In Saluzzo, appointments with START continue between art and history –

After the success of the first weekend with the opening of the 84th National Handicraft Fair and more than 3000 visitors in all areas of the upper city of Saluzzo with the exhibition in Casa Cavassa, exhibitions and workshops in the spaces of the former monastery of Ursuline and in Salita al Castello, the START activities and the activities of the 1st of May will be A new weekend full of initiatives.
(National Exhibition of Handicrafts, Civic Museum Casa Cavassa. Via San Giovanni 5 – Saluzzo. Sundays and holidays from 10 to 13 and from 14 to 19 – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 to 13 and from 14 to 18.)

Opens Wednesday, April 27 at 7 p.m. and continues Until the first of May In Giovanni’s Spazio from Il Quartiere la Character Side Gallery “Mutations as Various Deflections of the Louis XV Chair”. In a young and informal atmosphere and in cooperation with the professor Paulo DiNardonext to the arch. Luca Sgrilli – University of Civil and Environmental Engineering, START proposes a “living” side gallery in which young designer students, through their ingenuity, will renew Saluzzese craftsmanship over an extraordinary 96 hours within the spaces of medieval citizens. The challenge theme in this edition revolves around the theme and deviations of the LUIGI XV chair and its more modern interpretation.

In the impetus that leads from tradition to a broadening of the outlook towards the future, Saluzzo is becoming, more and more, a city of contemporary art. As for the other initiatives, the appearance of the Saluzzo Spring coagulates around itself new historical energies and prestigious collaborations in the multiplicity of proposals and initiatives that interpret the theme of reviving through the gaze of well-known and undiscovered artists.

starting from Thursday 28 May It also becomes START contemporary art.
from Thursday 28 Maya beautiful place for an exciting and budding collaboration with Paratisima It will take place in the spaces of Il Quartiere a Sculpture workshop led by artist Walter Vicenten titled Genius Lucy. The theme of the workshop will be the concept of re-inhabiting space and time, creating a site-specific sculpture of the precinct, home of the exhibition, using the raw material of memory: through a call on social media and not only asking citizens to actively participate by bringing in old furnishings or agricultural implements, from Iron or wood, to be included in this type of ceremonial monument, intended to honor tradition, and thus the genius place of the territory.

From Saturday 30 April to 22 May (Opening Friday April 29 at 6 pm) At the headquarters of Il Quartiere, in Piazza Montebello 1, it will be possible to visit The 27th Saluzzo Exhibition of Contemporary Art for the first time Powered by Paratisima.

Comprehensive exhibition project sponsored by Francesca Canfora It will be divided into large rooms in the area, Ex Caserma Musso, and will house about thirty artists in total, who will interpret the theme of bringing to life through the most diverse expressive techniques and languages. Along with younger emerging talents, more well-known artists with a long-term exhibition curriculum will be exhibiting, including Domenico BorelliAnd Carlo DoriaAnd Enrico Juliano And Walter Vicentenwho will, for the occasion, repopulate the county’s spaces with large sculptures and installations with an environmental dimension.
Among the most famous artists will also be present David Delio, better known as Boosta and the historic founder of Subsonica, who will be showing an audio installation created specifically for Start and the Street Artists Association. Circle and dropsare invited to present an in-depth project on their twenty-year activity of interventions on an urban scale, both nationally and internationally.
Always in the course of cooperation with Paratissima From April 29 to May 22 The Monastery of the Church of San Giovanni hosts animal spirit from Simon Benedetto To tell how sculpture can animate and repopulate space, poetically reinterpreting the spirit of a place.

Opportunities for in-depth analysis continue with START RTM: Thursday 28th April At 7 p.m., an informal titled conversation will be held at the headquarters of the Antico Palazzo Comunale. Slow production, slow values ​​according to Michelle Donalesio Starring one of the region’s innovative realities by offering a production model that is almost a philosophy.
Instead, Wood was the hero of Last Date Saturday 30th April 9.30 in the Hall of Mirrors in Il Quartiere. Legno Monviso: Towards a Forest Brand and the Local Supply Chain It will be a conversation led by Lucio Vaira of Walden srl between companies, local authorities and innovative projects, where the boundaries of the local forest brand will be defined, from chestnuts to handicrafts.

after saturday Meets The Costigliole Saluzzo Trekking discovery of oil coast, Sunday 1 May The scarecrows are finally returning to Castellar and for the occasion, special shuttle buses will depart from Start to bring everyone, young and old, to relive the great magic of sissy that return to invade the streets of the village.

Saturday 31 April and Sunday 1 May in Saluzzo Seminars, workshops and guided tours dedicated to handicrafts, on the occasion of the exhibition held in the evocative setting of the Casa Cavasa Civic Museum: A Journey Through the Ages revealing the traces of our past and the stories of the artisans.

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Started It is an event organized Amelito Bertone Foundation And Saluzzo Municipality. Technical guidance is entrusted to a beneficial body of the municipality of Saluzzo, which benefits from the cooperation Stefano RaimondiArtVerona Foundation Artistic Director with Italian experience. in partnership with Paratisima And IGAV – Garroso Institute of Visual Arts. They collaborate in building the event CR Saluzzo Foundation, UrcaAnd ratatogAnd Itur – MuSa, APM School Foundation, Saluzzo Schools, Bodies And local associations.

All information and details of the admission procedure and the program can be found on the website and on social profiles with the hashtag #Start21 on Facebook and Instagram @StartSaluzzo

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