Isola dei Famosi 2022 written off and Cards Report Episode 10 / Estefania and Roger’s refusal…

Isola dei Famosi 2022, Report Cards: Doubts about Estefania and Roger

Estefania and Roger You still can’t convince the audienceCelebrity Island 2022. The two are enjoying the love story born on the island, but many viewers are convinced that the two aren’t completely faithful. Even the confrontation between Estefania and Beatriz, Roger’s ex-girlfriend, provoked hatred from the audience, who are now eagerly awaiting Beatriz’s arrival in Honduras to confront Roger and Estefania herself.

Instead, Carmen and Alessandro are becoming increasingly loved, as well as Gwendalina and Eduardo. The four contenders for the Isola dei Famosi 2022 admire their frankness and simplicity. The friendship born between Nicholas and Eduardo is also more and more appreciated. In general, it is the group that has won the sympathy of viewers who hope to see them in the final (Update by Stella Dependetto).

Isola dei Famosi 2022: Gustavo Rodriguez emerges from controversy

Last week’s news of the presence of Roger Baldino’s son deeply shocked the audience by the fact that during the tenth episode he was pleasantly surprised by the sweet surprise that the castaway received: a letter and a love letter from a part of his son who had not heard from the moment he left Honduras. Roger Balduino’s surprise wasn’t the only moment of the evening that the audience loved, but another noteworthy moment was the final abandonment of reality by Gustavo Rodriguez who left the island facing Clemente Russo on TV, losing by 84%. The elimination of Belen’s father and Cecilia was so appreciated by all the audience in the studio and commentators who, having learned the result of the vote, did not spare in jokes against him. (Adriana Lavecchia update)

Isola dei Famosi 2022 Episode 10 Report Cards: How Many Clashes!

The tenth episode of the programCelebrity Island 2022. Many flips, including double elimination and group dissolution. ilary plassi She also managed this episode brilliantly: for her definitely an 8 on the episode report cards. In fact, he is always on the spot and is able to better manage various situations, even the most deceived. In the tenth round there was no shortage of clashes. The episode started with a comparison between Licia and Estefaniawho accused the actress of voluntarily asking to win an audition and then excluding her from food during a week-long bonus audition.

Having denied these allegations several times, the actress admitted that she asked to win the audition: Conduct Worth 4. stefaniaFor its part, it clashed with more competitors, as well as for the Coconut Gate which took place during the week. There was no shortage of teasing with Edoardo but he held up well compared to before Present, Beatrice: Its a 5 on the card report. The friend was excited again by talking about his son, but in the game he looks more and more incorrect and less inclined to the dynamics of the group: 4.5.

Isola dei Famosi 2022: Two eliminations

having to leaveCelebrity Island 2022 In this tenth episode two competitors. Marco Sinnis He was the first to be eliminated: the player never got into the group and the match is very good: 5. Same for Laurie Del Santo, which is back again in Playa Sgamada: 5 for her too. And her boyfriend, Marco Cucolo, will have to live without her for the first time. Nicholas He had an argument with Ilona Staller but he was also the protagonist in a very nice clip in which he talks about his girlfriend: 6 in the report card. In the same way, Ilona, ​​nominated by the group, deserves a pass: she told her story in front of the cameras and impressed the audience.

Carmen de Petro He is one of the most positive people on this island. Sometimes it’s inconsistent, other times it’s critical, especially for food, but it brings a sense of lightness to the game. Also in this very active tenth episode of the game: for her, she got 7. The same vote for her son Alessandro, who is increasingly separating himself from his mother to embark on his own path which at the moment seems to be going well. blindthe leader of the week, was likewise the protagonist in some discussions, especially with Edoardo (who deserves 5 in the report card): for him, 6 was also given through immunity.

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