Liliana Fiorelli and Love, Exotic and Fluid, for men and women

Noe’s actress admitted that she loves “men and women equally.” troubled? never. “Love has no explanations”

Actress, imitator and author. Liliana Fiorelli, subtitled in Ray series 1 weIt is a talent that is constantly evolving. And a woman who sets no bounds, as she says here with an astonishing truth – Photo

Lino Goyali, the hero of the novel “Noi”: “Love has no color” – except

Chiara in fiction is an extreme character, with clumsiness and mood swings. I’m also not afraid to challenge boundaries. Kiara is my malevolent and provocative, human looking side. In the end I think I found myself but like her I have a passion for the body, sexuality and instinct.”

Have you ever set limits for love? “I don’t like posters. They are useful to the consumer, they are used for the products offered for sale. I believe that sexuality, like passion and love, are paths in its path. Looking back, I can say that I loved to different degrees, but with the same intensity, to both men and women ».

I admit, I find it hard to understand. “I use the adjective fluid in a spontaneous sense, in relation to sexual orientation. But I am very loyal and monogamous. My protection from the love I sow like a flower. I never, by smooth relationship, want to mean an inconsistent relationship, for what bad parents describe as a “phase that will pass.” Using a somewhat equivalent term, I can define myself as a lesbian, like Ariana DeBose who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. I detached myself from the habit of giving or receiving pleasure in a certain way, and I gave up on what I thought I knew. I took a trip.”

Did she choose the opposite sex because men had disappointed her? “Of course not. No sex creates disappointment if people are disappointed.”

First time? “I fell in love with my middle school classmate. I felt so good with her, I didn’t need to fill in the silence. This was enlightenment. Later I was in a relationship with a man who is still a very dear friend of mine, so with an older woman, it was personal Too formative for me. I was 25 years old. The beauty of a homosexual relationship is that you treat a man like looking in the mirror. Since then I’ve said to myself that I want to be welcomed into a comfortable place, with a man or a woman. Love doesn’t have to explain.”

Are you a couple now? “I am bound to a special man, but do not ask me his name. We live in a delicate phase. The greatest gift is to let go without losing yourself, and to hold your hands without forcing yourself.”

People who like her once called themselves bisexuals. “It’s a restricted expression because it contains the word sex. As if we were going to be shown in an erotic show. The term ‘liquid’, as well Like me, tell a possibility in relation to the future that cannot be categorized but is related to the flow of life. It does not contain an error or judgment. Being fluid makes me open to others, to the unexpected. Only love. The poet Walt Whitman said, “I am in many.” But without contradiction or regret. Liquidity is nothing but confusion. When a person is happy, he is proud of him. That’s why there is a word PrideHe who is proud of himself is not confused.”

My mom is a journalist and my dad is a psychiatrist. What role did your parents play in your existence in the world? “My mother says to me ‘I taught you European,’ and in fact at the age of 18 I was away from home, I did whatever work and built my character. No, they never had anything to complain about, if that was the question.”

Do you think millennials, for whom the concept of liquidity seems appropriate, are building a new world? “Recent generations have taught us the value of inclusion. For them, it is perfectly normal to ask a teenager: “Are you with a boy or a girl?” ».

I have read that in the future you see yourself as a wife and mother. A traditional look at the end. These roles require awareness and a sense of responsibility. You have to find the right travel companion and know what you want. For me, the work is in progress.

Michela Oriti

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