“I was the first to introduce female homosexuality into the cinema.”

by Letizia Cini

L ‘female homosexuality It was hardly alluded to, but these “details” were enough to impose a censorship ban on minors under the age of 18 on the film. It was 1964 and young and sexy Giovanna Raleigh (now 87) bravely interpreted the scandalous role of lesbians, along with Anouk Emmy, in Paolo Spinola’s Escape.

Giovanna Raleigh (87) in 1964 bravely played the then scandalous role of a lesbian, along with Anouk Aimee, in the film

Giovanna Raleigh, 87, played the lesbian role in 1964 with Anouk Aimee in Paolo Spinola’s The Escape.

April 26, Lesbian Vision Day

mark Lesbian Seeing Day, April 26, it is good to remember how slow and full of obstacles the acceptance of female homosexual love was. However, there are many homosexual female characters who are heroes of world history. Writers, artists, actresses, presenters, and women of culture, politics and entertainment who have made themselves sexual orientation Worker.

The first lesbian in Italian cinema: Giovanna Ralli

Return to the big screen in Italy with escape for the first time the topic He made it to the cinema thanks to a director who was able to investigate the female soul, flog the bored and sinister fashions of the bourgeoisie, and took up such unusual topics as Psychoanalysis (using technician like Professor Bellanova) and boldness likefemale homosexuality, hardly mentioned but sufficient to ban censorship. in the movie Anouk Emmy (modern translation of ‘8 and a half fellini‘) shows the usual gloomy atmosphere of a murderous woman, in order to give life to a wonderful gay woman during Giovanna RaleighVery Well, plays a woman steeped in doubts and hesitations, repressed in her homosexuality, dissatisfied as daughter, wife, and mother.

Giovanna Raleigh, 87, played the lesbian role in 1964 with Anouk Aimee in Paolo Spinola's The Escape.

Giovanna Raleigh, 87, played the lesbian role in 1964 with Anouk Aimee in Paolo Spinola’s The Escape.

An unusually rich bourgeois role for her, which until that point she had played only in parts tacky peasant. On May 3, Giovanna Raleigh will receive the David Di Donatello Award for Lifetime Achievement. A career spanning more than seventy years, in which he watched a lot of Italian cinema, and also touched the great Hollywood cinema. “Piera Detassis, president of David Academy, called me. And I thought of a moment in my whole life, especially my first day at Cinecittà “, the words of the actress who for the first time played the character of a lesbian woman in Italian cinema. “Yeah- he smiles Giovanna Raleigh – In Paolo Spinola’s “Escape.” It was 1964, and she was a beautiful character, married, fascinated by another woman, played by Anouk Emmy. I wanted to do something different, it was a correct hunch: I won a silver ribbon for this movie.”

Scandal Film: Forbidden to minors under the age of 18

Poster for the brave movie La fufa, directed by Paolo Spinola, 1964

Poster for the 1964 movie The Escape, directed by Paolo Spinola

movie that Caused a scandal: A committed and introspective film for many even lustful In some of the sequences you see the two women alone in the bathroom and in the bedroom. But it was 1964: here the director always fades in time, also because homosexuality does not bear fruit, not even when Pera leaves her husband. The semantic is the dream of the eye that is delivered to see the reality but the woman still escapes and Refuse to accept latent homosexualitywho will eventually decide not to confess to her husband.

The mission of the Italian Lesbian Feminist League

Lesbian Seeing Day It has been a symbol of freedom for more than three-quarters of a century,” explains the postItalian Lesbian Feminist Association (www.associazionelesbica.it) whose mission is to Combating discrimination against lesbian, bisexual, transgender*, bisexual, gay, bisexual and transgender women+, “To ensure equal rights and opportunities in every field and at every level.”
Traditionally, freedom from oppression, censorship, violence and dictatorship – the text reads -. It is one of the most important celebrations in our history, but for women’s history, it sometimes takes different degrees. That strength, that resilience, that ability to resist and cooperate for freedom has never been given up. seventy seven years agoItaly liberated itself from Nazi fascism, leaving behind some of the darkest pages in our political and social history. But what it did not get rid of is the system that, generation after generation, has continued to spread a culture that has made this species – and not only – a valuable and distinctive component of the right to self-determination. A system that generally teaches how to get pregnant woman as a being For disposal, functional interchangeability and care.”

Giovanna Raleigh, 87, played the lesbian role in 1964 with Anouk Aimee in Paolo Spinola's The Escape.

Giovanna Raleigh, 87, played the lesbian role in 1964 with Anouk Aimee in Paolo Spinola’s The Escape.

“The liberation from Nazi fascism was a real transformation in our history, but it was not the same for everyone – a continuation of the mission of the Italian Lesbian Feminist Association -. Indeed, since then we have continued to play as resistance. Every day of these 77 years We fought for another inch of freedom from gender-based violence, discrimination, harassment, pay inequality and stereotypes. Every single day of these seventy-seven years, we have continued to fight back against a patriarchal society that wants us to be silent, humble, humble, and drenched. We fought every day for this freedom to have the same weight for everyone, everyone, and everything*. We will continue to do so for the next 77 years if necessary. Happy lesbian seeing day!The post concludes with a proposal for the story of some women who chose to appear and decide themselves despite the time and social role that was imposed on them, and which we appeal to Los!


Rose Bonor

Rose Bonheur was born in 1822, and is remembered as Early French Realist painter, but above all to be a free and self-determined spirit. “I wear the pants and this dress is completely natural. The Creator has given us both feet, and I don’t understand why women can’t move more comfortably and comfortably.” Rose never respected the aesthetic or social canon required and imposed on women of her time: she wore short hair, usually male clothes, drank and smoked cigars, painted and studied anatomy Animals I love to draw.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres was the first woman to go out in prime time on a national network

Ellen DeGeneres was the first woman to go out in prime time on a national network

Ellen DeGeneres She is one of the most famous and popular women in western television entertainment. cartoons, Presenter, Actress and Producer. On the show since the early 1980s, when after the death of his former partner, he made his debut with the monologue Phone Call To God. Forty years later, he’s still making America smile – and beyond – with The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It was Elaine The first woman to go out in prime time on a national network. The revelation that remains in historyYes, I’m gay“It cost her a part of her career.

Gertrude Stein

Gertrude Stein was one of the most amazing personalities of the 20th century. Writer, poet, and lover of art and science (He was studying psychology and neuroscience), he created one of the most famous artistic and literary salons in history, which collected some of the most famous artists: from Picasso to Matisse, from Hemingway to Fitzgerald. In a world of male artists, Stein has emerged as the most dissonant voice of her era. A critic, consultant and friend, her Parisian salon was a point of reference for every thinker of the time. But it was also and above all the cradle of literary production aimed at deconstructing custom and blending genres. Just as in Cubist painting, Stein explored the principle of literary decomposition. I loved Alice B.

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