He’s crying and Maria intervened, Alex has something to do with it

Lorella Kucarini brought Luigi back to Amici in 21 For his opinion, which he expressed a few days ago. The teacher did not like what the student said Rudy Al-Zorbi On his behalf, when he points out that although he says he doesn’t want to embarrass the other students in the end, he’s throwing gloves on for his students. As all, or nearly all, teachers do, and as the Challenge Mechanism envisions: Show what one student excels at. Thus, the other sins compared to those who excel. Otherwise, it will be enough for your pupil to take a test without provoking the opponent. Often the question is asked of a mechanism by students themselves and part of the audience, but it is there.

Although Laurella was a pupil teacher who always said whatever he thought of, even when it would be best for her to remain silent, as soon as Luigi said something he didn’t like, he demanded to meet him at once. He showed the singer the moment of the day that he did not appreciate, which is when I The gauntlet is clearly in favor of Sissy and Alex Luigi commented:

“Beautiful, fair but the song is feminine and of course there’s Sisi, it’s more in their best interest. That doesn’t seem fair to me from my point of view. Sure Laurella is beautiful, but on the inside… If you throw the gauntlet it’s because you think what you’re throwing is less. So, If Laurella sends me a challenge about writing, it’s because she thinks I’m less than that. Just use different words. There are those who somehow appear because they say things, and on the other hand there are those who claim to praise”

Indeed, it is an opinion, the opinion of Luigi about Cuccarini, that not only spread widely among the public, but was also noted in the past year. At least on social media. however Lorella Kocarini and Luigi scolded today: “You don’t know my professional and personal history. I have always said what I think and sometimes I have paid the consequences. I cannot accept that you say this”. He then made it clear that when he throws a glove, he’s not doing it to embarrass the other disciple, but only hope that his pupil will do well. “I’m really sorry that you think things that don’t represent me”commented.

Luigi immediately defended himself by pointing out, in short, that Lorella never bothered to portray her pupils when they used strong words with a teacher. Obviously, he meant Alex. Yet he took the word Luigi apologized to KocariniBecause he didn’t like seeing himself again. But he added:

“I may think otherwise. I told Alex, who is allowed to think what she wants when she has said certain things. So I may think what I want. When several of your students have said certain things to me, it doesn’t seem so…she herself said that Alex can say whatever he wants.

Laurella confirmed it but added it “This is a mistake”. Regarding Alex’s question, on the other hand, the teacher said she was clearly saying what she said because she defended her student. “You are free to say what you think about me. But if you think there is something wrong, I must tell you.”he added. But Luigi handled the blame perfectly: “I feel like you’re wearing it. You can’t say that because you lack respect.”. Kucarini cannot deny: “For me it is a huge lack of respect”. keep talking but Maria de Filippi intervened for clarification. The presenter took the situation into his own hands because there was a missing piece in the conversation, or rather, Kocharini was missing.

Luigi burst into tearsIn the meantime, with all the accumulated tensions. So Maria made it clear that Laurella doesn’t know what’s behind it, she doesn’t know that the misunderstanding between Laurea and Luigi was actually born out of Luigi’s indignation because of Alex, who in turn is angry at Zerby’s gloves. He was referring to all of Alex’s attacks on Luigi, on writing and more. Meaning, in short, Luigi took her out of Lorella for not doing it to Alex. He confirmed it himself:

“I am very loyal to my teammates. There are those who were not with me. I attacked her so as not to attack my teammates, and it seemed unfair to do it with them. With her it was easier “

Laurel advises him to solve these unresolved problems, but Luigi makes it clear to her that they are not. In fact, Luigi has actually interacted with Alex recently, but once he says what he said, he can’t fight windmills. “I already said, if I keep doing that I can’t do anything. I just avoid”He said pointing to Alex. Then he admitted he was wrong, but For Kokarini, nothing serious happened He said there are other serious things. Luigi knows how serious things are, he suffers from diabetes:

“I know, that’s why I don’t talk about it. I live more serious things, it doesn’t make sense to talk. I have a wall up front that doesn’t change your mind. I don’t want to feel bad, I have more serious problems than I said because I don’t want to burden others And anyway I don’t understand. Then I feel bad, and I don’t like it. I’d rather shut up”

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