Horoscope for the week from May 2 to May 8

Horoscope for the week from May 2 to May 8
Horoscope for the week from May 2 to May 8

New month, new stars! What awaits the twelve zodiac signs in May that begin under the best care of all? Let’s find out with Horoscope for the week from May 2 to May 8 by Tua City Mag.

Sky horoscope next week

The mayo It brings a lot of interstellar news. The Sun Continues to shine warm and enveloping in Taurusbut the main news for the sky is about two fast planets. Mercury Enter In Gemini He is in glorification. This means that in this zodiac sign who embodies dynamism and communication, he is completely relaxed and that feeling well will gain all the signs that they will all become more energetic and fast. also Venus Change house and start May 3 in AriesLight the fire of the opening in all. Let’s see now, sign by sign, how the energies of your horoscope will affect next week.


May will be a beautiful month for you Aries! Your spring continues in the best way, the stars push you towards Goals you’ve been chasing for some timeBut, despite your determination, it seemed to elude you. Now you really have a chance to achieve your goals, as long as you are guided not only by your head, but also by your heart. This will be the additional weapon that will make you intuitive and successful.


Dear Taurus, happy birthday! The power of the sun warms your days and your soul. You have always been very determined in your affairs, but now you are invincible. If you are convinced of the need to reach a goal, and if you have something obsessive about it, make sure that you will reach what you want in the next few weeks, without much effort. What the stars want is for you to focus on what you want and want with all your conviction. Everything else will come naturally, because heaven wants to celebrate a birthday with you that will leave its mark on your life.


Dear twinsWarm up your engines because the horoscope of the week from May 2nd to May 8th brings you tons of fuel, everything you need to make you win your race. This extraordinary fuel is called Mercury, your heavenly Father whom you know very well how much he loves you and considers you his favorite children. Sign of dynamism, communication and business. All the things that set you apart and are especially close to your heart. So after the last period of ups and downs that lasted for a very long time, there is now your nearest star illuminating you with your own bright light. Inexhaustible entrepreneurial spirit. We are all waiting to see in what amazing business or success all this precious impact will be achieved.


Dear cancerYour horoscope for the first week of May sees you rediscovering one strength and another Belief in yourself and your means I had forgotten about it for a while. The focus for the next few days is definitely work. You have been a little dissatisfied for some time, thinking you deserve more, but unable, despite will and attempts, to be truly noticed for promotion, career advancement, and the acquisition of a new client. Or the project you aspire to. Well, do not be discouraged, but go on with all this giving yourself what you do and desire, because in the next few days the stars will want to reward your commitment and ambitions, if you can persevere, the news you have been hoping to hear for some time will soon arrive.


Dear LionDay they distributed patience I was absent. It is a more correct consideration at this time. What increases you nervous It is a certain difficulty in communication and misunderstanding that makes you feel isolated, even surrounded by a large group of colleagues, collaborators and superiors who do not cooperate and do not give you the attention, appreciation and respect you deserve. If this is the situation in the workplace, we cannot help but point out that perhaps the reason is, too, that at this moment it is better to give a little more space and time to your special one whom you have neglected so much lately. Love, first and foremost, but also original friends and family and in short, all your deepest relationships that need your attention. It will also be a powerful recharge to better address thorny business issues.


Dear BakrThere are no particular clouds to cover the sky, however, your horoscope for this week from May 2 to May 8 finds you with Nerves at the edge of the skinSo we have to stop and ask ourselves, What’s going on? What does your anxiety depend on on seemingly calm days? You can’t say you’re particularly tired or stressed because this spring you’re finding the right balance between commitments and free time. So maybe there is something deeper and more hidden that only you can discover. What is certain is that with a little detachment you will realize that there are no specific, real causes for anxiety and stress that come from the external environment, and therefore you will likely have to dig inside only yourself.


Dear Balanceif there is a little of Marietta, don’t petrify this, because they are fleeting clouds that must certainly be dealt with, but problems do not worry about too much. The best thing you can do during this time is to take your time, and also take a deep breath whenever you want to discuss and focus instead on the work where the interesting perspectives began. Roll up your sleeves and devote yourself to this part of your life, the rest will be fixed in a matter of days with a little patience.

The scorpion

Dear exploreThis spring is really there for you season of love. There is nothing else from which you can derive the same satisfaction from which you will reap the same number of successes in this part of 2022. Irresistible seducers, wise and emotional, a glimpse enough to beat anyone who was good enough to conquer your interests. If your love is long lasting, then these days you will experience a beautiful rediscovery of feelings and complicity.


Dear SagittariusYour horoscope week from 2 to 8 may see you in a stage grand embodiment. You’ve really put in a lot in the last few weeks, you’ve been running, you’ve been busy, you’ve had your time and energy, and now you’re reaping the rewards of a long, hard work that is now a good job over. Here, the spring of growth represents you and above all the affirmations, in the fact that your commitment has succeeded in achieving the hard-earned results. Now you just have to enjoy it.


Dear CapricornThis beautiful sun pushes you forward towards your ambitions. But, beware, for once these days you may not believe lose some clarity. You are a sign of practicality, concreteness, and an eye that is always fixed on the lens, you can enter into confusion over a small unexpected event, yet it is always able to undermine many certainties of granitic. Of course, it’s also known that flexibility and improvisation aren’t really areas where you feel comfortable. Perhaps just to help you develop these overly neglected skills, the stars of the zodiac next week are enjoying putting you to the test. We’ll see if you can pass the test.


Dear AquariumAnd Stop wasting time! That the Sun in Taurus is not an enemy, it is a test that must be overcome. To help you get over the obstacle this week are coming new positions, beautiful for you, for Venus and Mercury. The whole sky invites you to regain the momentum with which you attacked the beginning of the year, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It’s time to let go of delays and dedicate yourself 100% to your goals. And if you still have some weight that’s keeping you from flying, find the right way to get rid of it.


Dear fish Watch the sky for the week from May 2 to May 8 a little lazy. Can the good news of this period convince you that you can now count on your laurels and live on an income? I hope this is not the case, because there will be no more wrong steps for you. It’s okay to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but remember that the finish line is just another point where you can resume your race to another goal.

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