great literature? It is in very short books

There is a new breed of spiritual writers who are enlivening the secret fermentation of Italian culture: they are spiritual seekers without dogmas, guardians of ancient wisdom without being slaves to tradition, and very elegant precisely because they heat resistant material For every fashionista, she is able to understand the sense of time precisely because she is so outdated.

Like distant twins but bound together by a strong invisible bond, like a shaman on traverse They infiltrated literature and journalism, sowing seeds of knowledge, shards of illuminations, and introductory trends. And they do it in rare books, So shortprinted in very few copies, like Gnostic pearls thrown into the mud of prevailing vulgarity.

I already talked about the first in the previous post: giorgioma Corneliusa young and brilliant mind, which, with Judith Chiaraluce, ‘Checked Editions’ were born: In this bold and impressive editorial project, each book is an ‘astronomy’, illustrated by maps designed by Chiaraluce, printed in 50 copies, an art object containing dazzling and essential lyrics. For example, one of their latest versions, chrysomal from Alessandro Mazzi (The intellectual who reconciles within himself the clarity of the essayist with the visual imagination of the dreamer artist), is a powerful example of a poetic essay, on the trail of mundus imaginalis Described by Henry Corbin.

Here is a shining example of Mazi’s amazing prose, in which Blessed hands Written by William Blake and Pavel Florenskij: “The realization of the pure sacred, which is what I call hirasiIt becomes so fantastical that the doors of perception are wide open to the indescribable eternity. We call time the vision gap that sparkles between the hinges of royal doors.” It is hard to find such inspiring and powerful words. Perhaps, only in the old call to Dionysus Panic was shot years ago by Richard Benson: “Animal Etiquette! Let’s make a rave!”; A quote that was not distorted next to a quote by Timothy Morton, Lao Tzu and James Hellman, at the bottom of animal work By Andrea Cavarella, again for checkered editions.

Cavarella, an essayist with hypnotic and persuasive writings like the Infernal Sardanapalu, has already published a short, cursory article, in a similar format, which is Silent code, for DITO Publishing, in whose thin and dense pages the noble spirit of Elémire Zolla seems to awaken. at animal workInstead, he gives us his “Notes on Trianthropism and Metamorphosis,” topics he’s already dealt with in the Teriantropic section of the Other Animals blog. In this case also, I give you a sip of the author’s heretical wisdom: What is stated in the text “is a way, and as such must be respected in all its parts, because it is sacred, it is life itself, the search for oneself, and the soul in the world, It is present in everything that is and does not exist. The entire journey is surrounded by every moment of the journey.”

We conclude with the most important and important book of recent years, perhaps also because it can have the defining idiosyncrasy of not having it at all. It’s no joke: it’s actually much more amazing and complex. I’m talking about de blue book, a text from which the monolithic Facebook and Instagram pages present their illuminating snippets, revealing to the reader a dark and dizzying web of references. A volume to reference like a revelation, mythically attributed to the wise man Rabbi Asheba, it was he who showed the world the wise value of the Song of Anthems and, above all, an inescapable characteristic in its uniqueness, a book, which, in fact … does not exist. It does not exist, rather it is constantly cited in another book, greatness (Work is also continuing unabated.) also greatness It is written by the same (non-) author, the genius Pier Paolo de Minowhose pages are embellished with more than just basic Veronica Levi’s illustrations.

Borges practice or intellectual parody? Chinese literature box game or complex allegory? If you have not understood anything, it is better this way: I am happy to talk about it with the authors on Thursday 28 April in Rome, at Mr. Ibis, on the Via Luigi Filippo de Magistris, 91/93. And you can finally buy the first part of what advertises itself as a file mosaic A striking contrast in art, wisdom and inner research.

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