List Actor: “Bye bye Greenwashing.”

He had to call himself End timebut you want to put with Good-bye? The original title was too grim, not in keeping with the song’s disastrous euphoric spirit, and there it is. Good-bye, As the most effective, they are “hands, feet, head, chest, heart, and ass.” What we all listened to, everyone sang, and everyone danced, even against our will. from Palermo Veronica Luccese And Dario Mangiaracinain art List representativeCollect the parts of the origin of the phrase that made it a viral phenomenon at the last minute sanremoheroes of hundreds of memes and even an alternate ending to was the hand Of God Paolo Sorrentinowho used the song on social media as the background for the last scene instead of Naples is by Pino Daniele.

With their tale of a world on the brinkthe end of the world (“What a fear, it’s the end of the world”), from a planet being destroyed and a “social vertigo” flooding cities, the list actor also created the first hymn Italian for the cause of the environment, the perfect soundtrack for appearances Friday for Italian futuresa movement Greta Thunberg. In the bubble, in February, cry CosmosThe guest list representative on the evening of the covers, the only one who released a political message from the festival: “Stop green washing!”. The reference was to .’s marketing campaign where are you, the main sponsor of the event, accused of processes that are built to make what is not green appear green. In Italy, Veronica and Dario are among the artists most seriously involved in the movements they engage with climate crisis, which we’ll hear a lot about on April 22nd on Earth Day. Ongoing political commitment led them to hold a concert on April 5 in support of Save the Children to help war-affected children in Ukraine.

Good-bye It combines a serious theme with a cheerful, light-hearted record and sound. How did you find it?
Dario: “On New Year’s Eve, a friend of ours wrote a wish list for next year and said among other things: Let’s hope that climate change isn’t what we’re witnessing, but rather what we want to happen. Not the bleak scenario but a positive ending. When faced with absurdities, there is Always two options: tell them disastrously or respond, clash hard with the problem, and seek transformation. We chose the second track musically as well.”

Veronica:Good-bye Close a circle that started with Mom, the book we wrote about a woman getting pregnant nine months before the end of the world. It was the secret dramaturgy of the record.”

How was the song born?
Veronica: “We recognized the potential of the famous phrase, but I wasn’t convinced by the song, I preferred another. And then, when you write a piece that you imagine will become something great, you have some fear: change fascinates you but at the same time frightens you.”

Dario: “We wrote it in the days of COP 26 in Milan, in the days when we were in the square with Friday for Future, immersed in the atmosphere of cheerful protest.”

Have you met Greta Thuberg?
Veronica: “We shook hands with her and said only one thing: thank you. She was having a snack and we didn’t want to bother her.”

Good-bye It’s an environmental anthem but many don’t get the meaning of the song, they only have the chorus and ballet in their minds.
Dario: “It seems natural to me. In the list actor bubble, you think you were obvious, you might also think that anyone who asks you for a picture knows very well how committed you are to the climate change front, but that’s clearly not the case. After all, 90 percent Who do the people at De Andre know gorilla for sexual innuendo, mouth of roses Because it’s a love song and Fisherman Because in C major. It works like this.”

Don’t you mind?
Veronica: “But no, that is something you have to deal with. These phrases have different levels of interpretation, and sometimes when something hits you on a superficial level, you can also glimpse the stratification of meaning.”

“Stop the green washing”, Cosmo shouted, onstage with you in Sanremo, against Eni. Was it an agreed gesture? How did it go?
Veronica: With Cosmo, Margherita Vicario and Ginevra (All three guest list representative on the covers evening, ed) We thought for a long time back in the days of a gesture to make at that point was so important to send a message, we felt responsible. Friday for Future and Greenpeace have written to us about the Eni marketing process.”

Dario: “At first we wanted to do something to tell the independent club-related scene, and then this Eni command came to the fore.”

Veronica: “For days we thought about a way to protest Eni’s greenwashing, but we were armored: It doesn’t say anywhere you can’t compete with the sponsor but we were in the race, the situation was delicate. Then Cosmo came up with the idea to bring the shriek into the music , then inserting it into the song. It was the best way.”


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