How much does a chef earn in Italy: all the numbers

Alessandro Borghese

Restaurants increasingly understaffed, and while people of the caliber of Alessandro Borghese and Flavio Briatore fueled controversy with their statements, the question arises: How much do you earn as a chef? And generally to work in a restaurant?

The answer is clearly not one-to-one, because a lot depends on the degree of experience, the type of duties, as well as the premises. However, there is a basic framework to offer collective agreement For the catering industry, which provides a lowest wages For the chef who passes by Total 1600 to 1700 EURAn average of 14 months and 40 hours of work per week.

These are the starting wages, unions affirm, given that – as mentioned – much depends on the experience of the worker, on the demand and needs of the employer, and on work hours As well as from market demand. In a period when it is difficult to find employees, for example, the salary of a chef can necessarily increase, although a lot depends on who makes the investment.

How much does a chef earn per month?

to me JobbydooAn Italian portal specializing in the job search sector The average monthly net salary of a chef is around 1,850€, It equals approximately €35,500 gross per year, a figure that clearly differs from the minimum indicated in the national employment contract. However, the numbers vary, and even a lot, depending on the degree: according to the portal, which analyzed job advertisements published in the past 12 months, the minimum net salary starts from 900 euros for numbers with little experience such as apprentices or cooks .. from the sixth levels. , rising to 3200 to reach a Maximum €6800: They are the most experienced profiles, Like a chef, a cruise ship chef, or a star-starred chef.

Jobbydoo’s analysis also takes experience into account, and proves it a Chef with less than 3 years experience He can expect an average gross salary of around €1,240 per month, and a chef is in the middle of his career, with 4-9 years of experience, his average salary can be around €1,780, while an experienced chef with experience earns between 10 and 20 years at an average of 2540 euros. A late-career chef with more than 20 years of experience can expect an average gross salary of €3,550.

Alessandro Borghese and the controversy over youth and work

The issue, as mentioned, is very subjective in light of the imminent departure of the summer season and two years after the pandemic in which the catering sector has been severely penalized through shutdowns and other measures to contain the infection from Covid-19. The controversy over the lack of workers in kitchens and restaurant halls recently provoked the statements of Alessandro Borghese, star of “Quattro Restaurants”, according to which the problem will be at the level of generations: young people, Borghese emphasized, who is also the owner. Milano Restaurant “Luxury of Simplicity” and is looking for collaborators, “Go ahead Stick around for the weekend to have fun with friends. And when they decide to try, they do so with the arrogance of those who feel they have arrived,” he told Corriere della Sera. Emphasizing that they find it very difficult to find people who are willing to work.

“Today the boys have realized that being in the kitchen or the living room does not mean living in a group. Do you want to be Alessandro Borghese? You have to work hard – it’s a claim to an important pay,” he said in an interview with the newspaper. I have no problem saying that Working to learn does not necessarily mean getting paid. Served on cruise ships with an approved board of directors and accommodation. Stop. I was fine with it: the opportunity was well worth the salary. Today there are children without art or part who do not have the slightest intention of investing in themselves. Lack of dedication to work, lack of attachment to the shirt.”

The statements that inevitably provoked a barrage of reactions from both professionals and youth are called into question. They pointed out that the main problem in this sector is very low wages And the extravagant hours, Borghese seemed to want to ask the boys to work without pay. Question and answer by Flavio Briatore and Filippo La Mantilla Borghese support.


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