Kate Middleton, William’s first boyfriend. Unpublished pictures of the mysterious boy

Have you ever seen Kate Middleton’s ex-boyfriend? Their relationship could destroy the marriage with William forever.

Kate Middleton

Yes, even the gorgeous and legendary Kate Middleton had a boyfriend before meeting, as in fairy tales, her Prince Charming William. Their moments, from the very first moments, have instantly felt like a bedtime story and as well as being equally beautiful, they always have a special chemistry that still oozes today.

It’s hard to forget their first public outing that seemed to tell the story of the beautiful girl who meets her prince and love really wins, then let’s face it: Who wouldn’t want to marry a prince, right?

The Dukes of Cambridge are among the most beloved royals of all time, This is because of the way they treat people, they are smiling, complicit, interconnected, a love that seems to overcome the years without difficulty, to the point that it almost One might forget that there was first Kate and William.

After Kate Middleton before William (already while) She had a boyfriend, and what a boyfriend you might say! If you had not seen the boy who managed to win the heart of the Duchess of Cambridge before her current husband, I advise you to keep scrolling in the article because it is not bad at all.

Kate’s ex-boyfriend could ruin the royal wedding

Kate Middleton

The story of Kate and William begins in the year 2001 When the two met at school, both attended the University of St Andrews, the spark went off immediately, but their engagement would become official later, in 2010 and they married the following year, and a worldwide memorable event ensued, right at Westminster Abbey.

The rest is history, and in this case we do not say, from their love three beautiful children were born, the firstborn George who grabbed the media’s attention from an early age with his funny expressions and arrived later Charlotte and Louis. It is clear that the three descendants are in a direct line of succession to inherit the crown, but at the moment it is not the thought that accompanies them constantly.

At this point it may take some time And they have lived happily ever since.but if we want to spend some time instead “what if?” (If …) Then we can go back the tape and go back in time and It is discovered that the beautiful Kate, before marrying Prince William, was engaged to an equally rich and beautiful man.

Young Kate has apparently had other friends in her past, but one in particular could have stolen her heart forever. Although she already knows WilliamHe is Henry Rubner, a descendant of a noble family.

The story could have gone quite differently, and now who knows who will be in his place on Prince’s side, that’s because Kate and William met in 2001 when they were both college students, It was only in 2003 that they officially started dating, but in 2007 there was a deep marital crisis Which prompted them to turn away and take what is often defined, Pause to think.

Even before the press reported to the world the breakup of the two young men, Kate fled to Ireland for a few weeks With her mother and some friends. I just got back from this stopping moment She started dating Henry Rubnera handsome young man, tall, dark in color, handsome, in short, a morsel not bad.

Kate Middleton

Until then the young man was unknown, but Kate was already in the media spotlight, so it turns out Not only was Rubner dating an ex-William, But he was also one of her best friends and an ex-boyfriend at Eton School.

Some sources say that the relationship between Henry Rubener and Kate Middleton basically began to make William jealous, in fact rumors close to the couple say that The prince was especially upset with this relationship So budding, that despite the long-standing friendship between William and Henry Rubner, the quarrel began precisely because of this acquaintance.

As we know very well, William managed to get Kate back and it also appears that they have restored relations with Rubner, in fact the Dukes of Cambridge was invited to his wedding in 2011 with Natasha Sinclair.

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