Meghan Markle will never return to London: shocking revelation

Well-known journalist Tina Brown reveals an unpublished background on Sussex (and beyond). Starting with the hasty wedding and the fact that Harry will be alone to say goodbye to his grandmother. Only one person in the royal family is saved

Tina Brown has something for everyone. Palace papers. Inside The House of Windsor – The Truth and the Turmoil, the book that has just been published in the US and UK, depicts the royal family very unpleasantly, worthy of a realistic Kardashian-style show. Journalist, former director of Vanity Fair, Tatler, The Daily Beast, and author of Lady Diana’s bio, has impeccable sources within the palace and is highly respected in royal circles – Photo | video

Harry of England, the new poison on father and brother – research

Meghan and Harry – Brown has a lot of focus on them. According to her, Harry will want to go home after the Queen’s death to do his part. But Megan will remain in the United States. “She never liked England,” he says. Thus there will be agreement between her and her husband on how to reconcile family and crown obligations. He says Megasit was a disaster for everyone. The influence has been largely underestimated by the Sussex Islands. Life is difficult without the support of minors. Referrals are no longer flowing, they no longer have a brand to sponsor and create content for Netflix, and Spotify has proven complicated. But according to the author, Harry would have left the royal family, even without Meghan. And all this rush to get married? William was against. Furthermore it. Fearing that the former actress might take advantage of her brother’s fragile mental state, she asked to wait. But Harry would have answered: “The only way to protect her is to marry her as quickly as possible, so she will have the right to protect Scotland Yard.” The couple, says the journalist, has a real addiction to dramatic situations.

England’s Harry and Meghan Markle turn Invictus Games into a show research

very angry man This is how the writer describes Harry. He had moments of intense anger and usually took them out at his father Carlo and brother William. With the latter because he was the franchisor, because the best sponsors and reasons went to him. His ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, frightened by so much pent-up anger, advised him to rely on a therapist and so the Prince sought help from MI6, the secret services, who provided him with a psychiatrist.

Kate Middleton dazzles in Charlotte’s recycled christening gown research

leading lady Megan wanted her status as a leading actress in a popular TV series to reflect on her real-life role. In short, he wanted to be the star. She was convinced after the first royal tour in Australia, which was very successful but, according to Brown, she hated. Very old fashion. Meghan wanted to modernize the monarchy and deluded herself that the royal family needed her more than they needed her. Furthermore, she could not stand having to financially depend on her husband who in turn was dependent on his father Carlo.

Lewis is 4 years old, the same brother, George. research

Andrew The Duke of York asserts himself as childish and arrogant. Brown (“a despicable character with a crown”) attacks him fiercely, especially because he will treat his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson who does not hesitate to call her a “fat cow” even in the presence of strangers. He does not even hesitate to lie to his mother. He told her, for example, that a BBC interview regarding his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein was actually an occasion to talk about his charities. It could have been a member of Andrea’s crew who broke the news of Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle.

Andrew of York was not supposed to accompany Queen Elizabeth to Westminster – research

Kate – Not even Brown was able to find skeletons in the closet of Kate Middleton. The Duchess kept quiet even before her wedding, her only concern being that the microphones would pick up on her stomach. On the famous episode of The Bridesmaids’ Rehearsal, before Meghan’s wedding, Brown said both duchesses had a moment of crisis and cried.

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