May 1, 2022 events: what to do and where to go in Emilia-Romagna – what to do

Bologna, April 30, 2022 – great excitement in Emilia-Romagna for the arrival of May 1, which coincides with Sunday for free admission to the state museums (here is the list). In addition to the celebrations organized by Cgil, Cisl, and oilthroughout the territory with Music, food, parades and cultural performances. Here is our guide, Climate forecast Allow.

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Not only Great concert in Piazza Maggiore (Coming back after two years of enforced absence): Weekend dates abound and for all tastes: here’s our pick.

Reggio Emilia: Concert for Motta

After the procession organized by Cgil, Cisl and Uil which will start at 15 of Viale MontegrappaAt the age of seventeen, the famous singer will be having a party death. Appointment at Piazza Martiri is on July 7 and admission is free.

Ravenna: markets and food to taste

The regional party returns on May 1st in Ravenna, two years after the pandemic, to the gardens of Viale Santi Baldini. In the morning market reuseDuring lunch, it will be possible to eat at the various stalls set up by trade unions or as part of Truck’n’food Street Festival. From 3 pm there will also be a children’s area, while at 4.45 pm there will be a zone cOncerto from the labor group of Pomigliano d’Arco, “E’ Zèzi”.

Ferrara: two days of sports

There are two days dedicated to sports, inclusion and solidarity in Ariostia Square. From today, the third edition of Sport Is Life / Live – Remember Fabio Falchetti With many events and sporting activities to try with the disabled and healthy, Sunday is back street skating With the 63rd edition of the cup May 1 Ferrara.

Cesena: Parade of Tractors

Even in Cesena, after two years of hiatus, a deep tradition of citizens will return: the Parade of tractors in the center, to celebrate Labor Day and the agricultural world. Starting at 2pm, three groups of Gatolino, Ronta and Sant’Andrea will begin in Bagnolo. From the three meeting points, agricultural vehicles will converge towards Viale Mazzoni, in the heart of Cesena, where tractors will be parked up to Piazza del Popolo, to frame Rocca Malatestiana.

Forli: rock concerts

After the ensemble of ‘Città di Forlì’ and the traditional meeting of the secretaries-general of Cgil, Cisl and Uil, in 16 teenage rock band She will perform in concert, then make way for Reflection2.0, Mayday, Megal, Afterglow, B-Side, Air B&B, The Crockss, Burning Eyes, Same Street, Take Five, What Time, Overtime, Kairos, Veraha, Drama stray.

Piacenza: art, theater, exhibitions, concerts, street markets

In Piacenza the May 1st festivities will begin from today, April 30th, with concerts and performances: Today at 6.30pm at the Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery with concert Jeunes Musiciens, to the music of G. Faure. inside Piacenza Classical Festival, At the Ducal Chapel of Palazzo Farnese, the concert will take place tonight Bach, variations and symphonies. And again tonight, in the Basilica of San Raimondo, the music of Bach and Vivaldi played in concert Surrexit Dominus Vereedited by Vox Sllvae Band. review BAF, Bibiena Art FestivalSunday at 17.30 in the Basilica of San Savino will bring Jesus San Pedro Marquez in organ concert.

On the first Sunday of May there will be then street market On Roma Street, a reuse market with hobbies, gifts and more. In the afternoon, however, the fifth edition of Solidarity Walk to support the activities of the Diocese of Caritas.

Modena: music and theater

In Modena the party will start as soon as possible 10 with Street musicSigonio Musical High School’s Wind Ensemble perform from Piazza Roma to Piazza Grande. Also in Piazza Grande, starting at 10.45, the festivities will begin, to give space, about 11.15, for the show “One thousand and one note. The true story of Emilia Romagna By authors Brunetto Salvarani, Eduardo Semelini, Carlo Stanzani. In the show three characters, Emilia Romagna, Magallaso and Pisgato, accompany the audience to discover the musical history of some regional artists, starting with Giuseppe Verdi and passing through pieces by Francesco Guccini, Zucchero and many others, and ending with the Modena City Ramblers. The festivities will conclude at 12:30 pm.

Rimini: jazz, walking, shows, entertainment

In Rimini, the first weekend of May is filled with events and commentary. From Saturday 30, at Parco XXV Aprilile, Marecchia Dream FestA real music marathon. On this occasion, the Parco degli Artisti in Vergiano di Rimini reopened to the public with a free concert featuring local bands.

Guided tours of the historic center and museums also continue, from Fellini Museum, Palaces of the contemporary part of art, and the surgeon’s house and Galle theatre. City tours in Visit Rimini Saturday 30 April Rimini Coriosa, a parade dedicated to adults and children, is scheduled.

On Saturday, April 30, the street show “Come crepe nel muri” will be held at 5 pm, the result of a long creative journey by Teatro Due Mondi in collaboration with Senza Confini, the community participated in a theater laboratory, at Ceis in Rimini. At 21, however, the Rimini Jazz Club He proposes a date in the company of musicians Marco Povi and Emiliano Pintori, accompanied by Eloisa Atti, singer-songwriter.

Parma: rock concert at Basilica Nova

In Parma and throughout the province there will be demonstrations and rallies organized by trade unions. In Basilicanova, starting at 3 pm, there will also be rock concert with gangs Constant erection, Hard DOC, Redrum 04, I Ragazzi del Tugurio, nothing good for and from 18.30, but we don’t.

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