Korobu, a rock out of the box for those who don’t want to give up

They formed in Bologna in 2019, before the pandemic that halted the music world for two years. Especially in their world, as Korobu moves in that underground environment that is more and more difficult to find today and the three members of the band have always been hanging out with dedication: Gianlorenzo “Giallo” De Sanctis (vocals, bass, synthesizer) was the leader of Buzz Aldrin and in 2013 he by shaping the pair’s dimmer and fringe electronics; Alessandro (guitars and synth) and Christian (drums and electronic percussion) have been played in the post-rock band My Own Parasite and also signed the film’s soundtrack. one night by Tony D’Angelo.

“We used to frequent the same circles, but we never met in person,” Giallo says, “until one day I get a message on Facebook from Ale and between chat and another we decide to catch up with Christian too for some auditions.” Since then the three have never stopped and are now ready to present their first album fading | BuildingReleased on Friday, April 8th: An intriguing acoustic journey between indie rock and blues tainted by electronic incursions and exotic rhythms reinterpreted in an ancient futuristic key, rendered through the artwork of Ericailcane, one of the world’s most famous local street artists. Also a suggestive video of Korobu by roadspreview here.

Collaboration with Leo (aka Ericailcane, nda) is our flagship,” Giallo enthuses. “He’s an old friend of Bill’s, and we appreciate his work very much. Using the metaphor of a rat who, depriving himself of a precious almond, succeeds in sabotaging conspicuously man-made equipment that makes hypnotic but incomprehensible and frightening sounds, he manages to interpret a passage that speaks of a present made up of constant temptations and false perspectives. We are distracted from our true dreams.”

This kind of social criticism runs through the eight paths fading | Building Mix with sound inspired by bands like Radiohead, Animal Collective, TV on the Radio, Battles, Soulwax, Liars and Silver Apples, just to give you some coordinates. “Those are our ratings, which came out in a subconscious way. We started with a series of improvisations, only to realize that for the music we were planning to make such a gut-wrenching approach lead to nothing. So we decided to change the track and start from a matrix – from guitar or bass or drums. – and then develop a personal research path on it and gradually add, to stratification. We have built and solved songs many times, developing, transforming and embodying them in other structures and melodies, until we come to a synthesis that we think can represent us at this moment. On the one hand, we wanted to have A strong enough shot of the parts of the record, on the other hand, piqued our interest in the idea of ​​mixing different genres in a way that was wildly indefinable, as well as pleasing to our ears. Our desire was to surprise even ourselves.”

The album was published by Locomotiv, the name of the historic Bolognese club founded in 2020 by the club’s artistic director, Giovanni Gandolfi, and is also almost the fruit of Korobu’s passion for the most sought-after instruments, not only sensas, guitars and bass from, but also percussion collected from all over the world. The World by Christian and Antique Microphones and Speakers. “At the time of Buzz Aldrin, I received from our sound engineer, Gianluca Turrini, a recording condenser mic from East Germany, a Gefell Um70,” says Giallo. “One day he took it back, so I started doing research and from there began an exploration that led me, little by little, to discover the German, Austrian, American and English companies in this sector, with very wonderful stories, and to amass a small arsenal of microphones. fading | Building We used the AKG D45, which is a very rare microphone also used by Led Zeppelin, the D19, which is a Ringo Starr clay drum microphone, and the RCA DX77, which is an American ribbon mic from the 1950s.”

To this was added, among other things, “a Buchla synthesizer and a whole series of percussion instruments and somewhat special instruments which were modified and used in a way different from their traditional use, for example to strike the surfaces of leather drums and metal plates, which gave a lot of color to the recordings: An African seed shaker, rubberwood gyro, scetavajasse typical of Naples folk traditions and more».

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At the foundation of Korobu, there is an idea of ​​music that also aims to be an experience that can finally come to life in the coming months. “The record has been ready for a while, we waited for it to be released due to Covid and now we can’t wait to play it: for a project like ours, a live dimension is essential.” Most hidden, but no less important, is the content conveyed by English texts, as well as by the name of the trio itself. “It was the beer who suggested that he call us after he saw Silence Martin Scorsese, a film set in Japan in the seventeenth century, and tells about the persecution of Christians by Buddhists, and the Christians who were forced to do so. korobo, specifically, to renounce the original faith. The term later took on various connotations, as it was also associated with the concept of falling and being lost, and in this sense we chose to use it for the band: In this consumer age where the winner paradigm is in effect and if you fail at something you are a loser and incapable, we claim that the experience of failure as part of a human being is also beneficial for growth. We are all in our forties, the age when you find yourself coming to terms with what you have been able to build or not, and in this balance we believe that successes are not only valuable, but also fall as experiences from which to start over.”

As for the texts, Giallo stresses how important it is for everyone to interpret them according to their own experiences and their own imagination, but at the same time he is keen to make clear that they contain “a critique of today’s society and above all a desire for revenge in relation to injustice, including injustice in a world where people are forced to increasingly to live to work. I remember a speech in which Mujica, president of Uruguay from 2010 to 2015, pointed out that when you buy something you don’t buy with money, but with the time it takes you to earn that money. Let’s not demonize work, but for some time the limit has been crossed, We should talk about it more.”

Between one song and another, there are references to “information that is now incomprehensible, because it is so shaped and distorted that it is no longer clear what is reality, what is true and what is not,” the musician adds. “Overall as a band, we are on the side of the weakest and also on the record, we support the need for a redistribution of wealth that balances those who have a lot in their lives and those who have nothing.” As if the ideas are clear, the intent is to escape the market-regulated registration compared to that of Korobu is an outside adventure. Now all that remains is to bring everything to the stage and spread the word, Ericailcane rat to serve as the mascot.

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