In May, live music in Savona’s museums: “an act of love for the city and its artistic treasures”

Savona. a A mixture of art and music Through communication and communication with the city’s museums. It is from this principle that projectout of music“, Strongly Commissioned by the Teatro dell’Opera Giocosa and the Municipality of Savona and sustainable Economically fromvaluable contribution De Marie Foundation.

Every Sunday in May Thus, the exhibition spaces of Savona are transformed into universes of creativity capable of integrating the completeness of the artistic experience into one.

Live music in city museums

“Fuori di Musica” wants to be much more than the title of a project that was rejected on various tracks and focused on the season of small concerts Musica al Museo. The Sunday party series that – sponsored by Loris Orlando – for the public will in fact become the perfect magnifying glass on the treasures that the Savona region represents and preserves as it will include through live music The Historic places in the city “tell them” Through the city’s four main museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Sandro Bertini Museum, the Renata Cuneo Art Museum, the Ceramic Museum and the Civic Art Gallery.

Thus, it will not be the traditional concerts, but itineraries of excursions in which, through the exhibition halls, you will find within their context the element of sound and the element of works contained in them thanks to the interpretations of individual curators and Emanuela’s “music discs”. Ersilia Apis. with one ticket Entry (with a nominal amount), it will be possible Spend an hour in the museum while enjoying the beauty of the works on display and the great music.

The philosopher Emmanuel Levinas said “Wholeness and Infinity” about the polymorphic beauty and heterogeneity of everyday reality. the same thatSavona’s playful opera You will go to glorification through work Getting music out of theaters To make “Art as a universe experienced through four paths that make every Sunday in May (5pm) a respite capable of accommodating culture and magic.”

Di Stefano (OPERA GIOCOSA): “A Deed of Love for Savona and His Art”

“Thanks to the cooperation with the municipality and the De Mari Foundation, we will bring the music out of the theater to make it come alive in the emblematic places of our city – comments Giovanni Di Stefano, President and Artistic Director of the Giocosa di Savona Opera – as well as proposing a musical heritage of immense value that will reinforce each other with the artworks that will frame it. Project “Fuori di Musica” Supposed to be an act of love towards Savona and her art treasures Which makes it very rich in culture. Treasures which, through the immeasurable beauty of music, must be raised awareness because they represent a heritage that contributes to defining the special identity of the city.”

April 2022

COUNCILOR NEGRO: “Starting a Path to Promoting City Culture”

“Establishing a network of museums in the city is a great thing cultural path Long, made up of small and big steps and this, thanks to the great availability of the Jokosa opera and the indispensable support of the Fondation de Mare, is a beautiful debut – this is the comment of the Culture Counsellor, Nicoletta Negro -. let The beginning of a fruitful teamworkwhich sees museums, is the driving force behind many promotion initiatives, capable of embracing all the arts and making cultural Savona speak for itself.”

“It is a small seed ready to germinate – adds Negro – and the public has a key role in that. Indeed, on the occasion of these days we will give Citizen survey to understand who are the people entering and participating in these eventsWhy did they not enter the museum first, if they had already entered it, and why? So let’s start taking a picture of Savona from a cultural point of view in order to enhance the enjoyment of culture.”

April 2022

Pascual (Foundation Di Mare): “We support this growth project for the Earth”

The President of the Di Mare Foundation, Luciano Pasquale, concludes: “We support growth projects in the region and this is one of them, a means of promoting the cultural proposals of the city of Savona. We need to make our cultural heritage known to inspire healthy values ​​in the community. I thank the municipality of Savona, which has given impetus to culture by promoting it through projects like this. Today we need boldness and innovation, as well as to support the economic development of our lands. ”

April 2022

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