Judy: The plot, the cast and the true story behind the film

Judy's true story

Hollywood icon in the forties, Judy Garland He has had a life as rich in successes as she has in deep personal dramas. Behind her successful film career was hiding a fragile woman, marked by several failed marriages and drug addiction. However, reducing it to that won’t do him justice, which is also why the 2019 movie Judy (here is the review) committed to rediscovering Garland, her unfiltered proposal in all its emotional complexity, between successes and failures. Directed by Robert GoldThe film is mainly active in the theatrical field, so the film is a touching biography of the woman after the singer.

written by Tom EdgeThe film is based on a play by Peter Quelter rainbow endin a clear reference to the film’s rainbow wizard of oz And the widget is specifically titled somewhere over the rainbow Which made Garland famous. long overdue, Judy So, listing lesser known aspects of the singer’s life, he won wide acclaim from critics and fans. During that year’s award season, she was then a great heroine, winning important awards, especially Best Actress Renee Zellwegersad translator from Garland.

to many Judy It is one of the finest biographies of recent years, which does not pretend to tell everything but focuses on a few details to arrive at a comprehensive picture of the artist’s life. For fans of the genre and rediscovering Garland, it’s a title not to be missed. Before proceeding to see the film, it would be useful to deepen some curiosity regarding this matter. Continue reading here it will be possible to find more details related to plot and all cast and for True story Finally, the main items will also be listed broadcast platforms Containing the movie in their catalog.

Judy: plot and crew

The movie begins in 1968, when Judy Garland She is now a woman exhausted from life and has countless personal problems weighing on her. Full of debt, with several marriages behind her and with a voice no longer as creative as it once was, Jodi finds solace only in her children. Lorna And aerial, which still has to fight for custody. In search of money and new jobs, Garland moves far and wide, but can’t help but look back to the beginning of her career, when she was in control of her life and everything seemed to be going well.

As expected, the actress plays the role of Garland Renee Zellweger. But for her, playing the hero was no small challenge. In fact, she had to train out loud for over a year, in addition to undergoing some plastic surgeries to make her resemblance to Garland even greater. Thanks to her moving performance, Zellweger won her second Academy Award. Next to her, as her two children, Lorna and Joey, are the actors beautiful ramzi And Lloyd LloydWhile Jesse Buckley He is Rosalind Wilder’s assistant Rufus Sewell He is Sidney Luft, Garland’s third husband.

Judy cast

JudyDifferences between the movie and the real story

In adapting the play and referring to the real life of Garland, screenwriter, director and producers Judy They tried to remain faithful to some aspect, and only change what needed to be changed. First, as shown in the movie, it turns out that MGM producers encouraged Garland to take amphetamines to control her appetite so she could maintain her image. This naturally led her to develop a drug addiction. It was her mother who bought these pills for the actress, who predicted her dashed dreams of becoming a celebrity in her daughter.

Another particularly tyrannical figure in Garland’s life, as depicted in the film, is that of producer Louis B. Mayer, who has had deep control over the girl’s artistic and private life. When Garland was fired from MGM in 1949, the actress had already attempted suicide and was only able to recover from her personal crisis after a long hospital stay. In those years, Garland’s private life in reality was marked not only by her addictions, but also by the failure of marriages. In particular, her distinction was the loss of custody of her children Lorna and Joey towards her third husband, Sydney Luft.

Then, focusing on Garland’s last life, the film tells us that she is broke and ready to go to London in hopes of performing at some club. Both are true, as Garland was in debt for the last few years of her life and sought shelter in London in order to get a new job. The actress was found dead on June 22, 1969, at the age of forty-seven. It was initially thought to be suicide, but the autopsy reported that it was an accidental death due to overuse of barbiturates over a long period of time.

Judy: Trailer and where to watch the movie in live broadcast and TV

You can take advantage of Judy Thanks to its presence on some of the most popular streaming platforms on the net today. This is already available in catalogs Rakuten TV, Chili Cinema, Google Play and Apple iTunes. To see it, once you choose the reference platform, simply rent one movie or sign up for a general subscription. This way you will be able to watch it in complete comfort and with the best video quality. The movie is also on TV schedule Thursday 28th April at 21:20 on the channel Rai 3.

Source: IMDb, HistoryvsHollywood

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