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The cult actress: «Alessandro caused great chaos in places that were often closed, only to find himself in the middle of a street. Edwig Finch? You’ve never been a friend (but not even an enemy)”

“I grew up in a family where there was absolutely no difference of any kind. Not for skin colour, not for religion, let alone gender. My sister has always been bisexual and has never been a problem for us remotely. Barbara Bouchet will be the godmother for the 37th edition of the festival. Lovers Film directed by Vladimir Luxuria which opens on Tuesday and will be held at Cinema Massimo until May 1st.

On Tuesday evening, at the opening ceremony, Bouchet will have a 360-degree interview with director Luxuria speaking on tour about a career of over 60 years that has made her loved and valued by everyone and everyone. It included Quentin Tarantino and Italian women.

How was born caring for your lovers?

“One day I was at the central station in Milan and met Vladimir by chance. We had a chat and then said goodbye. She came back and asked for my phone number because, she said, she had an idea. We are here.”

What will your contribution to the festival be?

“I bring my post, totally yes to civil rights for everyone. I argue that the LGBTQ+ community should have the same rights as everyone else.”

When I arrived, was Italy racist?

“At first, no. I come from California where we lived with other communities different in color, religion, and sexual tastes. Nobody found it strange in any way. I definitely have more gay friends than others, they are amazing people with whom I have a great affinity. I don’t know where I would be without them.

Were women in your erotic days dying of jealousy over you?

“Italian women have always shown me respect and affection. I am so grateful for them. And to this day, they give me ten times more praise than a woman. My best friends are all women: Eva Zanichi, Gloria Gueda, Marisa Loreto. Most of all Corinne. Cleary.

When she was young, she, too, was a refugee. What do you remember?

“I have always been an immigrant. My family had to leave Czechoslovakia because of the Russian invasion. They told my grandfather to take his hat and leave. They were displaced to a refugee camp in Germany. The children, if there were no horrors of war around, happily they always found a way to adapt. Then we went with My father went to America, and we gathered cotton in the fields. I always did. When I see what is happening in Ukraine, where the lives of fugitives are piled up in their wagons, I am filled with suffering. Please just finish the pesto.”

What do you want today?

“I love my work very much. In the morning when I wake up and have a group to go to, I am happy. I accept everything, great-grandmother roles too. My past does not torment me, “I was considered a beautiful woman, a sex symbol …”. It is enough for me to carry on and stay in a good health “.

Controversy over the lack of roles for mature women?

“True, there is none, not even in the United States. The only place they are is France. But I am not complaining but I am satisfied with the minor roles ».

Was the rivalry between you and Edwige Fenech right?

“We were never friends or even enemies. We’ve both made so many movies that we’ve been busy with some of them every single day. Producers always want one or the other.”

His son Alessandro Borghese gets into a media fray over his claims of free work in the kitchen to learn. What do you think?

“I think it’s been a bit misrepresented. My two kids had grown up how to run their own way, without financial help from me. Alessandro made a big mess, getting in and out of kitchens that often closed only to find himself in the middle of a street. He is a hard worker.” I also had professional training, and I kept my eyes open to understand and learn.”

Do you like Turin?

“Very, very, very much. Here is the best theater audience in Italy. At the Museum of Cinema I will give all the awards that I have won in my career and many other things.”


“Thanks to him, all my films revived a second guy. They could have ended up in oblivion. I didn’t want to believe it when he said I was his favorite actress. To think I never watched one of his films, I don’t like spots ».

Do you see other lovers in your future?

“I have been married for a long time. I am a person who is comfortable with herself, even if she is alone. If a new love arrives, I am here waiting for him. Otherwise, it is okay ».

Do you have a favorite movie?

“It is impossible to say that there are 120 films behind this. Some of them are better advertised and therefore have a special place for the audience, such as Spaghetti at midnight, Milan 9 caliber, Casino Royale… ».

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