Jim Carrey, 5 most famous roles as Dr. Sonic Robotnik

Pet Detective, Highly Successful Lawyer (albeit with some trouble lying), The Grinch, Pain in the Ass, Handyman “Eggman” as we describe in our review of Sonic 2, and for a week until God: This writer knows that this is going to be one of the Those embarrassing elements. Why catalog only Jim Carrey’s five iconic roles, that’s impossible. In fact, practically crazy. But if we like him, then we like a little crazy. We love those thin, hard-to-recognize boundaries that extroverts have in common with genes. Jim Carrey, born James Eugene Carrey, is Among the most famous actors of our time in terms of abundance and facial expressions And the maximum plastic capacity a human face can make.

With this talent, he was born there: already as a child he dreamed of being a comedian, he even sent his autobiography to The Carol Burnett Show at the age of ten. Even his high school teachers let him make a little curtain during recess. How do you resist it on the other hand? Jim Carrey: many characters in one body, perhaps among the most famous and diverse actors that the small and big screens have shown us. And now, with great difficulty and a lot of humility, we are trying to offer his most memorable and memorable roles. more accurate”.

Ice Ventura

Jim was 32 years old when he wore the clothes, or rather the Hawaiian shirts Ace Ventura – Pet Hunter. But Carrey’s release to the general public isn’t the best: The movie was crushed by criticsSo much so, that he received a Razzie Award nomination for Worst New Actor of 1994 Tom Shadyak Described as “too tacky” because Persistent foul language and sexual innuendo.

Thus, the protagonist of Ace Ventura cannot be placed in a family work or even in a detective story: according to critics, there is too much superficiality during the investigation to be identified as a legal investigator; the presence of animals To save dolphins and puppies to protect themOn the other hand, Carrie’s structural ease and comic, would motivate a reduction in the target’s average lifespan. But this is not the case. Above all, it is clear in the end that the film is not aimed squarely at children. Today, perhaps, the “comic” note of the last scene will be lost a lot, and in fact it will provoke many problems for the director. Clear references on LGBTQ. But Ace Ventura, for the audience, does not triumph as a feature film, but rather as a character. From this moment the world laughs “Rubber” comedian. Description, Fate: Right after the pet hunt, Jim Carrey wears the green mask of the mask. A few months later, he ends up in a minivan in the shape of a dog, playing Lloyd’s dumber and dumberanother character fueling his popularity.

Ace Ventura is unethical, probably outdated today. He loves animals very much “with very long and rich hair!”. And while few people appreciated the strong satire behind its detective, there was at least one thing everyone agreed on: This Jim Carrey makes you laugh; Catch (the audience…not just animals). So it is better not to lose sight of it.

liar liar

Jim Carrey’s acting skills were confirmed not long ago. The Watchman Personally decide this other movie before Tom Shadyak It’s even the most famous role in Jim Carrey’s career. the reason? Remember the scene where the protagonist, Fletcher RedHit himself in the toilet to regain control of his lies and his life?

here you are, This scene is all true. Even the sounds we hear are real. And the Guardian itself begs the question whose answer lies behind the success of this movie: What other believable actor, comedic and dramatic at the same time, is hitting and hitting the urinal because he can’t lie? “There are people who live wonderfully with frowns!” Fletcher says. in a sense, False Lawyer Represents Jim Carrey Beautifully At that point in his career: He’s on the rise, and he’s starting to get noticed, but not for the right reasons. Just as Fletcher fails to express himself, Jim is also not understood at first. And like Fletcher, the actor will soon stop lying to himself. liar liar It’s critically acclaimed instantly, and we finally see the humanity behind the “rubber” face, the depth behind the role that should only make you laugh; Jim Carrey, with his face and everything else, managed to show all his enormous potential and “seriousness”. However, we are only at the beginning.

Truman Show

After one year liar liarThis is the title that crowns Jim Carrey no longer as a floppy mask, but as a real man: the movie Peter Weir Is successful, receive nomination after nomination, including Three at the Oscars; Jim Carrey’s directing, screenplay, and acting skills have been praised in nearly every major competition in this category.

Before Neo and Morpheus from The Matrix, Truman Burbank shakes our consciences and our reality. before Cloverfield And in a more comedic way for sure, Truman Show mixes and mixes multimedia elements: advertising, reality show, series, documentaries, entertainment, anthropology; In this film they were all light-hearted and unconvincing. before V for revengeJim Carrey creates revolution and through television, a tool that changes our perceptions, sets us free. Behind a smiling citizen of the ’90s, polite, honest and very human, There is a desire not to belong to a “show”.‘, not to commit to a role, but to liberate the authentic essence of the individual. Behind the comedy, the comedy and the iconic face that it might penetrate the screen even without words, there is on the contrary a complex web of themes, culture and philosophy.

There is the desire for freedom, there is the accusation against life the actors make, there is the overcoming of their fears, and above all, Jim Carrey who finally makes you laugh and makes you cry. We don’t know what will happen to Truman, the show is over, and the audience is changing the channel. All we know is that with this show, even cinema, deep down, will never be the same again.

If you leave me I will delete you

In both of his shows, Carey always put on a spicy comedic note. Whether it was an expression or a joke, Jim never gave up his initial penchant for comedy. So far: in If you leave me I will delete youHe takes what he already planted on The Truman Show to the extreme.

in a movie Michel Gondry, for the first time, Jim doesn’t hold his physique. After nearly a decade of frantic activity in which Curry was pounding, writhing, writhing, and even stuffing himself in green yak fur (yes, the Grinch he played included a spandex suit with that animal’s fur; that’s probably why the Grinch’s Jim Carrey. It’s better Who is Benedict Cumberbatch?), paradoxically in If you leave me I will delete you, the actor does not struggle. indeed it is Victim of his mind and his memories. He was able to pursue the role of myself and sadder more than Truman, even without much effort. He gets rid of all the burdens of comedy and explores, with the viewer, more of the nuances of reality and the human mind. It takes the viewer out of his throat with new nuances, almost like the thriller, an element that will appear more in the next title, No. 23. text Charlie Kaufman wins an OscarHowever, Jim didn’t get a nomination this time either. Critics commented on this as “a really missed opportunity”. We agree.


We’ve debated for a long time the last and iconic role of Jim Carrey to mention: Initially, we wanted to reserve the final spot for Andy Kaufman plays Jim Carrey at man on the moon. Because it is clear evidence that, over the years, Jim has managed to renew himself as an actor, exploring new horizons of interpretation and always managing, every time, to go to the moon and beyond.

A brilliant comedian performed by an equally great comedian: a deeply autobiographical film, absolutely perfect for Carrie, but also for her existential drama. In fact, above all for this. But no, notwithstanding the honorable mention, the last space we devote to the most representative of Jim Carrey, is to him, Mr. Pickles. mix He accuses the TV series of flaws: some episodes, over the course of two seasons, fail to excel as others, but overall, the full story of his child presenter disarms: Halfway between comedy and dramaAnd mix He failed to position himself in a well-defined range. He is the son of a show who wants to represent reality and the long and difficult path towards accepting mourning, change and, above all, from ache. mixContrary to what the name suggests, he’s not kidding: he knows how to hurt, in fact, in many ways. However, he did not find much support among Jim Carrey fans, unlike critics who widely appreciated him. Who is right this time?

You probably wouldn’t agree to this arrangement either, you might be right, Jim Carrey may not have shown us his most famous role. Also because, despite talk of his retirement, producers deny and say that there will be no recast of Sonic 3. It wouldn’t surprise us to find that Jim Carrey still managed to amaze us. So, take this tour as a reason to explain these wonderful roles he and In case I don’t see you again, good afternoon, good evening, and good evening!

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