Johnny Depp: “Amber Heard made me find a huge amount of poo on the bed. Then my fist, the can that was pulled into my nose and a bottle of vodka that bit off a piece of my finger.”

The stool on his side of the bed, the smashed piece of furniture, the binoculars taken over the head, the canister pulled over his nose, the bottle of vodka cut off a piece of his finger. These are just some of the “couples” episodes that were taken live around the world during Johnny Depp’s trial of ex-wife Amber HeardWhich takes place in Fairfax Virginia. Much of Heard’s video and audio recordings, which ultimately did not seem to bring her significant procedural advantages, were listened to during the second day of the famous Hollywood star’s testimony. Meanwhile, to understand the tone of the daily debate in their few years of marriage between Depp and Heard — the defamation trial brought against her with a $50 million compensation claim — it suffices to report a dialogue between the two, you hear. Live during the hearing. I heard an apology to Deb: “I didn’t punch you. I’m sorry I didn’t hit you in the face with a real slap. I was hitting you, I wasn’t punching youThen Depp replies: “Don’t tell me how you feel when you get punched.” And she said, “I’ve been in many fights, you know what we’re talking about. So you didn’t get punched, you got hurt. Sorry if I hit you like that, I didn’t punch you. I hit you fucking. I don’t know what the real movement of my hand is. Are you fine? I hurt you, I didn’t punch you. You silly kid! Johnny grows up! At that point, he indicated that he began to physically jump on her to hit him. “That’s right,” she admits, “but I stopped.” He sarcastically: “You are amazing.” In short, the dynamic in Deep Heard’s house seems to be that of an uninhibited drunkard. Able to respond to and toward the ordeals of everyday life accusing them of some violence, motivating him with a manliness that does not seem to exist in the star of Pirates of the Caribbean. Other excerpts: “you’re weakI heard him tell. “Why don’t you go fuck yourself. A miserly old piece of shit.” Heard then referred to Depp’s son Jack: “I wish his new stepfather would teach him what it means to be a man.”

One of the videos that caused quite a stir during Depp’s deposition was the one recorded by his ex-wife where he came home drunk and destroyed a kitchen cupboard. Depp is back more than 5-6 meters from Heard and nervously rummaging between the shelves, then He screams all kinds and hits the wall. At that point, Heard enters the scene and a voiceover asks him what happened and why he ruined himself drinking all this shit. At this point, Heard’s attorney asked Depp, “Is that you in the video? Did you act violently? Which is: ‘Yes, I was going through a hard time and I don’t remember exactly why, but being illegally taped by the other fits in perfectly with the rest of the photos.” and the recordings it made. This recording has always been hiding her from me, but the most interesting part that we don’t see here is that after the end of what we saw, he laughed a few times. Anyway, I destroyed some safes but didn’t touch Miss Heard. I didn’t try to scare her. Why was she conceived? If she was scared to death, why didn’t she leave? In another audio clip, a kind of phantom speech is heard as Depp asks Heard to hurt her with a knife in his hand at that moment. The two are talking quietly and seem to be in a hotel room. Deb Heard repeatedly pleads to stab him, but she refuses. At that moment he said to her: “you hate me“. Which: “Put the knife away! Put that damn knife down. Do not do itAt that moment he told her that if she did, “her pain would be gone.” But Heard replies in a rather strange way: “UBeing a knife is very painful, boring and dirty.”

On another occasion, a fitting for Heard of 30 years, Depp showed up to dinner in the attic two hours late (“My colleagues called me to tell me that someone had withdrawn a large sum from my checking accounts, I was shocked”). After dinner, the actor says, “Miss Heard came into the bedroom while I was lying on the bedside reading. She was still fighting back all the mistakes I had done to her that day, how unreliable I was, and that I was a horrible person. I didn’t lift a finger and didn’t utter a word. , But there isShe hit me and started hitting me on my face, head and neck, no matter what happened to me.”. Then she told Depp again when she threw him an improper bottle of vodka and it ended up on his hand cutting off a piece of his finger; Again, Heard threw a can of white spirit at him, hitting his nose; Finally in another discussion while he was in the bathroom taking a shower, she was trying to get in by putting a foot between the door and the jamb, and he was pushing a mile toward the foot, but She was going to push the door harder from the outside, making it hit his head. Although the climax of the second day of Depp’s testimonial comes with what’s called a stool test. It’s the last day the couple meets before they break up and when Depp returns to the bedroom he finds On his side of the bed is a large amount of stool. Heard claims it could have been both terriers (two small Yorkshire terriers), but Depp, in fact, remembers that this amount could only have been of human origin.

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