Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 27/4/22

blind What a thrill today! Finally a thrill, a sinking heart, something so unexpected that it leaves me speechless!

what do you say? If I talk about the outside of the movie between Luca Salatino And Aurora Colombo Complete with an amazing lemon throw yourself in the pool fully clothed? Not at all, let alone… I’m talking about revival Gemma Galgani!

I’m still in shock, huh. After years spent customizing entire individual episodes for her, seeing her cheerful exterior on a swing or among fresh twigs and deepening the minutes of minutes Basket She wet it exchanged with any handsome sly who passed in front of her, and suddenly nothing. But really zero, eh, nada de nada. No one calls her anymore, no one gets away with it in the studio, not even the podium made her do it. Suddenly I became one of many. And thus she lowered, overnight, no matter what shock (and perhaps) they had caused her.

Men and women: Shea's opinion in episode 27/4/22

Oh yeah, because it’s true that we’ve spent years invoking a truce from all her fake dramas and from those dry screams she didn’t believe in, but I miss her nonetheless! Especially when we suddenly took off jewel To call her little friend of the heart Ida Platano. And I don’t think we got much in return, quite the contrary.

I had lost all hope now, I could no longer believe I could still hear his persuasive and sweet voice, I was afraid he would fall forever in the silent backdrop of the curtains tearing down From the little match girl Brescia. Instead, there she is, peeking shyly from behind a plexiglass, more suspicious than the rest of us.

then Giacomo shout out of nowhereI would be interested to know better jewelIn my opinion, she has a good story to tell!“His eyes widened and he suddenly found the color. And it didn’t matter if this man repeated it at least three times.”It’s not that I’m in love“, in case someone didn’t immediately notice the hands he was clearly putting on, and did nothing even just two months ago jimona Someone like that wouldn’t even want to see it in a postcard – and in front of that flowing hair he wisely shaped it Edward’s hand scissors – He would have shown his best expression of disgust by sending it back to the dispatcher and/or preferring to go out with his fifty-year-old son.

does nothing. Ask today to see her revive only to hear her name echo back in this studio GiacomoThree your strengths and three shortcomings?While emphasizing that approx Looks like she was really interested to know and confirm with a smile on that.”Maybe we can go to dinner together, with pleasure!“It was enough for me. Who would have thought that one day I would have dedicated this moment jewel It could have been a breath of fresh air, a pink comma between Samaronitor from Ida And Ricardo?

And speaking of incredible things, it just so happened: Today I had to agree with them Armando Encarnato. It never happens, but if it does, it’s for a good reason. Especially because we talked about things.”fake and built“He is a true expert on it. Come on Aurora We think the same way: such a fake, but So yes The fake that even compares to eyelashes Laura Madaloni They are real.

She arrived doing this phenomenon and was so hot that she thought she would choose Luca In half an hour, at the expense of the other two who had been there for months to compete for him. All outdoor cinemas were studied in favor of cameras, but despite the elegant clothes, great location and lemonade in the pool, it was icy more than Vincenza with the poor Bruno. But what are we talking about?

And if that inertia I miss was in the post office queue, instead of sitting in the studio in front of the boy who theoretically She likes it, and we also add the fact that she stressed it out after kissing with others”I’m not pissed off or anything, I just wanted to make some points and then on the next round if I say ‘fuck* or ‘I see why, you understand?‘ It seems to me that the basis of ‘no’ has already been broadly settled.

Psalm 1. But how much you like a Ricardo Guarnieri You see the woman praise his prevarication, how much? My mother’s dryness in the ovaries made me hear him ask those rhetorical questions, like “did you fall in love with me“To those few who still bite his charms, just to entertain his massive vanity!

Ps. 2. There is that Xavier Who called to know? Vincenza Is that “I go to the gym three times a week, I don’t take any pills, and I’m 89Then there’s me, I’m fifty years younger, a few pills a day and I breathe when I go upstairs.

Video from the episode: full episode – Bruno and Vincenza: A matter of time – Tina’s complaints – A new knight of Vincenza – Saverio speaks for himself – Riccardo and Mariagrazia: The evening to be staged – Gloria: “Ricardo, you are not a firm man!” – Alessandra introduces herself to meet Ricciardo – Alessandro: “Laura, I don’t see you as my girlfriend” – Giacomo: “I’d like to meet Gemma!” – External between Luca and Aurora – Aurora: “Luca, is there a difference between our external and Lily?”

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