It’s called The Dream List – Never Forgetting Who We Are, Joey Cadenasso’s first book

“List of Dreams – Don’t Forget Who We Are” is called the first book by Joy Cadenasso, journalist and radio and TV presenter from Genoa.
With an introduction by Dino Frambati (journalist and national advisor to the ODG) and writer and professor Franco Cadenasso.
A wild journey between fantasy and reality, tangible and imaginary, which, with irony and passion, involves the reader from first line to the last, making him walk that fine line that separates the two worlds. Different, but somehow closely related worlds that find an incredible potential impact between these pages. The purpose of the book is precisely to get us to think about the importance of what we have, to give value to dreams without forgetting them and trying to discover that they are perhaps not far from us.
With her autobiography and entertaining stories Giorgia Cadenasso, Joy showcases 10 of her dreams by asking questions and encouraging us to examine each individual’s life. You dream of reading all the books in the world, building a house on a tree, but also having your own dragon. Writing passionate and imaginative, Joy (whose name truly conveys emotion and enthusiasm), she tells the stories between the autobiography and it all. He also does so interactively by dedicating a section of the book to queued personal considerations, where the reader can freely ink his or her personal dream list and possibly be able to bring it to life.

The writer herself comments: “I am a person who constantly dreams, and I have always dreamed about it. But in my life I decided that I also wanted to live my dreams. This is not all that can be achieved, but among the pages of this book you will realize that even the most absurd can find confirmation in reality, If we are careful. They are not far from us!”
The book, through the writing and illustrations created by the author, is itself a dream that finally finds fulfillment with this publication. As Joy is, Dino Frampatti (journalist and national consultant at ODG) wrote in the introduction.

The author adds: “Dino is a dear friend. I did not expect him to agree to write the introduction with all the commitments he had. I am really grateful to him for this and decorating my pages. I admit I was moved and excited when I read it. He is a special person as well as a respected fellow.”
And the little joy on the cover licking the moon while sitting dangling in the sky beside her kitten, represents the whole meaning of the work: to do everything so as not to leave one’s dreams.
Short biography author

Giorgia Cadenasso for Joy Friends.
He was born in Genoa on June 8, 1984. First of all he was a dreamer. Lover of life, love and dreams. She loves to smile and do things with passion, enthusiasm and curiosity. His career began as a singer and at the age of seventeen he performed professionally with Bruno Santoro’s band, with which he never stopped.
She sang on stage small and large (from pubs to fava day), collaborated with important musicians (including Pepo Landro, Danilo Madonia, Vladi Tusito), released some records and wrote many songs. She deepened her studies of voice, and over time began working as a voice actress and voiceover, with excellent results until she got into the Mediaset networks. Radio and TV host for several channels including Telenord, Telegenova, Antennablu, 111tv and others. In 2019, he got the card as a freelance journalist dealing mainly with the fields of culture and entertainment, but in the same year he had the good fortune and great opportunity to be the press director of the European Blind and Blind Judo Championships. . She has always had a passion for drawing and is also an illustrator and has created some works for many of the storefronts. The photos in the book “List of Dreams” are all her. She loves friends and family who are everything to her. He is madly in love with Brunino, his crazy cat Ralvino, as well as the one who no longer exists… his Fortunadrago “Marcio” Pepe.

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