Living Books Museum, Cilento Youth Unione Initiative in Massicelle

Completion of the international training course dedicated to the human library

Montano Antilia.

it has finished Human Library, Diversity in DialogueIt is an international training course organized by the association Cilento Youth UnionIn the context of European Erasmus Plus Program. For eight days, 29 young workers from different European countries, namely: Spain, Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Germany and Italy – met in Cilento to implement a training plan aimed at strengthening the capacity for cultural and social revitalization for the benefit of young people. The project was approved by the National Youth Agency, at the headquarters Toy Museum and Poor Tradition Gamein Maesel, which gives continuity to the fruitful cooperation that has been established with the municipality Montano Antilia In order to strengthen the cultural complex located in the village and in view of the two previous international training courses “Everyone in Place” in Spring 2018 and “Working for You (the)!” in May 2019.

The initiative aimed to promote human rights in rural and marginal areas, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion of the most vulnerable people, and to involve participants in the analysis and adoption of good practices implemented at European level on the above issues following the “living library” methodology, with a view to replicating them in cooperation with the organization of origin in their communities local.

Participants were able to access, from Massicelle, via revelation Masto Miko Bridgewonderful greek italian monastery Santa Cecilia in the Castinatelli of VotansConverting to Septimius Renzo by Gazania APS. accompanied by Gianluca D Andreafrom the Meeting del Mare CREA Foundation, visited Palazzo Santa Maria di Camerota, the historic residence dating back to the 17th century and today the artistic headquarters and headquarters of MUTRAC – the Terracotta Museum and Riggiola Antica Campana displaying around 600 regional traditions, dated between the ‘600 and early ‘900. Finally, the closing ceremony revived the museum with stories and anecdotes From life, written alive and speaking with the faces of the participants themselves, marked by smiles and tears, joys and sorrows, testimonies and exchanges that the human library transforms into a community.

David ForteCreator and Project Director: “Returning to hosting the first transnational mobility after more than two years of restrictions due to the pandemic crisis, given the unfortunate international events taking place in recent days, required greater efforts, yet, at the same time, making an extraordinary impact. Participants of the course, enthusiastic about the methodology tested and learned during the activities as well as a welcome personalized to them. Faces, stories, experiences and participation that intertwine to allow (intercultural) dialogue to always get the best of everything, in defense and promotion of human rights.”

Tony Veteral, President of CYU: “We continue with enthusiasm and commitment to promote intrinsic values ​​through our initiatives, in an original and innovative way, to bear witness to the most beautiful and beautiful of Europe in our Cilento countries, the laboratories of the ancestors of mankind. We thank the Massicelle community, Mayor Trivelli and the municipal administration for the spirit of cooperation shown in welcoming and caring for the young guests. We also thank Gazania APS and the Meeting del Mare CREA Foundation, organizations with which we have a strong relationship of respect and friendship, and the municipality of Fotani for their usual direct availability to use the Santa Cecilia website. Finally, the CYU team deserves great praise from Davide Forte, Michele Iannuzzi and Pasquale Lisi who oversaw the initiative and made this excellent initiative possible. Great team success. We will do everything in our power to ensure that as many young people from Cilento as possible participate in international mobility. Stay tuned! “.

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