“Isola dei Famosi”, the story of the twelfth episode

Alexander’s rebellion

– Elari opens the new appointment with Carmen Di Pietro’s concern about her son Alessandro’s intolerance, indifference towards her and those interested in independence and autonomy. On the one hand, if there’s the showgirl who always wants to keep him by her side, on the other hand, there’s the little boy who wants to start having his own space. “He doesn’t kiss me, he avoids me,” Carmen complains, frustrated at his unexpected change. Despite the affection she felt for her mother, at this moment she prefers to have her own space.

Gwendalina Laura Light

– After they became protagonists in a fight sparked by food, a heated confrontation broke out between Guendalina Tavassi and Laura Maddaloni. Laura accuses Gwendolyn of not sharing the wagons and judgments she finds on the beach with others while, for her part, Gwendolyn believes everyone is against her regardless: “This is the island against Gwendolyn, I’m alone and I’ll do it. Be alone but I don’t care,” says Gwendalina, defending On its causes by the sword. In Playa Palapa, the outcasts are put face to face to face each other and finally say whatever they think in no uncertain terms: “I think you’re biased against me, Laura” begins Gwendolyn, explaining that she felt accused of not sharing food with others when they were the first not to share Supply them with the whole group. “I knew where you would get the vehicles from,” Laura says. Meanwhile, Guendalina’s brother explains that everyone is trying to fight her out, and they especially attack Blind, Laura, and Estefani.

Beatriz’s letter

While Roger and Estefania seem certain of their feelings, there are those who continue to doubt their true intentions. Beatrice, the ex-Roger, decided to express her opinion by writing a letter to the model, who expresses disappointment and sadness, about all her feelings and concerns. “For me it ends here, don’t look for me anymore”: he concludes with great regret. “Our story was beautiful, but I wanted to leave it,” Roger explains.

Face to face Lesia and blind

Licia’s adventure on the beaches of Honduras certainly did not start on the right foot and this made her feel more and more excluded from the group, and she also received numerous criticisms from her companions. On Playa Palapa between Lecia and the Blind. The actress complains: “At first I thought it seemed more pure to me, then I saw the change too, and today after three weeks he is also understanding that the spirit of the island is to strategize.” He answers, “I don’t want to go out with a game,” which explains that before participating in the reality show just to feel more motivated and for personal growth. He concludes, “I am myself and always have been.”

Via Dalla Balaba

– After the TV dialogue closes, the outcast who has to leave Palapa is Licia. Before sailing to Playa Sgamada, he gave the kiss of Judas to Alexander.

trial reward

Playa Palapa has a balance test to try and beat some meat dishes. The Outcasts win by four.


– Turn off the TV. between

Lori del Santo, Ilona Staller and Marco Sines, the latter is the one who has to leave the island. “It was a great experience,” he said, before everyone said goodbye, “but I take the opportunity to go home and rest a bit.”

Try the boss

– It’s time to test the leader, which will take place in two stages. The castaways will have to hold their breath under the water for as long as possible. Among the males, Edoardo Tavassi won, and among the women was his sister Guendalina. The two then challenge each other to test the Vitruvian Man. Gwendolyn wins.


– Go to nominations. Clemente. Blind, Laura, Estefania and Roger chose Carmen. Marco points out that Eduardo, Nick, Carmen, Alessandro and Eduardo chose Estefania. Carmen and Stefania are in the nominations as well as blind by the leader. Gwendolyn

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