Listening to AC/DC can help surgeons be accurate and fast

According to a study reported by The Scottish Sun, listening to hard rock music can improve and enhance surgical performance. Already in 2017, research conducted by Spotify and Figure 1 noted that these professionals mainly listen to rock and metal music in the operating room

A recent study revealed that listening to rock and hard rock can help surgeons improve performance in the operating room.
The Scottish Sun reported this, explaining that recent research has shown how listening to these types of music during surgery can have a calming effect, favoring lowering blood pressure. In addition, songs that feature synchronized and crazy rhythms will be able to speed up the work of surgical teams.

“Our research results show that both soft rock and hard rock can improve surgical performance,” says lead researcher Cui Yang from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. “With hard rock, the positive effect was especially evident when the songs were played at a high volume. It is possible that the higher tempo music will provide the tempo to maintain speed during the process and thus improve performance.”

The researcher’s comments were published in the medical and surgical journal Langenbeck’s Archives of Surgery, which first presented this particular study.

Written by Nick McDermott, newspaper reporter Sun.

Tests were conducted using AC/DC’s “Highway to hell” and “TNT” software


AC/DC, Realize’s new single video out

During the auditions, the songs “Highway to hell” and “TNT” by AC / DC were proposed to the “guinea pigs”.
The result was an even faster incision: thanks to Angus Young and his colleagues, doctors went from 236 seconds to 139 seconds, with an accuracy of more than 5% compared to those who worked in the operating room without the soundtrack of the Australian legend. space saver.

“There will likely be a lot of AC/DC shows being played in operating rooms following the results of this new study!” They write enthusiastically on the Virgin Radio UK website.

The Beatles “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be” also listened to the audition


Kerrang’s Top 10 Hard Rock Albums of the Year

At the same time, he was also auditioned for listening to two Beatles songs, “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be”. The results of these tests show that even pop music – and therefore music that is less difficult than hard rock – gives positive effects: doctors were able to speed up the process of suturing a wound by 50%.

It should also be noted that when the Beatles classics were mass-produced, the positive impact waned. This is the exact opposite of what happens with hard rock, whose pluses are practically evident “when the music was played too loud,” researcher Cui Yang explained.

Spotify search of 2017


Shot in the Dark, the new single from AC/DC

As early as 2017, research by Spotify and Figure 1 indicated that surgeons appreciate and listen to rock and metal in the operating room.

From this analysis, it was found that only after these two genres did pop music emerge. And again: in terms of rock and metal, the preference would be for the “beautiful heavy” groups, passed the tech… Metallica, Doors, Queen, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Scorpions, Queen, Motörhead are the names that Most of them are rotating in operating room playlists.

What adds to this new study published in the specialist journal “Langenbeck’s Archives of Surgery” is that listening to “soft rock and hard rock” music can improve surgical performance. To understand how important music is in this field, it is worth noting that it is played in about two-thirds of operations, all over the world.

So let’s listen to what will surely be more of the soundtrack to surgeries around the world starting today, after the results of this study are published. A good song for the heart, today we can really say it.


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