“I helped Kim Kardashian become more refined. My husbands resented »

Artist: “Live paintings? It hurts to see her fade.” My childhood on the lake: “My mother took me away from London when I was very young, she wanted to be alone on Lake Garda. I was a child with no TV, no phone, no car, no father … “

“Do you want to know why you left Italy twenty-five years ago?”

Maybe it didn’t feel understood, is it happening?
“But perhaps! I wish I had understood a little, understood a little, and appreciated a little. I left for quite the opposite. I performed by showing nude women in the hope that the audience would anger. I wanted to create conflict and instead nothing: they came to see me, And they didn’t get scandalous, they said things like “It’s turning into a contemporary Piero della Francesca!”. There is a lot of culture in Italy, very much. Culture always makes me uncomfortable. Instead of attending art high school, I wanted to do classical studies, study Greek and Latin “I know nothing today. It also makes me uncomfortable to go to Sicily: everyone knows everything there and instead I feel that I do not have the basis for understanding what is there, I feel inadequate.”

In 1997 he chose to go to the United States.

“I needed a more ignorant audience to disagree with, the United States as well. Just think, after so many years they still look at me with suspicion.”

He will be happy with that.
“Not much now, I am a little tired. Being there to fight, like I’m a veteran, I probably don’t want to anymore. In fact, I don’t even know what I want. It’s like the book I’ve been holding since 2011: I write, delete, rewrite, and bring back. Krause has seen it, and she wants to help me complete it.”

Chris Krause, author of “Love Dick”?
“Hey. A lot of intellectuals out there despise me, and instead Krause says I am a ‘genius.’ He repeats to me I don’t change anymore, I don’t touch anything anymore. It’s an interview book, Vanessa: copy, cut, print, stop.”

. live images Vanessa Beecroft It made her one of the most famous Italian artists in the world. Her performance—which featured mainly women and ranged from eating disorders to “genetic diversity,” chasing the mirage of “human equality”—caused audiences and critics everywhere to discuss. Born in Genoa in 1969, Italian mother and British father, childhood on Lake Garda, Technical High School in Genoa, Brera Academy, then fame in Italy and the USA, where she collaborated for years with rapper Kanye West, Beecroft is nowadays in Rome for inspection in Cinecitta. The president of the Istituto Luce-Cinecittà Chiara Sbarigia persuaded her, after a long exchange of emails and without ever speaking to her on the phone, to close a trilogy of exhibitions in which she reflects on the relationship between women and strength. It was called “Athar al-Wo’a”, in reference to the film “Athar al-Mijn” by the director George Clooney. Beecroft’s fall performance will be the highlight of the show. Beecroft and Spriggia understood each other thanks to a code of their own, possibly stemming from the fact that they both grew up in families who chose not to own a TV. “I didn’t even have a phone,” Beecroft adds.

What did I miss when I was a kid?
“Everyone. I was a ‘child without’. Without TV, without phone, without father, without church, without children, without cars. My mother took me very little away from London, like a refugee. She wanted to be alone, in the countryside, between her readings and her music » .

Did she miss her father?
“Very much. She sent me messages, and I read them and wept. I kept looking at his picture, he looked like Michael Caine. Classy, ​​elegant, impeccable in taste and dress, a true British: the exact opposite of my mother.”

Did he blame his mother for this deficiency?

‘A bit’. Nevertheless I was a good child. We went to live on Lake Garda, in the midst of nature. I was a happy child but a bit solitary.’

Did he have any other siblings?

“One. But my mother sent him to live with his grandparents. He was too small for two children. Already from elementary school I went to school on foot for free. With my girlfriend who arrived by car with her father, we would meet in front of the grocery store: she was eating sandwiches and snacks, nothing » .

Have you been fasting all morning?
“An apple from the house, stop. As for snacks and the like, my mother claimed that if I had tasted them I would have become stupid. I was afraid of being stupid, so I stayed away. I looked at my mates eating, what do I know, some potato chips in bags and said to myself ‘Oh my God, these are all idiots’. What was true of food, was also true of music. So we listened to Enzo Ganaci’s rise to classical music.”

She has four children.
Three boys and a girl: the oldest is twenty years old and the youngest is nine. Do you want to ask me if I too have become like my mother? A little like her, a little in the opposite direction. I’m the other way around when I’m also on my kids, while my mom basically lets me grow up on my own; But I also like her a little bit when I scare them about things that make them stupid.”

Always snacks?

“Not only. In my house there is a ban on talking about money and brands. I tell my children: You can buy brands and wear them but you should never name them. Everyone who talks about brands becomes stupid.”

You have been heavily criticized by the art world for associating your name with so many brands.
“I choose to work with brands with which I can open up a dispute and fight it from within. Did Vuitton expand in the era of colonialism? Well, in my performance, I emptied their shelves on the Champs-Elysées and gathered some black and white girls, crammed together as if they were dressed. At that time there was Marc Jacobs: I put his things away, and I brought back the old baggage that was in their museum.”

You will become very rich.

“If I wanted to keep up with the market, I would complicate my life a lot less than I did. I’m looking for some kind of struggle, always. But in America you can’t survive if you have that kind of perpetual struggle with everyone. I’ve always quarreled with the owners of the galleries I didn’t accept Gagosian’s terms, I let the door shut, and I make mistakes often.”

Is she from the left?

“I would like to define myself as a Marxist in purity, in the sense of the aesthetics of Marx and Engels. At first I also said it in the States, then I stopped repeating it because they looked at me so hard.”

Have you fallen in love many times?

“Maybe a lot, maybe never. I don’t know. My husband left me the same way. No scenes, no quarrels, no betrayal, no bad things. One day they got up, opened the door and left. The first time in eight years was the guy who brought me to Los Angeles in 2008.” Because he was hired to work for Warner Bros. With the second we’ve been together for thirteen years, he left home last year. They probably couldn’t stand my way of being anymore, they were pissed off by my way of life. And so, after twenty years of marriage, I’m now alone and neither I even know how to move. This thing saddens me but sometimes makes me happy, what happens to me frightens me and arouses curiosity.”

Partnership with rapper Kanye West?
“I was born at the end of my first marriage. He’s been looking for me for months but I haven’t answered the phone. I didn’t even know who he was. We still work together today but that’s not a constant thing: sometimes he pays me, sometimes he doesn’t, sometimes he gives me too much money for doing nothing, and he goes in periods. We communicate through assistants because, so to speak, I have social problems (smiling
) I do not have direct relationships with many people. Among other things, he asked me to work with his wife Kim kardashian To make it more accurate I have done so.”

You do not draw pictures or make sculptures. Nothing was left of his performance. How do you feel at the end?

“My heart breaks every time. Some of the girls who have worked with me come back sometimes to see me but I pretend not to recognize them, for me they end up with the work. It hurts and I love that feeling of having nothing left at the end of it all. I see my shows and I don’t like anything. ‘I will change everything. It’s time to understand that they have been appreciated by others and are already gone, I can’t help it.'”

Why did you choose the technical high school and not the classic high school that you liked so much?
“I felt, how to say, ‘Call.’ And I answered ».

Try to imagine how art history manuals will describe it in a hundred years.

“Something like” Vanessa Beecroft, who was born in Genoa, lived etcetera, is responsible for the invention of groups of women organized in geometric formations, which disintegrate on Earth from an initial erect position into an Aristotelian unity of time, space, and action; Each group is in constant conflict with the public.

Do you know yourself

“Actually no. I’m nobody. I wake up in the morning and don’t know what to do, if my opera is really mine, if my beautiful children are mine, if I really do these things. Or not.”

What do your children say about your work?
“My children know nothing of what I do. We went to Palazzo Abatellis, in Palermo, the place I like. The manager saw me, ran towards me shouting “Vanessa Beecroft!” Other people turned around. My children looked at me as if they were saying “But why do they know you?” ».

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