Italian remake, the creators of the Instagram page speak

How many times did it happen to you to think while watching a good foreign TV series “Who knows what it would be like if they did the new Italian version?”. A question that lends itself to most of us for the game of fantasy and fantasy, partly to test our knowledge in the field of film and television, partly to joke about the end result that will come out of it. for page makers Italian Edition This game has become something more realistic.

Let’s take a step back: On March 27, 2022, two new Facebook and Instagram pages appeared called Remake all’Italiana. its abbreviation, “shepherd” (Yes, with the apostrophe in the middle), he wants to parody the biggest Italian novel company, but also to make everything more surreal and fun. The all’Italiana remake actually does nothing but take the titles of the most famous and cult TV series that have been aired (or are still being aired) and create the new Italian version.

Hard work of choosing actors –Christiana Capotondi As the new Daphne Bridgerton, Valerio Masandria As our own version of Saul Goodman or Alessandro Borghi In the role of Italian Lucifer – Poster design with lots of Italian adaptations of the titles and names of the main characters. The effort on a creative and technical level is a lot, but the result is remarkably pleasant.

Within a month, Ra’I had produced about twenty fictional remakes, attracting day-to-day attention to those who take to social media in search of something fun but not trivial to share. Intrigued by this project, we went to contact the creators of the page, who remained anonymous but gladly agreed to answer some of our questions.

Well, let’s start with an obvious but necessary question: Who are you?

“In the page description we introduce ourselves as a film production company that specializes in TV series, pasta and pizza without pineapple. But basically we are fans: stories, cinema, TV series… Mind you, made in Italy too!”

No matter who you are, you seem to know a lot about Italian fiction and cinema from the names of the performers you use in your new works… A simple passion or are you too in this world to work?

“We have always nourished ourselves with what cinema and the cathode ray tube have given us, and have grown old in pursuit of the desire not only to be spectators but also to become storytellers. Yes, noble intentions as dreamers…but reality has become more ordinary and we have been absorbed into the complex machine of audiovisual production ( Specifically television and advertising) where we work as graphic designers, editors and filmmakers. For our part, we’ve never made a real movie, but with this project we keep dreaming…”

The sponsor page was born recently, in the same weeks that a new (real) version of This Is Us aired on Raiuno… Did this page inspire you or is it just a coincidence?

“The Shepherd Project has been among our ideas for some time and often, once the TV series ended, we wondered how it would be adapted in our beautiful country. As we became acquainted with it, we realized how much reality can sometimes beat fiction: it was clearly a sign of Destiny, so we decided to get into it with Photoshop and create our page.”

I asked you this question because from the posts you publish the apparent paradoxical intent of the page appears, but there seems to be a point of contention towards the Italian novel, or rather towards the Italian way of making the novel. The page’s name, “Remake All’Italiana,” makes him think: Is that true?

“Indisputable, mostly self-deprecating. Let me be clear: we do not aim to condemn Italian cinema in advance; in fact, we strongly believe in its potential. We have exceptional artists, writers and directors who have so much to say, productions that are unenviable by many international blockbusters, Only full of special effects.Unfortunately, it’s hard to remain confident against some timelines.Stannis La Rochelle says in “Boris” “I can’t see Italian films, because they are too Italian” Unfortunately sometimes this is true: Being “Italian seems more than Necessary’ seems almost style, and it’s a way of making fiction especially. And it’s all frustrating to say the least!

Some time ago, we talked on TvBlog about the trend this TV season to suggest several mods (We, Studio Battaglia, Your Honor, Stronger than Destiny), which divide audiences between those who view it as a display of a lack of ideas and those who, instead, find us open to Stories that come from abroad that can grab the attention of the general public. Which side do you take?

“Of course, remaking a movie or TV series is often a risky process: the original hovers over its reproduction like a vengeful ghost! And if there is no desire to say anything more than the original story, we only find ourselves with a hot soup… flavored To the fullest extent with some local spices that characterize the new production.But it is not enough to call Walter Blanco the protagonist “Metastasis”To distinguish him from Walter White in the movie Breaking Bad! …other than our “criminal chemistry”! However, there are examples of extraordinarily successful remakes: such as, in the serial field, ‘the desk’ American, or in cinemas, Carpenter’s “The Thing,” to name a few. When you’re good at telling a story, it doesn’t matter if the audience already knows how it’s going to end.”

How are the posts of the different editions created, how long does it take to create them, pick the title and hit cast?

“Project Shepherd Born as a Game:-“We were in Italy, who do you see doing Jon Snow? – “Alessandro Borghi!” -“But no, Porgi is more than a Lannister…”—“Allura Giallini!” -“So, well, Giallini at the limit makes his grandfather! ”. But then when we got down to the facts, we took it all seriously: Every time we put ourselves in the shoes of a real production company, we unleashed the book, and we started choosing. Sometimes poster editing is more difficult than expected: it’s not just about finding the right actor for the role, but knowing how to best combine it with the original. But what we are most excited about is creating mixes that are consistent with our local productions: for example, bringing together the cast of “The Last Kiss” in a remake of “How I Met Your Mother”… In short, the response to what if Koza would have been Moschino Have you directed this sitcom? “.

Recently your Instagram page exceeded 500 followers (at the time of writing it was 550), on Facebook you have more than 1,400 (1477) “likes”. My prediction is that you are destined to rise very quickly, now that word of your existence has spread among enthusiasts and professionals. Again, the question is obvious but necessary: ​​What are your expectations for this page?

“That’s right, the community of Remakers (which we like to call it) is still small, but we hope it will grow over time. Behind every post there is a specific creative and tech work that we would like to share with more and more people. We often get direct recommendations with new remakes Or suggestions for specific roles, and that obviously makes us very happy because it makes us understand that it’s not a one-way process, but a (sometimes very cool) dialogue with several users, united by a certain dose of cynphilia and sarcasm. Oh, if they really gave us direction “Alpino and Arrow” Tricolor ‘We’ll kiss him, eh…’

I happen to share some of your posts in my stories. I was contacted by my followers and friends and asked if it was a real remake. Have you had similar questions or other curiosity among your followers?

“And how! That was actually the side effect we immediately encountered: – “Hey, can you tell me where I can see it?” is one of the comments we get most often. Unfortunately, sometimes we also encounter communities of haters who once we They see the chain of their hearts threatened, they begin to provoke against us, that we have no more ideas and that the law of opinion is just legal theft. Fortunately, there is always a pious spirit that confirms that there is a strange apostrophe in the logo … until last week we came across a post with our poster going Fake news after the success of the remake of ‘This Is Us, Rai1’ will be producing ‘The Big Bang Club’, coming next year… We were thrilled!

Is Remake All’Italiana open to external cooperation?

“Of course, we are certainly open: as fans of cinema and television series, but also of comedy and satire, we are sure that there will be many possibilities for cooperation on social networks … and not only!”

Final question: Let’s play the opposite. In your opinion, is there an Italian series that could be… an American remake?

“Most of our best chains have their roots in Italian soil, they are intrinsically saturated with regional characteristics that make them unique, and it is practically impossible to export them: think for example of ‘Gomora’, ‘Strapper along the edges’ or ‘1992’. Here, perhaps it is from Interesting to see the new American version of “Boris”, or rather, to understand how they would tell the world behind the scenes fictional America. It would surely lose its tragic beauty … And then, come on, they can’t say it’s “too Italian!”

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