has always wanted to get away from the mafia, who narrowly escaped a rude execution, and on the other hand the disappearance of a young adult Fifteen years old, he was probably stuck in a labyrinth of a group of Latinos. While Ferraro would like to devote his time to this last mystery, his boss forced him to devote his attention to the businessman, who may have reasons for not wanting to cooperate in the investigation…


Translator and Editor Jacobo de MichelsThis year, he debuted in the thriller genre with the novel station (the joints). As the title suggests, the events listed take place at Milan Central Station, an iconic place that symbolizes the different faces of the city. The protagonist is Riccardo Mezzanotte, a young inspector who recently took up service in the railway police, who decides to investigate a case ignored by his colleagues: the discovery at the station of several carcasses of mutilated animals. During his search, he meets Laura, a volunteer at the Helping the Marginalized Center, who is interested in the story of two apparently missing children. And so the two will discover that the two mysteries are tragically linked together.

But what is this nothing?

But what is this nothing? (Bollati Boringhieri) by Hans Tuzzi, is the book that concludes the Commissioner Norberto Melis series, published 20 years after the first investigation The master with the broken head. We are in Milan in 1994; In this case, Mehlis grapples with an unsolved crime commissioned by a high-ranking government official, which was committed eight years earlier. The victim was a teenage girl who was killed in the apartment where she was looking after her children. Mehlis must investigate in the strictest secrecy, as the case may endanger the life of a potential future minister…

The Giant and the Madonna

The Giant and Madonnina Rizzoli by journalist and writer Luca Crovi (who has also featured articles on the history of eroticism among his many publications), takes us to Milan 1932Boxer Primo Carnera is about to return to the ring at San Siro, but someone wants to block his win. She will be taken care of by Commissioner Carlo de Vincenzi, the character who carries the stories of the monolithic hero of Augusto de Angelis’ detective stories. Meanwhile, de Vincenzi is also involved in the case of a woman who appears to have thrown herself off the top of the Duomo, a theory, however, that doesn’t quite convince the inspector.

The Cursed Cardinal Book

Even in yellow The Cursed Cardinal Book. Ercole Visconti Investigations (Newton Compton) By Pierpaolo Brunoldi We’re so carried away by the city’s past, but this time we’re back a few centuries. We are actually in Milan in 1500: Ercole Visconti, former advisor to the disgraced Archbishop Carlo Borromeo, is summoned back into the community to deal with two murders linked together by strange objects found near corpses and by a book with dangerous content. But another threat looms as well: the arrival of the plague.

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