Italian pop needs a Geneva

“I am a romantic songwriter.” This is how Geneva, born in Turin in 1993, might be described in a hypothetical Twitter bio. “Romance as a vision of life, not a honeymoon,” he would like to point out immediately afterward. Will the characters be enough? Twitter doesn’t own it anyway, so amen.

Many would identify her as an emerging singer-songwriter, which is a label I can’t stand, also because she often uses bullshit. For many, his path has already figured out and it is quite clear: in his three years of activity, he released two EPs and several singles, and also participated in two Sanremo festivals, even if you do not know it. For the first time, Amadeus mentioned his surname in the fateful sentence said before the performances: «De Tatrulli, Faini, Lubrano, Fugasa. wisteria; Sing Noemi » Lubrano is. Second this year, in 2022, this time on stage in Flesh and Blood with Lista actors, Cosmo and Margherita Vicario on Notes. be my Baby. But Ginevra, in addition to being a composer and star of Sanremo, is above all the one who writes and sings her songs. Romantic (not sweet) we said, ‘To do this job you must have a good dose of romance. It serves above all to see beautiful things and reduce difficulties.” It can be many, if you are a woman, if you live in Italy, if you are a woman and you live in Italy.

crumbs It’s his new song, a preview of a new album coming in the fall in which Ginevra tries to mix melody and electronics: “For me, the important thing is songwriting. It has always been my way of telling things.” A way of expressing herself I learned from Battisti, Carmen Consoli (“I respect her very much”) and Meg (“Among the first in Italy to combine electronics with Italian song, I opened a wave”). You can listen to the clip here, Accompanied by photographs of Tommaso Automano, partner in the aesthetic contemporary of the entire project:

In the work on this Fugazza single, SuorCristona (yes, he’s definitely the most beautiful name in the world), but also Frenetik & Orang3, with whom she has collaborated since she was under the Asian Fake label (as Coma_Cose and Venerus, to understand). After the song was published, someone wrote to her: “I dream about this song in Sanremo.” “I’m flattered, but I know it’s going to be difficult.” We trust the increasingly crazy choices of Amadeus. The author’s experience, as we said before, «was incredibly satisfying, because I was just rejected by Sanremo Giovanni. She resented singing Noemi wisteria a few weeks agoAnd In Bologna, at the concert organized by the representative of the list. Everyone sang it, it was a great emotion.” On the other hand, this year’s cover evening was completely unexpected: “I was at my mother’s birthday, at dinner, in Turin. The actor wrote to me on Instagram. We’ve seen each other a few times, at festivals, things like that. “We want to give you something, we’ll call you tomorrow!”. They suggested to me this crazy, “raving party on the Ariston stage”. I couldn’t believe. We trained and learned choreography: it was great.” And then everyone sees Sanremo: “I think with this performance people thought: ‘Well, he really does it'(He laughs)”.

Ariston’s bouquet is still there: “It dried up, but I kept it. It reminds me that it was a dream to go there this way, with people I respect, who are trying to do something different, with a clear message and in a voice very close to what I love.”

In addition to the Italians, among his plays are Oklo, Caroline Polachek, Airtheater, ML Buch. The influences he feels in his latest tracks but also in songs MetropolisEP released in 2020 and that made her change a bit. The musical which led her to play in many festivals and which also made her end up in movies and TV series. Not hers personally, but one of the recorded tracks, RajasthanChosen as the soundtrack for the series zero So is the movie dog years. Night Quiet Song: “It wasn’t a single song, but it was very popular. I really like to see songs that become soundtracks, I like to see that they create a subtle atmosphere.”

But now it’s time for a new stage, the Bachelorette predicted cluba few months ago, and now followed crumbs. Without much rushing or worrying about publishing, an ugly disease was born with the flow: “In these two years I did many things and understood that doing good things, which I like, takes time. Someone often writes to me: “But where did you end up?”. I need time to get things done. The album will be long, I’ve written a lot and don’t only care about playlist clips. I want to do things right, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it for ten years.”

What we’ve seen so far hits the target, between pop melodies and a production that meticulously blends acoustics and electronics. So will his album, which still tells us a little bit: «I’m just telling you there will also be more crazy things. I would like to touch different colors to turn them into songs.” We can’t wait.

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