Jaguar of Carpi publishes his first book

The mystery is dense behind the nickname Jagur? The only evidence we have is that he is a citizen of us and that the book has just been printed. Stories between the past and the future. Pages where spells, knights, wizards, and fantasy give way to a dystopian dream-like and frightening future. in the first part, Parcivalechoes a gentleman kind, while in the other, Darkness was my dream latelyReality and dream are constantly chasing each other in a complex game of mirrors.

Jaguar How and when did your love for writing begin?

“My love for writing was born when I realized, oftentimes, that words are not ‘dead’ letters between the lines and in the pages of books, but that they contain messages and are able to bring up stories from within that can make us think and move. Writing helps me organize living events and give proper dignity For living beings and people whose fates transcend ours; writing about them, and including them in a narrative structure, I think is a way of never forgetting them.”

Is there any biography on these pages?

“Even if there are no accurate references to my personal history, I cannot write regardless of who I am; some events which I consider important are inserted into narrative structures placed temporally in non-contemporary eras and are proposed within surreal and fictional situations and images. This framework helps me to get” Degrees of Freedom” that allows me to be able to imagine the main characters of my story, to overcome difficulties and what fate puts before them, with renewed hope, which is very difficult in real life.

This book was born by chance, from the union of two completely different stories in place and era, even if they share narrative structures in which concrete reality and illusion frequently alternate. In the first story, Parsifal, a noble warrior, emptied into the depths of his soul, sets out on a journey, trying to let go of the pain and loss he suffered during the last bloody battle. At the end of his journey, he might be able to find answers to the questions he had stopped asking himself. The second story is set in the future, with fantastical connotations, where a large segment of humanity has succumbed, or had to surrender, to some kind of planetary system, their character traits and memories, subject to the supposed ideals of progress. Among the people who could resist the “elimination therapy” is the leader of one of the rebel groups, who, in a labyrinthine path between reality and dream, between physical and mental places, will attempt to direct his men into engagement. . Final “.

Why did you decide to go under the alias Jaguar and not reveal his name?

“Having undertaken artistic activities, as an employee, in a private company, I thought of a pseudonym to indicate a break with the past; before there was the employee with his name and surname, now, in a kind of second life, Jagger would be there to sign my stories. Moreover I believe that a book, once completed and delivered to the press, should follow a path ‘on its feet’, no matter which writer it is promoted by; I think the reader selection process is very personal and can take place without the intervention of the author.”

Where can you find your book?

The book has been published By BookSprint Edizioni It is present, as well as in the catalog of the aforementioned publishing house, also in major online stores / bookstores (Libraccio, IBS, Mondadoristore, Librerie Coop) and in major markets (eBay, Amazon, Subito). The book has also been proposed to physical libraries in Carpi and I hope it will also be viewable and purchaseable at these points of sale.”

Do you have any other writing related projects?

“I am thinking of writing a story starting in the time of Covid; as in a few hours and days some of our proven facts, our way of life, economic consequences etc., determined by emergency measures, have been subverted. Adaptation can help us take other paths, going forward, but the price is Some of us had to pay very high; what was left for us and what did we decide to take with us on this undiscovered path?”.

In short, a book not to be missed to immerse yourself in another world where anything is possible.

Jessica Bianchi

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