Liberation Day, 6 Anniversary Films

April 25 is a very important date in the history of Italy: on that day, in 1945, the Nazi occupation and the fascist regime in our country ended. Those moments have starred in many films over the years. Here is a choice

April 25 marks a very important date in the history of Italy: on that day, in 1945, our country was liberated from Nazi occupation and the fascist regime. That day also represents the culmination of the military phase of the resistance. Those moments have appeared in many films over the years. Here are some of the most famous.

Rome is an open city (1945) and Pisa (1946)


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Roberto Rossellini was able to brilliantly describe the occupation in Italy and the last months before liberation. at Rome is an open city (1945) – an allegorical work of Italian neo-realism – tells the tragedy of the German occupation of Rome after the armistice of Casabelle. at Pisa (1946), on the other hand, Rossellini returns with the second film of the War Against Fascism trilogy, to mention the advance of the Allied forces from Sicily to northern Italy, in 6 episodes: Sicily, Naples, Rome, Florence, Emilian Apennines and Porto Tolle.

Mussolini – The last act (1974)

In this film, Carlo Lisani focuses on the last days of fascism and the German occupation of Italy. He tells them and makes them live the personal stories of Benito Mussolini. The story takes place from April 24, 1945 in Milan, where the Duce refused the mediation of Cardinal Schuster, until Saturday, April 28, when he was killed alongside Clarita Petacci by the cannon of Colonel Valerio.

San Lorenzo night (1982)


April 25, because liberation is celebrated

The film talks about the period leading up to April 25, but at the heart of the story is always the search for freedom. On the night of August 10, 1944, in the town of San Miniato, part of the population decided to flee from the Germans. The fugitives, after a very difficult path, would be able to break free. The Taviani Brothers film, starring Omero Antonotti, won an award at Cannes.

partisan johnny (2000)

partisan johnnyAnd Directed by Guido Chiesa, and based on the novel by Pep Vignoglio, Johnny, a young intellectual college student from a middle-class family, decides to join the resistance in Lange, despite doubts and insecurity. He will face a very harsh winter, but through suffering he will find the true reason for being partisan, always remaining true to himself.

The Forgotten Front – Resistance in Bologna (2020)


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Through the photographs the life of Bologna – the largest city in northern Italy on the front line – during the war is told. With partially unpublished documents and materials, the documentary traces the historical events that involved the city from 1943 to 1945, including the German occupation and of course the liberation struggle waged by the revolutionaries and the residents who supported them.


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