Isola dei Famosi 2022, Episode Eleven: Eliminated, Nominated and Returned

The eleventh episode of Al-Mashoor Island 2022: Who Was Eliminated? Television did not have an imposed result, Ilona Staller and Eduardo Tavasi Among the favorites of the public, reading on social networks. Ilona has already been through many TV shows, but Edoardo is really among the most likable with his sister Gwendalina Tavasi it’s Nicholas Vaporidis. In short, a duel in the last vote, but the audience voted more quietly knowing that the other would end up in Playa Sajamada rather than directly in Italy. Two contestants entered directly nomination At the beginning of the episode! In short, a very rich episode seasoned with dynamics between the contenders, which never fails.

The tribes no longer exist, but the group is divided into two parts. Before discussing the recent dynamics of the group, ilary plassi Put the two names in front of their enemies. So he confronts Edoardo Blind – and “The Phantom Jeremias” appears – and Ilona talks face to face with Vaporidis. “I am Inca… black with you! I regret it! I told lies”, Stoller immediately picked up with Nicola. As soon as he spoke, the latter simply apologized: “I’m sorry, I used str..zi tones”. However, he did not hold back on the idea of ​​the Ilona sinking, and apologized for the overtones. Without wasting any more time, Elari closed the television broadcast and read the verdict: Ilona Staller has been eliminatedbut not from the game.

She immediately headed to Playa Sgamada, but first gave Nicolas the nomination kiss. This is the TV percentageEdoardo was saved with 84% and Staller only with 16%. Then the presenter started a block to create the contestants to go to television. He asked the blind for two names: the commander in charge gave the names Guendalina and Licia. The two in turn chose other contenders to face in a test to save themselves from nomination: Guendalina chose Cucolo, and she chose Licia instead of Vaporidis. They challenged each other in the Vitruvian Man test: Gwendalina and Nicholas won. Licia and Cucolo are the first candidates for the episode.

Gwendolyn against everyone on the island, and her friend Federico ignites the fuse

In Palapa, he unleashes Gwendolyn against all, and he talks about a unique tribe that he is only a part of. He cannot accept some of the behavior of the ex-tiburun and does not agree that the ex-kucaracha turns the other cheek for peace. Federico Berna, Guindalena’s friend, consulting the presenter, sparked a new dynamic, or perhaps two. Speaking to his girlfriend, he told her that Nicolas was a “good Samaritan” and that Laura was wrong about him. As his brother Eduardo puts it: “It is peaceful, if everyone is against you, it will not be on your side.”.

I asked Laura Federico for clarification, who talked about the clips he had seen and didn’t like. But the drowned blamed him: “Burn the fire, you don’t do her good like that”. On the other hand, Eduardo did not respond to his son-in-law. Meanwhile, Alessandro distances himself from his mother Carmen: he no longer wants to sleep with her, but Carmen as a mother suffers from this. Clemente Russo is back in the game Laura hugged again. He accepted and passed the challenge, where he also risked getting rid of him.

Alessandro received a surprise from his sister Carmelina, who sent him a video message to encourage him. There was no shortage of tears: a moment of strong emotion, like last week! Big congratulations to the guy who likesCelebrity Island 2022. There was a surprise for the blind, too, but he had to make a difficult choice: talk to Greta, see her on video, or get a skewer for each person. He chose his girlfriend.

Blasey has formalized one The new challenger: Mercedes Hengerwhich had already sunk. However, he’s not the only new outcast to land in the upcoming installments. The bonus test saw Carmen compete for the women and Kokolo for the men: they all ate, in the end, because there was a tie. Also tonight the untouchables voted for the new leader: only some of them took part in the audition. The most voted names were Laura and Blind, but a third contender was needed and was chosen by Laura because she was the most voted. Roger chose.

Isola 2022, VAR Test Leader and Candidates on Monday 25th April

Laura won the test, but helped herself a little: she used one hand to propel herself and steps onto her knees. Alvin checked whether the regulation says so or not and invalidated the test, so The boss is Roger, runner-up to the end. He himself decided the three untouchables who made the obvious nomination and chose Alessandro, Carmen, and Lycia. Others were nominated for the position and then there was the leader’s name, Eduardo. The nominees are Licia, Marco Cucolo, Guendalina and Edoardo. These are the competitors’ nominations separately:

  • appointed Alessandro Nick;
  • named after Carmen Nick;
  • Licia Blind Filter;
  • Nicholas named blind.
  • Estefania named her Gwendalina.
  • nominated Clemente Nicholas;
  • Guendalina Blind nominated;
  • Laura Guendalina’s name.
  • a blind man named Guendalina;
  • appointed Eduardo Estefania;
  • Nick’s name is Stefania.
  • His name is Cocolo Guendalina.

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