Isola dei Famosi 2022 Episode 10: Elimination, Nomination, An Unexpected Turning Point

TonightCelebrity Island 2022 With Episode 10. Elari Blasey began the date with the clashes that were born in Honduras. In particular, Blind and Roger clash with brothers Tavassi and Nicolas Vaporidis over a misunderstanding with the carriages. The question was reopened about the captain’s test, which Lycia Nunez won last Monday. Estefania and Alessandro accused the latter this week of having won only thanks to them. Tonight, the artist confirmed that she asked her two companions to win the test, as it was important for her to win the leading test for her track.

Although the case ended with Licia Nunez being accepted, the public did not believe that Estefania wanted to grant immunity and the role of leader to his partner. The episode continued with the result of the TV broadcast, Marco Sines was forced to leave La Palapa He received 10% of the vote (Nick 46%, Ilona 26%, Roger and Estefania 18%). Soon, Elari Blasey allows Beatriz (Roger’s ex-girlfriend) and Etvania Bernal to engage in a long-distance confrontation. It all ended with an unexpected proposal from the host for the premiere.

Subsequently, a delicate moment was dedicated to Ilona Staller, who relived some difficult phases of his life. This episode appeared Second Elimination in La Palapa. The Cucaracha and Tiburon tribes challenged each other in a test that led to the former’s defeat. All of the group members ended up in the televised flash. The episode continued with a game featuring Carmen Di Pietro and her son Alessandro who was able to eat some meatballs.

The episode continued with a discussion between Nicholas Vaporides and Lycia Nunez. Actor Ilona Staller accused of not having any desire to help the group in various tasks. She thinks she can at least do something that doesn’t tire her so much, like cook rice. Licia immediately defended her friend, but Nicholas remained steadfast in his position. It’s time to find out The second elimination of the tenth episode of Al-Mashoor Island 2022.

It should be noted that those who are lost in this television flash, such as Marco Sines, have the opportunity to continue his experience in Honduras at the beach of Playa Sajamada. Lori del Santo Playa Palapa left with 6% (Nicolas 24%, Eduardo 23%, Guendalina 20%, Carmen 16%, Nick 11%). She and Senes chose to give Ilona the “Kiss of Judas.” With a statement, Elari Blasey announced important change for both tribes. At first, all the outcasts threw our panda into the stove. After that, the presenter read the production decision.

“The island spirit has decided that a turning point has come for each of you. […] The Tiburon and Cucaracha tribes no longer exist, and you will be playing against each other. Estefania and Roger are no longer around.”

Immediately after the vote, each outcast chose who gave him the chance to become Leader. Nicholas (Carmen, Nick, Nicholas, Gwendalina and Eduardo) got the most votes, Roger (Blind, Ilona, ​​Stefania and Laura) and Laura (Marco and Alessandro). The two had to choose who to bring with them among those of the same merit, namely Nick and Alessandro. On the other hand, Laura gave her place to the blind. The leaders were Nicolas, Roger, Alessandro and Blind. The rapper won and there was no shortage of controversy.

On Playa Sgamada, Gustavo Jeremias and Clemente Russo were champions in a new TV broadcast. Belin’s father asked the audience to force him to go home, and Vladimir Luxoria, who was already aware that the Argentine would not be strong in television broadcasting, advised him not to worry. “He will join his son Jeremias and the whole family.”Vladimir said loudly. Indeed, it was true Gustavo was eliminated tonight.

The nominationresulting in TV broadcast Ilona and Eduardo.

  • Nominated Licia Nicola;
  • Gwendolyn Roger is named;
  • appointed Eduardo Roger;
  • Estefania named Licia;
  • Laura Ilona’s name.
  • Alessandro nominated Ilona;
  • Nick’s name is Stefania.
  • Nicola’s name is Licia;
  • Marco Nicholas nominated;
  • Ilona’s name is Nicholas.
  • Roger named Licia;
  • She was named Carmen Ilona.
  • Blind appointed Eduardo as leader.

During the tenth episode, Roger receives a surprise from his son, a drawing and a letter. The model did not hold back tears of happiness. Instead, Nicholas Vaporidis was able to reveal how he feels about the person who’s been by his side for a few months, without revealing his identity.

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