I’m not just a reality TV lover

From the exact dream of becoming a journalist to a career on television, from Alex Belli’s endless soap opera to his career desires. Soleil Sorge was told on tour in a long interview with Fanpage.it.

If there are tools to put a ranking of the most popular television personalities in recent months, Soleil rise Nothing will be stolen by placing it on the platform. Miss Italy, Beijing Express, Men and Women, L’Isola dei Famosi, GF Vip, a standard curriculum in which the reality show’s voice dominates. But there’s more, given Sully Sorge’s role in the soap with Alex Bailey, Beyond Gossip has been defined as an excellent experience”reality soap, which makes it more difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake. Familiarity with the small screen, massive firepower on social networks, young age and peculiar nuances of speech make Sorge an ideal prototype for contemporary VIPs, with more career ambitions that he tells us in this long interview.

Influencer, Television Face, Columnist, Reality Lady. But what exactly do you do in life?

I work in the world of communications and entertainment, but would not define myself as a TV personality primarily, precisely because my life is a collection of things due to the evolution of our world.

Solly Sorge accidentally hits Lulu who screams: ‘Blood bleeds, I won’t be on Thursday’

So is TV secondary to you?

Sure, today’s TV allows you to work, but it’s not always the place to be except for the old characters. It’s a great passion for me, but social networking allows for the personalization of one’s world which expands the communication possibilities of each of us.

There is also talk of you as a journalist, but you are not registered. Can you explain this to us?

My dream was to become a professional. From the moment I started working for magazines and also AS Roma, I found myself at a crossroads: to continue down the classic path, or to work with my image by collaborating with brands, something the press forbids you to do. Because it is in conflict with the profession. Faced with this choice, I had to decide, and while journalism and writing were still my passions, I thought my contact form could be different.

The fine line between reality and drama was the backbone of GF Vip. Have you seen this building from the inside?

Reality as a program decides to tell us the reality of the people who are put in a bubble, of whatever kind. Everything that happens is taken and pressed, as it does in the movie trailer, to put together the most interesting parts for the audience. I think GF Vip was very passionate about this, but on the inside we had no conception of it.

The authors seem to be the true spirit of programs like GF Vip. How heavy is their “writing”?

It wasn’t the authors who wrote what we should do, but the opposite: they write based on what’s happening in the program, whether it’s a meltdown, a story, or a fight. They go to capture the most interesting points and try to tell them in the most attractive way to the viewer, because we remember that we are still in the world of entertainment.

Sully Rising in the GF Vip, 2021

Sully Rising in the GF Vip, 2021

So what do those who think it’s a beautiful and good play get away with?

The primary factor to consider is the circumstances in which you are placed, extrapolated from daily life, comfort areas, and the people you might ask for advice. It is these conditions that create in a person an increase in the perception of his emotions, making them more rapid and intense. I also fell in love with one of these reality shows and it was an intense love that we felt even after we left the show.

If not fiction, then what is reality show?

It’s emotionally intense and I think the anthropological and behavioral interest in the reality show comes exactly from there. Comparison is a holiday with friends, when everything is more intense and fast. When you go back to your daily life it feels like a dream, a reality far from your life. But it does bring a lot, the connections you make in this context stay with you even when you go back to everyday life.

Created behaviors and attitudes that you will definitely see.

We often think of fiction in reality shows as situational and constructed stories, which is very rare and paradoxical, because it is so complex to construct a situation out of nothing in this context. On the other hand, what can be distorted is the individual, the person who can decide to position himself in a certain way, legalize and mitigate his own behaviors to determine situations.

some examples?

I think of Nathaly Caldonazzo, who entered the house with the express desire to provoke different people into different situations, certainly a bit for fun, because she was actually a very nice and interesting person. Another example is Patricia Pellegrino, who walked in with a very heavy clip with her leg extended above me and then lowered everything when I introduced myself. In short, it is a direction that a person chooses independently, and not at the request of the authors. There are those who are better than others at creating situations, but it’s more of a personal case. A little like in life.

Being cuddly and cute, you don’t seem to care. Is this a fair impression?

Yes, I have no interest in necessarily being a nice and lovable person. I know I am, I know my strengths, but when I find myself in front of a comparison, I don’t see the necessary need to be a kind and good person. You grew up in a society where you always had to prove that you were worthy and to be something. Having reached a “certain age”, i.e. no longer a child and creating myself, I realized that I don’t feel the need to pretend, but to be. If people understand it well, and come up with another idea, that’s fine too. I am interested in being myself.

After Miss Italia there were men and women, Beijing Express, The Island of the Famous, GF Vip. Is it actually a profession?

It certainly is, because it gives you a way to make money and work, but then the reality shows end and don’t necessarily give you the visibility, lighting, and prestige you were looking for. I think it’s a must-do experience if you’re into the entertainment world, but also in life regardless. Beijing Express, the island of celebrity, I would recommend it to anyone. Even Big Brother, maybe not six months, are all ways that give you something and let you go deeper.

In competition at Miss Italia 2014

In competition at Miss Italia 2014

The Alex Bailey episode was the TV series of the year. What happened?

It was such a beautiful relationship with a wonderful person that I will undoubtedly enter into my life as a friend.

What changed after that?

The commodification of our relationship, and the constant desire to repeat this story of a potential triangle, when I was never interested in having a relationship with him beyond friendship, separated me, and left me puzzled by the possibility of a search that forced me into certain situations. If our friendship ends, it is because when you know someone and become attached to them, some events make you change your mind about those people.

Are you sorry that it went this way?

Yes, without a doubt.

Not even sporadic messages on Whatsapp now?

No, unlike many other people I have been in contact with, from Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Bacciano to Katia Ricciarelli.

As far as the borderline is concerned, your story has tickled the belly of the country, prompting the audience to research topics such as “polygamy.” Did she want?

Absolutely yes, in our youth and without assuming that was what we were trying to do, to be able to somehow shake society into feeling free to love and be ourselves. We knew what was going on and I thought I should take responsibility if at some point the entire relationship between me and Alex came to communicate something wrong and wrong. When it comes to “love polygamy,” that wasn’t necessarily the message. It would be nice to set an example for someone else, but it wasn’t for me.

Before joining GF Vip, you said you were in a relationship with a mysterious figure. Is this an ongoing story?


Will you remain mysterious?

In a world where everyone is interested in creating love stories, I’m interested in putting them aside and keeping them as private as they should be.

After Big Brother you are in La Pupa and Nerdy. It now appears that the transition from competitor to columnist is a mechanism for television.

It doesn’t seem like it happens very often. Certainly there was the case of Tommaso Zorzi, who had a great personality and irony, and the many factors that lent himself to the role of Al Jazeera. I think it’s a direct result of what you’re showing on a reality show, I tried to show myself in 360 degrees and was hoping that I’d have a chance, and that someone would also notice my skills at work.

Competitor, then columnist. Management appears to be a natural outcome. Do you hope for that?

It has always been my secret dream, from studies to auditions in the bedroom, to lead my soft game, to experiments as a manager in recent years. Actually I hope so, can’t wait.

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