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The singer speaks for himself from the first stage in Paris, waiting for the competition in Turin

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PARIS – It may be a question of DNA, a Sardinian mother and an Egyptian father, but a question of barriers and boundaries that is not only geographical is a topic that goes back to Mahmoud’s life and career. “Touring in Europe, singing songs abroad with audiences who speak other languages ​​gives me great happiness. The music moves beyond language and cultural barriers, it unites everyone and the exchange that happens on air confirms this,” he says at the end of the Bataclan concert in Paris, opening a European tour that will take him to Antwerp, Amsterdam, Lausanne, Zurich, London and Madrid.

Right after the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. He will represent Italy with Blanco and “Brulli”, the winner in Sanremo. Second place in 2019 Mahmoud granted a passport to Europe. In the following months, “Money” was a huge success with more than 100 million inflows, 57% of which came from abroad. Bookmakers imagine them in second place. If the owl is alone. “Italy cannot win two years in a row… That’s how it went with football: in 2020 victory and this year.” The focus is on Ukraine. “What is happening does not equal the victory of Eurovision 20. So if he can help, I will make Ukraine win.”

The organization decided to exclude Russiaand how we argue with tennis whether it is right to make artists (or athletes) pay for government mistakes. “The highest levels are involved in organizing the event in the Rai. I think that’s the case for Russia as well, and these people probably don’t want to be there. And then… Russia vs. Ukraine? I feel like I’m saying aren’t you ashamed? ». Achille Lauro will also be in the race, under the San Marino flag. “It is strange to think of going against our country, but I respect the choice to go with San Marino, because as a result he has to put up with everything they say behind him. All in all he did it badly.”

Bataclan has been sold outAbout 1700 people including the designer
Christian Louboutin, the majority of Italians but languages ​​in the audience mingling. On the gallery stairs, you can still see bullet traces from the 2015 attack in which 90 people were killed. On stage he spoke about “music that should unite and not divide: timeless”. He deepens the topic: “During the training, I felt a little anxious and tense. But I also realized that music is used to beat certain moments. In places like this, people create connections that shouldn’t be broken.”

On stage wearing a metallic dress, almost uniform superhero. A vertical screen and elegant lights make for a scenography that will also return on Italian dates: “Experimental option and simple style.” Voice usage is not minimal. Since “Dei,” the song that opened the group, he’s been embroidering the tunes with an imprint that seems to carry his Arabic origins inside. “It’s a choice I’ve made because it always hurts to sing the same way, but sometimes I think I’m more of an American fisherman than a muezzin.” From the front rows comes a request for a piece in Arabic: “Aradwa,” Sabri Aliel, by the Egyptian Shireen. I did it at Notte della Taranta 2020. It’s been a long time since I trained with Arabic and I apologize for the pronunciation. At that time I had studied pronunciation with my dear hairdresser.”

Ancient Egypt gods fill images in ‘Dorado’. “T’amo” is the song dedicated to my mother and contains the classic Sardinian song “Non potho reposare”. With my father, the feelings expressed in Soldi were even rougher: “I haven’t heard it lately, I did it after San Remo. When all this is over and I have more time, there will be a way for us to face each other. My mom works as a mediatorHe always did so even when he let me go to Egypt at the age of eight despite the conflicting opinions in the family: they were afraid he wouldn’t let me back. You didn’t speak badly of him.

Autotune exists, but it’s a tool, not a hoax to cover doubts. Sounds more on the electronics and on the Cobra, the synths have the same impulse power as the electric eyelashes of an Ikaru guitar. The ending is pushed by two songs: “Barrio” and “Rapid”. The audience sings Blanco’s part in “Goosebumps”: “I never got tired, thought I’d listen to it on the plane coming here.” And in the apparition “Soldi” is an “exaggerated closure”.

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