Kate and William, 11 years of marriage… they made history

Catherine’s arrival with her father Michael in 1978 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, white dress €380,000, Queen Elizabeth’s tiara, “I love you, you are beautiful” whispered in the chapel by the groom and Harry’s words to her. With two billion viewers connected live on TV from all over the world: this is how the most beautiful modern love story of the royal family began

Kate Middleton and William from England celebrate 11 years of love. On April 29, 2011, the eldest son of Prince Charles, Lady Diana and commoner Catherine who bewitched him at the Scottish University of St Andrews, promised each other eternal love at Westminster Abbey. In front of two thousand guestswith a million people stationed all the way between Buckingham Palace and the Abbey and two billion viewers connected live on TV from around the world: The most beautiful modern love story of the royal family began – Photo | video

Kate Middleton and Anna from England, first public outing together! – research

White dress from 380 thousand euros – The 29-year-old who was about to join the royal family, arrived with her father Michael in a 1978 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, followed up the stairs of Westminster by her sister Pippa, who carries a 2-meter, 70-foot train and lives her moment of fame (thanks to the B-side!); She wears a white €380,000 dress, with antique lace and a small blue bow sewn between the folds of the train: creativity signed by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen; The earrings are a wedding gift from the Middletons, a tiara on loan from Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton radiant and super sparkly with a recycled Lady Di dress and jewelry – research

Harry’s words to William in church – “I love you, you are beautiful,” William whispered as soon as he saw her in church that day. What the tabloids are now revealing is that Harry, a witness to his brother’s wedding and then very close to the couple, preceded him in judgment: when he nearly saw his sister-in-law walking down the aisle to head to the altar, Prince Charles’ second son says: “Well, now here… it’s Nice, I can tell you.” The Archbishop of Westminster Rowan Williams announced they are husband and wife, less than a year after their formal engagement, which was announced on November 16, 2010 after eight years of love. The birth of a new couple and the birth of ‘Cambridge’: His Majesty the King grants them the titles of Duke and Duchess.

Louis from England, 4 years from a photograph of his brother George. Although Will and Kate kept it (almost) always hidden – research

Maple in Abbey, weddings at Aston Martin – The unforgettable moments and curiosity of a “yes”, or rather, “I do” day are countless. The couple asked the guests not to give gifts, but donations to the Newborn Foundation to support several charities “Prince William and Catherine Middleton Gift Fund”: fundraising exceeds one million pounds; The nave is decorated with English maples that were then planted in Prince Charles’ holiday home in Wales; The newlyweds ride on the carriage that Diana and Carlo used 30 years ago on their wedding day; The first public kiss of husband and wife from the balcony of Buckingham Palace in front of a cheering crowd (so much so that once Kate looks up and sees thousands of waiting people screaming “Oh my God!”); Crowd in Trafalgar Square and other parts of London to watch the action from the big screens. William drives his blue Aston Martin marked “JU5T WED” and decorated with several heart balloons, which greets everyone with the bride at her side and going. Destination Seychelles, for a two-week honeymoon the bride was not familiar with …

George, Charlotte and Louis from England, games with Abi William – research

Two years after the first son – A little over two years after Yes, on July 22, 2013, William and Kate who had their first days as newlyweds in Wales, welcomed their first child, George, in 2015, their little sister Charlotte, who arrived on May 2, turned 7, and in 2018 Prince Louis, who just celebrated his four years with new photos taken by mum Kate. And if there is no shadow of the wedding ring on the finger of the future king, then this is only for personal choice, because the prince does not like jewelry, while Kate wears a precious ring made of gold mined from the mines of Wales. A royal wedding, and great love, went down in history.

Kate Middleton and William from England, back to Wales where they lived as newlyweds – research

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